8 Vein Popping Bicep Workouts At Home For Big Arms

Bicep Workouts At Home

What grabs more random attention than a jacked set of biceps? Not much. I know from experience…

Many times back in college girls (and oddly enough, dudes) would stop me on the way to class or at a party just to see the “gun show”…

Flattering, yes. Uncomfortable, yes. But cool nonetheless…

Yet not everyone wants to go to the gym and perform dozens of bicep curls…

Some people just want to use their own bodyweight

And in this article, I’m giving you 8 vein-popping, sleeve-splitting bicep workouts at home for big arms…

biceps at home exercise

You can use these as a quick “pump” before date night…

Or if you’re serious about building your biceps… follow two of these workouts per week.

Choice is yours…

Hope you can handle the awkward flexing in public when you’re stopped by a random woman and asked to show off the pipes…

You’ll get used to it…

Before we get into it. It’s important to know how your biceps operate so you can leverage your bodyweight for giant arm pumps without the gym…


Your biceps are located at the front of the arm.

And to be bluntly honest, they’re the #1 muscle most people look at and determine if you’re strong or not

Unfair assumption… I know tons of strong guys with small guns… but that’s just the way it is.

Anyway… there’s two parts to the bicep (hence the root word, “bi”)

The long head and the short head.

The goal of these muscles are to pull, not push…

And before we jump into the bicep workouts at home, you’ll want to get familiar with these exercises (we’ll put them into workouts at the end of the article)…

1 – Underhand Chin Up

Level of difficulty: Intermediate

You’ll need a pull-up bar you can hang in the middle of your doorframe or find a soccer goal or sturdy tree branch…

That’s what Tarzan did to get big arms…

That and rope climbs ( or vine climbs?)

Which we’ll get into in just a bit…

bicep workout at home

But first, the underhand chin up…

Be sure to get a tight underhand grip…

And when you pull your body weight up, connect your mind to your muscle.

Think about your biceps. Not your back.

Also… don’t “go down” all the way as you saw in the video. This releases tension off of your guns.

Instead, lower your body down until you have a very slight bend in your elbow before pulling your body back up for rep #2, #3, and so on…

Pro Tip: Instead of placing your thumb over the bar… place your thumb under the bar.

bicep workout at home

(Either the bar is extra large in this picture or this is an action shot from one of Santa’s Elves working out. I can’t figure which one)…

When your thumb is over the bar, you recruit more muscles in your forearms, which takes the stimulus off your biceps and places it more directly on the forearms…

So if your goal is to make mighty biceps then be mindful of your thumb position.

2 – Inverted Underhand Row

Level of difficulty: Beginner

The same doorframe pull-up bar you used for you underhand pull-ups will work just fine with this…

Simply move it lower in the doorframe where you can hold onto the bar and have your feet extended in front of you…

(like this guy…)

Pro Tip: one of my favorite ways to perform this move is with BFR (blood flow restriction bands)…

In fact, you can use this technique for a few of these bicep workouts at home for some insane gains…

I’ll write an article on BFR for you later. For now, let’s keep moving…

3 – Doorway Curl

Level of difficulty: Beginner

This is one of my favorites…

No equipment necessary either.

(start this video at 6:13)

The key part to this exercise is the rotation of the hand in the doorway.

It won’t be able to move much, however this slight rotation when performing this bodyweight curling exercise will work the peak of your bicep

Giving it more “pop” and size.

You’ll see what I mean with this simple practice…

Keep your elbow tight against your body, elbow forming a 90 degree angle.

Your forearm should be in front of you and your palm should be facing down.

Take a glance at your bicep.

Now… turn your palm upward while keeping a fixed gaze on your bicep. Notice how the head of your bicep pops out?

That’s the long head of your bicep working. Pretty cool, huh?

(Skip to 1:30 of this video if you’re more of a visual learner… this move is called the “secret twist”)…

Use that same motion with your hands when performing any type of bicep curl movement… especially if you decide to use dumbbells at some point.

4 – The Pretzel

Level of difficulty: Intermediate

I call it that because you look like you’re trying to fold yourself into a pretzel…

It’s kinda awkward and I only recommend it for people with enough flexibility to perform this move.

Check it out…

I suggest finding something to hold onto to keep you balanced, like a sturdy chair.

