Anabolic Cardio Training Increases Muscle Mass

Anabolic Cardio Training

New research from the Metabolic Composition Laboratory at the University of Oklahoma recently discovered a powerful anabolic cardio technique which increases muscle mass in men with less than 20 minutes of exercise per week.

This breakthrough running system is now being called Anabolic Cardio Training. A powerful workout that helps men, even “hard-gainers”, build new muscle without lifting weights or making any dietary changes.

Oklahoma researchers measured the results of 46 men. Each participant was assigned three short sprinting sessions per week following a unique anabolic cardio training formula. The results of the experiment were shocking.

Despite participants not performing any strength training sessions during the experiment of making any changes to their diet, the group of men performing the Anabolic Cardio Training averaged more than 2 lbs of brand new muscle growth in only 42 days.

That’s an equivalent of 17.4 lbs in one year. And even more impressive, this Anabolic Cardio Training only required 2 total hours of exercise over the course of 6-weeks. How about that for powerful?

Do You Want To Build Over 2 Pounds Of Lean Muscle With Only 2 Total Hours Of Exercise?

Sounds too good to be true. Yet global researchers have recently provided countless studies of these new Anabolic Cardio Training techniques, which is now popularly known as Anabolic Running.

Get this. The benefits don’t stop there. This new form of cardio also increases the most powerful hormones for sexual performance, robust sperm count and drastic reductions in body fat.

A related study published in the Journal of Strength and Conditioning showed a group of competitive cyclists increased anabolic hormone levels by 97% in only 4 weeks using short bursts of Anabolic Cardio. No drugs or performance enhancing supplements were used in the experiment despite an extraordinary increase in anabolic hormones.

The outcome is every guy’s dream. More hormones without having to spend several hundred dollars on the hype-marketed “muscle-building stacks” and “natural enhancers” behind the plexiglass at your local supplement shop. Talk about cost effective, right?

Researchers Believe The Increased Anabolic Hormone Levels From This Special Form Of Cardio May Be The Reason Participants Are Experiencing Hyper-Muscle Growth

Yet why else is a near 100% increase in your male hormones a big deal for guys?

Other than being the very essence of your manhood, more of your natural male-hormones will give you the following results:

  • Increased muscle size and strength
  • Heightened sex drive and libido
  • Prevention of E.D. (Erectile Disfunction)
  • Long lasting daily energy
  • Intensified focus
  • Reduction in body fat
  • Enhanced “attraction” pheromones



Not a bad trade-off for running less than 20 minutes per week. Yet, before this powerful form of cardio was discovered, running earned a “bad rap” for guys, and deservedly so.

The U.S. National Library of Medicine previously published a concerning article exposing the negative side-effects long distance running has on men. In fact, men who run for long durations throughout the week are shown to have lower hormone levels compared to men who don’t run at all. Doesn’t sound fair, does it?

The truth is 7.4 Million men is this country are unknowingly harming their hormone levels by exercising with traditional forms of cardio made popular over the decades.

Although steady state cardio is beneficial for women who want to burn a few extra calories, this form of cardio is dangerous to men. It’s been shown to damage the male reproductive system, potentially decreasing sperm count and causing repeat occurrences of erectile disfunction.

The good news is, with less than 20-minutes of Anabolic Running each week men have the opportunity to boost their most powerful hormones essential for muscle building, fat burning, and having sex. All without the use of anabolic drugs, expensive supplements, or picking up a single dumbbell or barbell. It’s the ultimate shortcut to rapid results.

Most guys quickly turn from their “old-ways” after hearing this information and instantly follow the Anabolic Running formula and experience the muscle building and fat burning results they crave.

However, there are a few guys who stay stuck in their ways. Turning a blind-eye to the dangerous side-effects traditional running does to their hormones, reproductive system, and muscle mass. But you know the saying. “You can’t teach an old dog new tricks”. And some guys will forever be “old dogs”.

Really, the choice is yours…

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