3 Reasons To Start Your Workout With Anabolic Priming


Where do you stand on warming-up?

There’s a spectrum. On one end, there are guys who spend 30 minutes stretching or riding a bike preparing to lift weights…

Ultimately, they waste most of their time to train… and skip out on their workouts before they get their anabolic juices flowing.

On the other end of the spectrum, there’s guys who perform no warm up at all.

They show up to the gym after 8 hours of sitting at a desk all day… and start bench pressing or squatting right way…

(Which, one day won’t end well for them. Especially as you age into your late 30’s and beyond)…

Anabolic Priming – The Perfect Warm Up For Men Who Want Insane Muscle Gains

Ever wake up dreading the idea of going to the gym, but after getting there, you end up having a great workout?

You can thank your warm-up for that…


A perfect warm-up virtually ensures a perfect workout.

But a poor one will almost certainly ruin what could have been a great training experience… it can even impair your performance in the main workout.

That being said NOT all warm ups are created equal…

While doing a handful of stretches and a five minute bike ride might have cut it in high school… that type of primitive behavior won’t help you maximize your muscle growth.

Nor is it going to supercharge the anabolic response to get more out of every single rep.

When done correctly, anabolic priming will keep your body healthy, enhance your neural output, and allow you to reach levels of muscularity and strength you never thought possible…

And in 1/3 of the time


But if that doesn’t convince you, here are 3 more reasons to ditch the traditional warm up for anabolic priming.

You’ll thank me later 🙂

1 ) Priming Bulletproofs Your Body And Prepares It For The Battle Ahead

The way you choose to warm up for an exercise can be the difference between packing on muscle or fizzling out.

Before heavy lifting, the average person hops on the elliptical for 10-15 minutes, then does several light sets of strength exercise before piling on the heavy plates.

They call that a “warm up.” And maybe that’s why they’re average

It’s time you stop warming up like a scrawny jogger and start warming like a muscle-building monster.

Doing a little light jogging isn’t going to cut it if you want to get fully prepared for an intense chest and back weightlifting session!

Nor is it going to maximize the anabolic response to get more out of every single rep.

Pro Tip: The anabolic response is #1 key to packing on stacks of lean and ripped muscle.


When done correctly, anabolic priming will keep your body healthy. Enhance your neural output… and allow you to reach levels of muscularity and strength you never thought possible in 1/3 of the time.

2) Anabolic Priming Spikes Your Key Muscle Building Hormones By Up To 1700%

The hormone “spike ” induced from priming early in the routine creates a massive boost in your anabolic environment…

Growth hormone (GH) is a big deal to lifters.

Get enough of it pumping through your veins and you cause fat cells to dump their cargo and muscle cells to explode with growth.

Now, you can inject it. However it’s extremely expensive and it’s not nearly as potent as the natural kind.

And on the Live Anabolic site, we don’t believe in taking dangerous drugs with lethal side-effects to get results. We believe in doing things the cutting-edge, natural way.

And the best way to boost GH? Lift weights. Yet not just any way…


Anabolic priming follows a specific formula to increase GH levels by an amazing 1700% and marinate your muscles in a tsunami of GH.

(you can learn more about how to use Anabolic Priming here)

Increases in testosterone (the other anabolic twin) will also boost strength levels via increased motor nerve activity…

Which will in turn, allow for more exercise-induced muscle damage and muscle growth (ideal for “hard arm size gainers”)

3) Priming Unlocks Your Anabolic Advantage

The most important and most overlooked aspect of muscle growth is this: your internal environment.

Ask any pro and they would likely tell you that if they could provide the perfect environment in which their bodies could grow, their muscle building troubles would disappear.

Indeed, creating the appropriate environment (an anabolic environment) is the key to great gains.

This is what I like to call unlocking your “Anabolic advantage”.

Anabolic Priming techniques were formulated to release maximum testosterone, growth hormone and ensure everything is in place to crush every single workout session.

The Bottom Line…

Your hormones are the biggest dictator of how much muscle you build. How well you perform. And how good you look and feel.

Anabolic priming takes care of you from the inside out.

It’s a cutting-edge and scientifically-proven system that unleashes floods of anabolic hormones in your body, creating the perfect environment for more muscle, better recovery and more strength.

It also prepares and activates your muscles, joints, nervous system, and even your psychology and mind, for any type of workout you are about to do.

If you’re ready for the full program, check it out below while it’s on sale for 90% OFF (first 500 men only).

Time for you to lead the pack and become a cutting edge anabolic animal…

You won’t be disappointed.

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