How To Increase Growth Hormone Using Exercise

How To Increase Growth Hormone By Exercise

Growth hormone. It’s one of the most power biological weapons a man can use to his advantage. And most guys don’t want to suffer from painful and expensive injections (with nasty side effects) to experience the power of this “fountain of youth” hormone. Which is why in this article you’ll discover how to increase growth hormone using exercise. And it’s a lot easier than you may think. Just apply the two methods below to your weekly workout routine and you’ll ramp up those natural HGH levels in no time.

First, if you don’t know much about growth hormone, here are some of the powerful benefits of boosting your natural growth hormone production:

More Muscle Mass and Strength

What guy doesn’t want a little more muscle, right? Especially because more growth hormone radically increases your ability to pack on lean muscle mass. Heck, having more growth hormone will make putting on muscle mass feel as easy as it was when you were a teenager lifting weights for the first time. Remember how easy it was to see noticeable results? Take a look at this study from the International Journal of Endocrinology.

As you can see the study took 14 individuals and separated them into two groups of 7.  One group of males was placed into the placebo group and the other into a group which administered growth hormone. This study took place over the course of six months.  

The results showed the growth hormone supplemented group increased in leg press strength far more than the placebo group while also increasing lean muscle mass. Now, most guys want to get strong and ripped no matter their age. And this study shows how growth hormone gives you a significant advantage. However, not all of us guys want to get injections or ingest chemicals in our body that aren’t natural. Which is why I’m going to show you how to increase growth hormone by exercise a little bit further down this article. Yet it’s important to know the positive effects of growth hormone and how it can help you look and feel like a new man before continuing. Which brings me to the next upside to boosting your natural growth hormone levels… 

Faster Fat Loss

Take a look at this study below published in the journal, Hormone Research.


This study shows growth hormone helps accelerate the breakdown of lipids. This allows you to break down fat more efficiently and use it as energy. The researchers studied 24 obese patients, placing them on a caloric deficit. Now, the caloric deficit will already help the obese patients lose weight. So of course, the study will show results on both ends. However, it’s not necessarily the fat loss results that were so shocking.

As you can see, both groups lost weight following the caloric deficit. However those who were not administered growth hormone (placebo group) ended up losing muscle mass during the dieting process which extended over a twelve week period. However, the group that was administered growth hormone not only lost more fat than those in the placebo group, but also increased lean muscle mass in the process of dieting.  

Here’s why this is significant. When people diet, their goal is to maintain their muscle mass they have worked so hard for. You never want to lose your muscle when dieting because this can cause the “skinny fat” physique syndrome, slow down your metabolism, and leave you dissatisfied with your results. However, instead of simply maintaining muscle mass, the growth hormone group was able to build lean muscle tissue.

Pretty impressive. With that said, these men were given a growth hormone supplementation. And a man not taking a GH supplement or injection certainly won’t see the results as displayed in this experiment. However, you see the positive effects having more natural growth hormone can have on your body with just the right boost and how it can enable you to maintain your lean muscle mass more effectively when dieting.   

Now, growth hormone has been shown to increase bone density, improve brain function, boost immunity and so much more. Yet instead of going into numerous studies and showing you the significance, I’m simply going to touch on one more topic for the sake of your time and because it’s an issue over 30 million men struggle with across the United States. Erectile dysfunction.

Growth Hormone and Erectile Dysfunction


Check out this study from the journal, Urology. The study implicates growth hormone is an essential chemical for helping men with the ability to “rise to the occasion”, when the time is necessary. The article states that the average growth hormone levels for men who were suffering from erectile dysfunction in the experiment were seven times lower than the men who were considered to have health growth hormone levels. Most guys think erectile dysfunction is an issue of poor testosterone production. However, this study shows growth hormone plays a vital role in your sexual function and performance as well. Just another consideration of why growth hormone is valuable to men like yourself. 

So if you’re a man struggling in the bedroom, and you do not want to give into expensive and dangerous drugs that will make your biology dependent on it’s usage for a lifetime, then check this out. Because we’re about to get into the all-natural exercise alternatives proven to drastically boost growth hormone levels safely and quickly.  

