4 Minute Bodyweight Workout For Mass


Now known as the bodyweight game-changer

This powerful 4-minute bodyweight workout for mass is a simple “tack-on” to the end of any workout for some serious gains.

I call them, Anabolic Finishers.

Because they will finish you off whether using them at the end of your workout or as a standalone routine. 

Anabolic Finishers have been in my arsenal of workouts for some time, yet it’s time to bring it out of the closet. 

According to the Journal of Applied Physiology, this one anabolic sequence can skyrocket your male sex hormones a MASSIVE 290% in just a few minutes

While increasing your muscle size, strength, and density at the same time.

Which is often a challenge for most bodyweight exercisers.

(Even Frank Medrano – a calisthenics legend – lacks mass despite performing some of the most jaw-dropping bodyweight fitness routines to date)

Don’t get me wrong… Medrano is RIPPED.

Yet some bodyweight guys want more noticeable muscle mass… 

Which is why I wrote this article… for bodyweight guys who want strength AND size

And the same anabolic benefits of lifting weights… WITHOUT actually lifting weights. 

Yet before we get into the actual workout… here’s a few benefits to using this “next generation” anabolic exercise technique:


Why Anabolic Finishers Is The Ultimate Bodyweight Mass Builder

1 – Build Muscle WITHOUT Joint Damage

Here’s where most guys go wrong.

They assume the only way to “get big” is to lift heavy weights.

Which has been preached for years in the bodybuilding and fitness community…

However, the bodyweight occlusion technique I use during my Anabolic Finisher sets don’t require lifting any weights to experience similar muscle building effects.

In fact, this training technique is commonly used in orthopedic practices.

So men and women with orthopedic injuries, who can’t lift weights… can still maximize muscle hypertrophy.

Because of this, specialists have been able to help patients in their 50’s, 60’s, and 70’s stave off muscle loss that comes with aging (also known as sarcopenia)


2 – Release Boatloads of Growth Hormone

Occlusion training helps control the moderation of venus blood flow.

This causes a pooling of blood in the limbs…

Which accelerates lactic acid production during exercise and forces the lactic acid to be retained in the muscle, longer. 

(If you didn’t know, lactic acid produces muscle growth. Which is why longer exposure to lactic acid is a great thing for building mass).

It’s during this process, receptors in your muscles send signals to your brain to release large quantities of growth hormone into your blood.


HGH then flows to the limbs of the occluded muscle and is held there longer… thus intensifying it’s muscle building effect. 

It’s during this time, growth hormone levels skyrocket a colossal 290%… and it only takes minutes!

3 – Mammoth Muscle Pumps 

Here’s why getting a good pump is important for mass building…

When muscle fills with blood (during a pump), there’s a build-up of metabolites.

Metabolites indirectly signal your cells for muscle growth. 

You also experience muscle cell swelling…

Which although sounds frightening is great for muscle generation. 


Interesting fact: The same occlusion technique used in Anabolic Finishers has also been used with bed ridden patients to ensure muscle retention.

At the very least, you can use this strategy from bed as a simple and fast muscle maintenance method.

4 – Simplicity

What I love most about occlusion training… it’s simple. 

You don’t have to perform countless sets or different rep schemes.

And you won’t have to spend hours figuring out your workout routine… because ultimately, you only need one exercise.

Simply select which muscle group you want to grow, occlude during the workout, and experience massive growth in minutes

(further down the page I’ll give you a sample bodyweight workout for mass using this technique).

Now… simple is NOT to be mistaken with easy. 

These Anabolic Finisher sets are brutal. Your muscles will be throbbing… 


Yet most guys have the mental fortitude to endure anything for  just four minutes…

Especially if it means experiencing some serious results

I’m sure you do to. 

5 – Force Stubborn Muscles to Grow

For most bodyweight guys, the arms, calves, legs, and forearms can be stubborn body parts…

And tend to fall behind in development compared to your chest, shoulders, and back. 

However, occlusion training makes it easy to bring up any stubborn body part.

Here’s an example…

Check out these big calves… Impressive right?

Well maybe you’ve been stuck with small calves…

Which is common for a lot of men who bodyweight train. Here’s a solution…

Wrap your upper leg with an elastic knee wrap or occlusion training band…

This will limit blood supply from the upper cuff of your leg (upper thigh), down to your feet. 

Perform this Anabolic Finisher routine below:

Exercise: Standing Calf Raise

  • Set 1: 30 reps standing calf raise on a boxed platform. 
  • Followed by 30-60 seconds of rest
  • Set 2: 20 reps standing calf raise on a boxed platform.
  • Followed by 30 seconds of rest
  • Set 3: 20 reps standing calf raise on the floor
  • Followed by 30 seconds of rest
  • Set 4: 20 reps standing calf raise on the floor
  • Followed by 30 seconds of rest

Unwrap the occlusion band and walk for 30 seconds to release lactic acid and sooth muscle soreness. And…

BOOM! You’ve just finished an Anabolic Finishers set for developing larger, more muscular calves. 

By the way… you don’t have to be a “bodyweight guy” to utilize this type of training. 

If you lift weights and you want to pack on mass and break through stubborn muscle building plateaus… while saving your joints from heavy weight…

Anabolic Finisher sets are an easy way to maximize your growth.

They’re said to be the Next Generation of anabolic bodyweight exercise

And I’ve put together a simple, yet complete program with video demonstrations and routines you can follow to capitalize on this 4-minute mass building sequence. 

If you’re ready to take your training to the next level and pack on the muscle, check it out below. It’s on sale for just $1 buck.

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