Oh and you can’t do this with both arms at the same time…

I tried and it didn’t end well…

5 – Australian Pull-Up

Level of difficulty: Beginner

This is another one of my favorites.

However, it does require one of those at home pull-up bars.

Or you can go to the park like this guy… skip to 3:01)

(Get a tan AND add inches to your pipes, sounds like a win-win to me)…

Pro Tip: If you want to make this exercise more challenging, just extend your legs forward instead of keeping them tucked under your butt…

You’ll definitely notice the difference.

Pro Tip #2: If you want to get really crazy, perform this exercise as an isometric movement… your biceps will feel like you lit them on fire!

6 – Suspension Curls

Level of difficulty: Intermediate

(This vids a little dry but a great instructional if you’re new to suspension training)…

Again, you’ll have to use some equipment for this move…

You’re probably beginning to realize to get big guns from home may require a small investment on equipment…

However, a pull-up bar or suspension training band costs peanuts compared to the looks you’ll get from the opposite sex.

Pro Tip: Add an extra twist with your wrist to target the peak of your biceps (similar to what we talked about in bodyweight biceps exercise #3)…

7 – Rope Climbs

Level of difficulty: Advanced

Rope climbs will exhaust your biceps quickly and help you pack on some serious sleeve-splitting mass. 

You can do this from home by tying a rope around the tree in your backyard and doing a couple of reps back to back climbing up and down the thing…

Pro Tip: If you really want to blast your arms… perform legless rope climbs. 

Check out this video…

And don’t be intimidated by climbing all the way up the rope, fearful you’ll fall down. 

If you’re comfortable simply climbing half-way, or even a quarter-way up the rope, that’s fine. 

You’ll just have to perform more reps. 

Alright, now that we’ve covered all of the exercises, let’s get to the workout.

Warm Up Before Starting Your Bicep Workouts With This…

Check out this video from my friend and mentor Vince Del Monte… (start the video at 0:55).

This is a killer bicep warm-up to help activate your muscle fibers before getting started with any of the eight workouts below…

It also helps you connect your mind on the muscles which will be worked to really max-out on muscle growth.

8 Sleeve-Splitting Bicep Workouts At Home For Big Arms

Sleeve-Splitting Workout #1

Complete as many reps as you can in 30 seconds per exercise:

  • Doorway Curl (right arm)
  • Doorway Curl (left arm)
  • Australian Pull-up
  • Inverted Underhand Row
  • Repeat Once More

Sleeve-Splitting Workout #2

Complete as many reps as you can in 30 seconds per exercise:

  • The Pretzel (right arm)
  • The Pretzel (left arm)
  • Doorway Curl (right arm)
  • Doorway Curl (left arm)
  • Repeat Once More

Pro Tip: Because you’ll be rotating from one arm to the next, there shouldn’t be any rest time in between sets. While one arm is active, the other is already resting. 

Blow through this workout with no breaks…

Sleeve-Splitting Workout #3

Complete as many rounds of this entire workout as you can in 10 minutes:

  • 2 Rope Climbs
  • 4 underhand chin-ups
  • 6 inverted underhand rows

Sleeve-Splitting Workout #4

I call this one, the Tarzan workout:

  • 3 full legless rope climbs
  • 6 half legless rope climbs
  • 1 legless rope climb hold (isometric exercise)

Sleeve-Splitting Workout #5

The goal of this workout is to trash your biceps in 5 minutes. Repeat these two exercises back to back, taking as little rest as possible between sets:

  • 15 Suspension Curls
  • 15 Suspension Inverted Underhand Rows

Sleeve-Splitting Workout #6

The 200 rep bicep gauntlet:

  • Perform 200 reps of the Australian Pull-up

Sleeve-Splitting Workout #7

Complete each exercise to muscle completion (some people call this failure):

  • Underhand Chin-up
  • Inverted Underhand Row
  • Underhand Chin-up hold (isometric)
  • Inverted Underhand Row (isometric)

Sleeve-Splitting Workout #8

Chin-up Challenge: 

  • Complete 100 chin-ups in as little time as possible

(Be sure to focus 100% on your biceps following the golden rule listed under the chin up instruction above)

There you have it. 8 vein-popping, sleeve splitting bicep workouts at home to build a big pair of guns. Follow two of these workouts per week for max-results…

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