Teeth And Erectile Dysfunction: The Strange Connection

teeth and erectile dysfunction

There’s a strange connection between teeth and erectile dysfunction that every man ought to know. In fact, it’s more than just teeth. It’s your entire oral health practice that could either be wrecking your manhood or rescuing it.

So if you’ve been experiencing any form of erectile dysfunction it’s important you continue reading and discover this weird but strong connection for yourself. Because it’s one of the most “under-the-radar” components of erectile dysfunction you probably had no idea about.

If fact, you may be overlooking the single solution to your erectile dysfunction which has been sitting under your nose the entire time…

According to a recent publication in the Society of Sexual Medicine, men with oral inflammation were 77% more likely to suffer from erectile dysfunction (1). And with oral inflammation found in 56.4% of men in the United States (2), you’re not out of the question…

I’ll admit. I was incredibly surprised after reading the article. It seemed unbelievable. However, there’s a one Taiwan study which followed 23,400 men with gum disease over 5-years and recorded their sexual performance over that time frame…

Turns out, 91% of the men with gum disease reported having some sort of sexual dysfunction, including the grand-daddy of them all, E.D.

Which I wouldn’t suggest is a coincidence. Still, most guys will probably say something like, I don’t have any cavities so this can’t be for me

Or, I brush and use mouthwash twice per day, so I’m in the clear

Don’t be so quick to assume you’re in the clear. And here’s why…

As mentioned above, more than 1 in every two men have some form of oral inflammation which often goes undetected and untreated. And it can begin as early as 18 years old and worsen with age…

Again, I had some initial skepticism from the info I was reading. After all, the United States is one of the most technologically advanced countries in the world and look at all the toothpastes and mouthwashes we have… those should do the trick, right?

Not according to Dr. Lynn Griebahn and a community of dentists who revealed modern mouthwashes could be a highly dangerous source of ED causing inflammation because the chemicals in mouthwash break down the natural protective layers around your gums and allow lethal chemicals to seep into your bloodstream and increase your inflammation levels even more (4).

This inflammation gradually squeeze your capillaries shut over time. Especially the penile capillaries found in your manhood.

But that’s not all, a statement released from another dentist, Dr. Joe Bulger claims mouthwash fuels the inflammation fire by opening your gums to more harmful bacteria to invade, spread, and attack your most vital organs, including the male anatomy (6).

Last, I came across Dr. Kathleen Bernardi who discovered a few key ingredients in mouthwash could destroy a potent, natural chemical produced in your body called nitric oxide. Nitric oxide helps keep your capillaries open, including the ones you need for erections.

Without this chemical, you will have zero blood flow to where you need it most, when you need it the most.

So what can men do about this Western World problem?

After all, more than half of all men have some form of oral inflammation and brushing and using harmful mouthwashes aren’t helping any. In fact, they’re making the issue worse.

That’s when I came across an old record in the Journal of Ayurveda Integrated Medicine which is an ancient form of medicine practices used for thousands of years and is still popular in certain parts of the world today (5).

Inside, it listed every ingredient found in an ancient mouthwash formula which was used to treat people suffering from numerous inflammatory conditions and diseases, including erectile dysfunction…

Which made sense, because they had to have something to clean their mouth thousands of years ago or else most all men would have trouble, spreading their seed

Like Genghis Khan for example, a Chinese Emperor and war hero who biologists estimate 1 in 200 Asian men in the world today are a direct descendent of his. He sure wouldn’t be putting up those numbers if his oral hygiene made him call it quits early…

As the research stated above, there is a teeth and erectile dysfunction connection. What we do with our mouths does effect the life of our buddy downstairs. And if you’re like most guys, I’m sure you want him lasting well into his 70’s, 80’s, and 90’s. Calling it quits is just not the answer for any red-blooded man.

So listen, if you’re a man who takes his intimate life seriously. And wants to fix his erectile dysfunction, then take your oral health seriously. This teeth and erectile dysfunction connection may be the golden ticket you’ve been waiting for all along.

Your mouth is the gateway to greater health, more energy, and a better intimate life, if you take to heart the above information.

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