How To Train With Isometrics For Muscle Mass

Isometrics For Muscle Mass

Want To Discover How To Get Bigger
Without Moving A Muscle?

Most guys don’t know this. But you can increase your strength and size by using isometrics for muscle mass. In fact, there’s numerous studies promoting the strength benefits of isometric training (also known as “static” training). But what about the muscle mass part? Can isometrics really help you pack on mass? Well, you’re about to find out…

First, to give you an idea of what isometrics are, here’s the definition: Isometric exercise or isometrics are a type of strength training in which the joint angle and muscle length do not change during contraction.

You see, when you lift weights or perform an exercise like a push-up, squat, pull-up or most other traditional bodyweight exercises, there are two parts to the movement: concentric and eccentric. Also referred to as the positive and the negative. Isometrics have no muscle movement, just static tension.

And here’s how you can use this static training technique to boost muscle mass.

Anabolic Isometrics: No Movement Mass Building

One training method you can use following an Anabolic Isometric protocol is by holding a weight for 30-60 seconds at a certain range of motion. Here’s an example of a bicep curl isometrics hold:

When performing the anabolic isometric bicep curl. Curl the bar to the 90 degree angle of slightly smaller and hold for 30-60 seconds.

There’s also another muscle building isometric technique you can use without weights. This is by pushing or pulling against an immovable external resistance. Here’s an example below (just make sure you have a desk sturdy enough if you try this one at the office).

One of the most effective benefits of Anabolic Isometrics is the contraction of the movement (30-60 seconds hold of resistance or pulling/pushing against an immovable object) activates the largest amount of muscle fibers compared to it’s eccentric and concentric counterparts.

A recent study shows the difference in the level of muscle activation during isometric, concentric, and eccentric muscle actions. Isometric exercises recruited 95.2% more muscle fibers. The eccentric movement of an exercise (lowering) recruited 88.3% and the concentric (lifting) movement recruited 89.7% muscle fibers. This gives isometrics a 5% advantage in fiber recruitment.

Other research has found a maximal isometric action recruit almost all muscle motor neurons. This means isometric training can boost your ability to recruit motor units during a maximal contraction. In the long run, this improved neural recruitment could greatly increase one’s strength levels.

Isometric exercises are also a great way to build your mind-muscle connection, which helps you increase muscle building using traditional hypertrophy type workouts.

Anabolic Isometrics Can Produce Impressive Strength Gains Also. In A Recent Experiment, Participants Were Able To Boost Strength By 14-40% In Less Than 3 Months

Now, these type of strength gains won’t translate to adding an extra fifty-pounds to your bench press, however it does allow you to exert a greater level of strength at a certain point in a movement, allowing you to stimulate more strength gains at a point where it’s needed most.

Because of this, if you have any “sticking points” in an exercise, you can use these Anabolic Isometrics to plow through those points of the lift and complete the exercise.

To recap, here are the benefits of Anabolic Isometrics:

1 – Max-Out On Muscular Tension Longer

With anabolic isometrics you can max-out on muscular tension for longer periods of time compared to dynamic exercises. For example, when performing a bicep curl, you only maintain a maximum muscular tension for less than half of a second.

With anabolic isometrics you can sustain that maximal muscle contraction for 30-60 seconds during an isometric exercise. Using this method can not only increase your ability to build strength, but to flood your muscles with blood and a proper mind muscle connection for your lift.

anabolic isometrics
The above image is a bicep curl anabolic isometrics for mass variation (preacher curl).

2 – Build Strength To Breakthrough “Sticking Points”

Isometrics can help you increase strength at specific points in a range of motion. This will allow you to break through “sticking points” you may have in particular bodyweight or resistance training exercises.

3 – Enhances Mind/Muscle Connection

Anabolic Isometrics helps you build a strong mind/muscle connection without expending much energy. Having a well-trained mind-muscle connection will help you make fast and more noticeable muscle gains.

Check out these reports that demonstrate how you can use isometrics for muscle mass…

A study published by Kanchisa et al. found an average muscle cross-sectional area (size) improvement of 12.4% when performing a maximal isometric contraction. There was also an increase in muscle mass by 5.3% for isometric training at 60% of maximum contraction over the course of 10 weeks.

Isometric training can also be helpful when you use these methods during lower training volume periods or active “rest days” to enhance muscle building.  This will help prevent strength and muscle loss, especially for individuals who may travel or have to take an extending time off from resistance training.

Here’s an example of an Anabolic Isometrics Bicep Workout you can follow starting today:

  1. Isometric preacher curl – Elbows 90 degrees for max time – 30-60 seconds – no rest
  2. Isometric preacher curl – Elbows fully flexed for max time – 30-60 seconds – no rest
  3. Standing Close Grip Bicep Curl – Elbows 90 degrees for max time – 30-60 seconds – no rest
  4. Standing Close Grip Bicep Curl – Elbows 60 degrees for max time – 30-60 seconds – no rest
  5. Then go into your normal biceps workout.

*Remember to select weights where you will “fail” within the 30-60 seconds.

If you are a bodybuilder or powerlifter, anabolic isometrics can be a supplement to your training to increase mind/muscle connection and recruit maximum amount of muscle fibers before your exercise without exhausting your nervous system.

For men who want to be fit, strong, and also increase muscle mass using a unique yet powerful “non-movement” anabolic isometrics technique.

This type of isometric training is also a powerful compliment to tack on to the end of your Anabolic Muscle Building Cardio Workouts.




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