Circuit Style Training

Take a look at the graph below.


Notice how weight training without rest yields a far more potent release of natural growth hormone levels. Which is why I created the Advanced Anabolic Running program. Which is packed with 8 minute indoor bodyweight strength training circuits proven to blast your body with growth hormone as you build muscle and demolish stubborn body fat.

If you follow any of my anabolic running programs you’ll notice the flow of the workouts are short, intense, and fast. Encouraging you to take as little breaks as possible. And in just a moment I’m also going to reveal an anabolic sprint technique guaranteed to boost your natural growth hormone production up to 540% from the very first sprint. Yet first, there another strength training strategy you can use if you do not want to train with only your body weight.

You may have heard of “complexes” or CrossFit type training. This is a powerful workout strategy to help you bolster your growth hormone levels naturally as well. Just be careful using this type of strength training as fast circuit training workouts with heavy weights can increase your risk of injury. Be sure you are comfortable with the movements if you do decide a CrossFit style workout is for you. Kettlebell training is also a very versatile workout strategy that allows you to move from one exercise to the next very quickly. So you can consider this mode of exercise as a great GH booster as well. Here’s an example of a complex you can use with kettlebells. Check out the Extreme Anabolic Kettlebell Workouts here.

Here’s an example of a kettlebell complex to trigger more growth hormone release:

Kettlebell Swings: 30 seconds
Rest: 30 seconds
Kettlebell Snatch: 30 seconds
Rest: 30 seconds
Kettlebell Thruster: 30 seconds
Rest: 30 seconds
Kettlebell Deadlift, High Pull: 30 seconds
Rest: 30 seconds
Repeat x4

Overall, if your goal is to increase your growth hormone levels, forget about traditional weight lifting where you take 3-5 minutes of rest between sets. Instead, cut your rest time to 30-60 seconds to enhance the release of growth hormone during your workouts. Now, if you want to increase your growth hormone a whopping 540% in the next couple of minutes, check this out…

Anabolic Running


Take a look at the study above from the University of North Carolina. As you can see, anabolic running will increase your growth hormone levels by 540% percent from the very first workout. Which is something you can do today. So if you’re a man who wants more growth hormone and you want to gain more without the use of dangerous and potentially harmful drugs, then this is for you.

However, the benefits of Anabolic Running don’t stop there. Because using this powerful sprint technique (which can also be used on a stationary bike or other indoor modalities) will also boost your testosterone levels, increase your lean muscle mass, and help you burn through stubborn body fat in minutes. It’s now known as the most powerful form of “muscle building cardio”. You can read more about it here.

And there there you have it. Two types of exercise that you can use starting today to increase your growth hormone levels.

Oh and before I forget. You need to check out this one last stat. Because the more body fat you have, the less growth hormone you’ll naturally produce (which is why I encourage you to begin Anabolic Running and complexes today – so you can destroy the body fat weighing you down and holding you back in minutes). Check the chart below and you’ll see the correlation:


Notice how body fat is shrinking your growth hormone production. And as you’ve seen above, the less growth hormone you have, the harder it is to maintain lean muscle mass, the more challenging it is to burn body fat, and the more likely you are to experience sexual dysfunction. Which is why I encourage you to boost your growth hormone levels naturally starting today (while at the same time burn through stubborn body fat) following the two exercises listed above. It’ll be like knocking out two birds with one stone. 

I hope this article shows you how yo increase growth hormone using exercise and gives you the tools you need to reach all of your health and fitness goals. Before you go, I have a special gift for you. It’s my 6 Deadly Sins of Cardio Report. In this report you’ll discover the six common mistakes men are making with their cardio workouts that are shrinking their testosterone levels and demolishing their sex drive, muscle mass, and making you more fat.

Just click on the image below and download your Free 6 Deadly Sins of Cardio report so you can prevent making the same mistakes I made which dragged me down a whirlwind of health problems (that every man certainly wants to avoid). You can read more about my story here.

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