12 Minute Fat Shredding Shadow Boxing Workout From Home


“I hated every minute of training, but I said, ‘Don’t quit. Suffer now and live the rest of your life as a champion.’” – Muhammad Ali

Have you ever seen a kickboxing match and wonder how these athletes absorb intense blows to their body… 

While still having the strength to “attack” on the offense? Pretty impressive, right?

Even more impressive is how lean and powerful kick-boxers look…


Not only do they have eye-popping 6 pack abs… but their bodies are rock solid.

In my opinion… kick-boxing is the most brutal sport in the world.

Every time an athlete steps into the ring, he may not come out. Seriously. It’s that dangerous.

So it’s no wonder these guys train like their life depends on it.

Quick fact: Kickboxing is pure striking. It’s not like MMA. You can’t lay on someone to catch your breath. Or perform a submission. It’s strictly kicks and punches. The ultimate combat sport…

Get Shredded Like a Kickboxer

You don’t have to fight to get shredded like a kick-boxer has (SHOCK!)

What you may not know is fighters use very specific fat burning and performance boosting exercises to get them in top shape as fast as possible…

Most of these exercises have been used for thousands of years… and develop the human body quickly and efficiently. 

In fact, Van Damme used several of these moves before filming Kickboxer (1989) 

(Here’s the final fight scene… you’re welcome)…

(Wasn’t a fan of the 2016 – Kickboxer: Vengeance. But I’m a biased Jean-Claude fan)…

Fun fact about Van Damme: He won the European professional karate association’s middleweight championship as a teenager. Not bad, eh?

Oh and Chuck Norris got him a job as a bouncer once. Another story for another time. Back to fighting…

Fighters have a few key moves to help them perform superhuman feats… Most of which you can perform from home. Their training includes plyometric workouts and dynamic movements so they can feel light on their feet in the ring.  

They also use very specific ab exercises that produce a ripped six-pack and ultra-strong core. Oh and there’s one more key move…


Shadow boxing. A shadow boxing workout engages your entire body. And when done properly can be more challenging than any type of workout you’ve tried in the past.

In fact, research shows kickboxing based workouts boost physical performance 318% (Ibrahim Ouergui, 2014).

Before you start the workout at the bottom of this article, here’s three misconceptions about kickboxing workouts I need to clear up. Because I don’t want any of these concerns to hold you back from a fast and effective fat shredding routine.

3 Misconceptions of Kickboxing Workouts

It’s Too Difficult/I’m Not In Shape

Kickboxing is perfect for beginners. It’s both fun and challenging. And recruits tons of muscles you never thought existed (you’ll feel it the next day, trust me).

It will feel “new” at first. And the workouts will be tough. Just take a deep breath, relax, and progress slowly. You’ll improve with each workout.

Eventually you’ll be performing spin-kicks and throwing punches like Kurt Sloan (Van Damme’s character in Kickboxer).  


“Getting In Shape Takes Forever”

Traditional workouts, like jogging or walking can get boring. Even traditional bodyweight workouts can be overdone. 

What happens when you get bored with your workouts? Typically, you’re not motivated to exercise. That’s EVERYONE. Which is why it’s important to mix things up.

Another plus about kickboxing workouts… they engage your whole body, boost metabolism, and stimulate fat burning hormones while keeping your entertained and motivated.

“I Don’t Want To Get Hurt”

Yes, kickboxing is a violent sport. But the fat-burning workouts aren’t.

Remember, we’re focusing on the the workouts that make them lean, high-performing athletes. Not the stuff that makes them trained killers.

If you want to go toe-to-toe with someone I’m sure you can find a kickboxing or MMA gym near you. However the workout I’m about to show you can be done from home WITHOUT a fighting partner.


Because the training regime for kick-boxers which gives them their incredible physiques are all non-contact workouts.

Therefore, kickboxing fitness is perfectly safe for everyone. And will get you ripped FAST.

And without further delay… “ding”, “ding”, “ding”… it’s time for your workout.

Round One (Three Minutes) – Complete Two Rounds

This round is three minutes long. You will complete each exercise for as many reps as possible in 50 seconds. You’ll then immediately move to the next exercise (10 second transition period).

When you finish round one, take a 30 second break. Then repeat round one again. You will complete this workout twice.

Exercise One: Side to Side
50 Seconds

(By the way, this is my good friend Mike. Former Muay Thai champion yet one of the nicest guys you’ll ever meet)…

Instruction: Start standing. Feet shoulder width apart. Jump to one side and land on one foot. Jump back to the other side and repeat back and forth for the entire 50 seconds.

Stay light on your feet like a kick-boxer. 

Exercise One: Jab, Jab, Cross, Knee, Knee
50 Seconds

Instruction: Start in your fighting stance (1 foot in front of the other and should width apart). Angle your body to the right (this is called the orthodox stance).

Take a small step out and throw a jab. Then quickly throw another jab, followed by a cross.

After you throw the cross, reach forward as if grabbing an imaginary person with both hands. Pull this imaginary person down with your hands, lift your knee and drive it forward.

Reset and repeat as many times as possible in time specified.

Exercise Two: Squat – Knee
50 Seconds

Instruction: Start with your feet shoulder width apart. Hinge back at the hips and lower yourself to a squat position.

As you come up from the squat, lift one leg to execute a knee strike. (I personally feel like a beast doing this move).

As you drop your leg down, drop into another squat. Then perform a knee strike with the opposite leg.

Repeat as many as times as possible in 50 seconds.

Round Two (Three Minutes) – Complete Two Rounds.

This round is three minutes long. Complete each exercise as many times as you can in 50 seconds. Then immediately move onto the next exercise (10 second transition period).

When you finish the round, take a 30 second break, and then repeat round two one more time. You will complete two rounds of round two.

Exercise One: 1-2-Elbow (Jab, Cross, Elbow) + Sprawl
55 Seconds

(It’s getting tougher!)

Instruction: Start in your fighting stand (one foot in front of the other. Feet shoulder width apart). Angle your body to the right.

Take a small step out as you throw a jab (1), then quickly throw your right hand (2).

Reset, then throw an elbow with your right hand. After performing this move, push your hips back and drop into a push up position.

Spring back up and repeat the combination as many times as possible in the round.

Exercise Two: Knee, Knees + Sprawl
55 Seconds

Instruction: Start in your ready position (one foot in front the other, should width distance apart).

Reach forward with your hands. Pull down to execute two knee strikes with one leg.

After completing the knee strike, drop into a sprawl. Spring up and complete two knee strikes on the other side. Then drop into a sprawl.

Exercise Three: High Plank Walk Outs
55 Seconds

Instruction: Start by holding the push-up position. Keep your spine neutral.

Keeping your entire body still, lift one arm and touch the opposite shoulder.

Your hips will naturally begin to sway. Do your best to keep them still.

During this exercise, keep your core engaged. Also be aware of your lower back, keeping it back by squeezing your shoulder blades back and pushing your chest out.  

BOOM! You’re a Kick-boxer Now!

There’s a typical shadowboxing workout used by elite kick-boxers to develop a ripped midsection and lean body. Perform these types of workouts two or three times a week for maximum results.

Also, it’s important to push yourself instead of coasting and going through the motions.

If you’d like to more workouts to get the shredded body of high-profile kick-boxers. Check this out.


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