How Anabolic Eating For Your Age Can Transform Your Body

Anabolic Eating For Your Age

Most of the muscle building magazines and articles online are written for the 20 or 30 somethings who wants to build muscle and lose fat…

But what about the man in his 40’s, 50’s 60’s and beyond? Maybe that’s you. Below, you’ll see how anabolic eating for your age can transform your health, physique, and improve your energy levels and intimacy with your spouse.

It All Has To Do With Your Master Male Hormones, Testosterone And Growth Hormone. When These Hormones Are Elevated In Your Body, Whether In Normal Or Above Average Ranges, You Are In An Anabolic State…

And with Live Anabolic, we show you how you can accomplish the Anabolic Lifestyle safely and naturally, so you can achieve the body and live the life you want on your terms without any dangerous injections or pills.

Anabolic eating for your age does vary. I recommend, switching up your nutrition game plan as you approach 40 years old and beyond. To be honest, this article may throw every nutrition principle you once believed on its head.

But following the techniques below, you’ll be able to ramp up your master male hormone, testosterone and boost growth hormone levels 24/7, 365 days per year so you can be anabolic around the clock.

anabolic eating

If that’s something you want, keep reading….

First, we need to bust the biggest fallacy of all for men over 40 who want to burn fat and build muscle… high protein diets. Did you know high protein diets lower testosterone levels?

Probably not. Because juiced up bodybuilders and unruly supplement companies will tell you in order to be fit and muscular, you need protein shakes, chicken breast, beef, and tuna and you’ll be set.

Not so fast. Sure, this strategy may work for the enhanced guys. After all, they have enough testosterone for a 600 pound gorilla pumping through their veins all thanks to a steroid shot…

And if you are over 40, your body isn’t in tip-top testosterone shape like it used to be in high school and in your twenties. So worrying about your testosterone levels plummeting from a high protein diet at that age is unrealistic.

And to be honest, you may think the reason you were ripped and strong in your younger years is because of the protein you were eating…

In all reality, it was the testosterone you were secreting. You see, protein doesn’t build your muscle or help you burn fat nearly as much as testosterone and growth hormone do. Which is why your focus, at the ripe age of 40+, should be on your master male hormone. And here’s how you get more of it.

Let’s take a look at some research…

This study published in the US National Library of Medicine divided male participants into two separate groups. The first group consumed a high carb, low protein diet. The second group ate a low carb, high protein diet. The fat intake between the two groups remained the same.

high fat diets increase testosterone
The above chart demonstrates how high fat diets promote greater testosterone production.

The end result?

In just 10 days researchers reported the group of men consuming the high protein diet had LOWERED testosterone levels by a whopping 36%. The same group also had a spike in cortisol levels, which, if you don’t know what cortisol is, it’s the arch enemy to your testosterone levels.

But wait, there’s more…

Another study published in the Journal of Applied Physiology reveals men who practice strength training while consuming high protein diets actually have less testosterone than those who eat more fat and less protein.

Okay, I’ve saved the most shocking for last…

high protein lowers testosterone

You know how supplement companies and “bodybuilder tips” in the magazines encourage you to chug down a protein shake before and after your workout for “maximum results”?

Well, according to this study published by the Department of Biology of Physical Activity at the University of Finland, 25 grams [the average serving per scoop of protein powder] of whey or casein protein right before exercise significantly lowered testosterone levels AND growth hormone concentration.

Talk about a low blow to your male hormones right. And here’s the thing, low testosterone levels and growth hormone are not just affecting your muscle building and fat burning abilities…

Chances are low-t has decreased your sex-drive and may be damaging your intimacy with your spouse. Or maybe your energy levels and focus at work are at an all-time low, affecting your pay and performance.

Living Anabolic Is More Than Muscle Building And Fat Burning. It’s About Firing On All Cylinders As A Man…

…In The Gym, The Bedroom, The Office, And Having All The Energy You Need To Give To Those Who Matter Most…

So what are the optimal macronutrient levels for a man anabolic eating for his age? If you’re over 40 [or creeping up to 40], it looks something like this:

20% of your calories come from protein
40% of your calories come from carbohydrates
40% of your calories come from fat

No this will not make you fat. In fact, higher carbohydrate and fat diets are proven to increase testosterone levels. And if you stay within a calorie range that works for you, not only will your testosterone levels soar, but your body will burn more fat and pack on muscle easier than it’s been for you as of recently.

Here’s an example of a man who is over 40 and needs to consume 3,500 calories to build lean muscle:

2,500 calories daily
125g of protein per day (20% of total daily calories)
250g of carbohydrates per day (40% of total daily calories)
110g of fat per day (40% of total daily calories)

Most meat heads would take one look at these numbers and come after me with pitch forks and flaming broomsticks screaming, “blasphemy” …

However, when you play your cards right and you set your nutrition up to skyrocket your testosterone levels… not your protein intake, then you’ll experience the superpowers of anabolic eating for your age.

And listen, if you still don’t believe me, check out the secret behind an all-natural, champion bodybuilder who only ate 85g of protein per day and still came out on top…

It’s not mandatory to do what he does, however if you want even better muscle building and fat burning results as you eat anabolic for your age, this is it.

Now, if you swing the other way and you’re under 30 years old, feel free to get some more protein in. Your testosterone levels aren’t going anywhere for another few years… Yes, they will drop after age 30 in which you’ll want to revisit this article for sure.

However, if you want to maximize your testosterone levels, you can still follow the 20/40/40 approach.

You can get away with something a bit different and that macronutrient split would look something like 30% of your diet coming from protein, 45% carbs, and 25% fat.

So what’s your next move? Well, if you want to build muscle mass and stay lean, check out this article. It’ll show you how you can fast for mass [pretty crazy concept, but it works!]…

And follow the same principle in this article which is anabolic eating for your age. These techniques will help you maximize your muscle gains and most importantly, preserve and boost your testosterone and growth hormone levels so you can perform like Champion in every area of your life.

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