Top 5 Muscle Building Foods For Men

Muscle Building Foods For Men

Want to discover the top 5 muscle building foods for men? I’ll reveal all five in this article, however not for reasons you may think. You see, when most guys think “muscle building foods,” they instantly consider high protein foods like chicken, tuna, protein powder and the like. However, it’s just not the case. 

The reason I’ve chosen these top five muscle building foods for men is because they increase your #1 muscle building hormone… testosterone. In fact, after reading to the end of this article be sure to check out the shocking truth about high testosterone diets and how they’re crushing your testosterone levels (article).

First, here’s an example of why testosterone is crucial to muscle building even more importantly than high protein foods: 

Take any two men. Same age. Same workout program. Same nutrition plan. When all is said and done, the man with more testosterone of the two will build more muscle and burn more fat one-hundred percent of the time.

You see, testosterone is the key to muscle growth. Sure, protein plays a role. However, no testosterone, no muscle. No sex drive. No ripped physique. Which is why I wrote this article on 51 ways to boost testosterone naturally. Be sure to check that out after adding the following five foods to your current nutrition regimen.

Top 5 Muscle Building Foods For Men

Sweet Potato

Sweet potato is chock full of carbohydrates. Carbohydrates are key players in testosterone product. Which is why you never want to skimp out on them (which most diets will tell you to do). Carbs are also important for supporting your workouts. Giving you the energy you need to maximize your workouts by utilizing glycogen as fuel. Carbs also aid in muscle recovery as well. Which is why it’s important to enjoy a big hardy plate of fresh carbs post workout.

However, I’ve got some news for you. Because in the testosterone game, not all carbs are treated equal. In fact, you’ll want to stay away from the highly praised “whole grains” and other similar foods because they contain gluten. According to a recent study published by the US National Library of Medicine, gluten increases prolactin levels, which can ultimately lower the production of your master male hormone.

So you want to avoid grains and breads. However potatoes do not contain gluten. Neither do fruits or vegetables. Because of this, whole fruits and vegetables are a far better choice as your main carbohydrate source to increase your testosterone levels.  

Quit playing hot potato my friend. Instead, eat the potato. Sweet potatoes, white potatoes, russets, red potatoes, purple potatoes… potatoes for days. Be sure to fill your pantry full of them and make potatoes your #1 carb source.

Olive Oil

The next food shown to boost your testosterone levels… olive oil. Which according to this study can increase testosterone levels a whopping 17% over two short weeks. There are many ways you can add olive oil to your diet. 

Olive oil is often overlooked as one of the top muscle building foods for men.

For example, you can pour olive oil over salads. You can cook  your chicken or eggs in olive oil. Even pour olive oil in your morning shakes. When you purchase olive oil make sure it’s not the cheap stuff. Look for the label that says “extra virgin” and “organic” olive oil. 

Many cheaper olive oils are heated, processed, and adulterated with cheaper oils. This ruins the quality and typically lowers the testosterone boosting healthy fat ratio found in extra virgin oils. Plain and simple, you get what you pay for.


Now let’s talk about parsley. Parsley is a powerful little plant. And it contains a compound called apigening. Which according to researchers at Texas Tech University and a recent publication in the Journal of Nutrition Biochemistry, apigening increases the amount of StAR (steroidogenic acute regulatory protein) inside the testicular leydig cells.  

StaR is a binding protein that moves cholesterol into the mitochondria inside your family jewels which then converts into free testosterone. It’s a process, yet all you need to know is if you want more free testosterone flowing through your veins then it’s time to eat some parsley!

Parsley is a phenomenally flavorful herb you can add to almost anything. It’s good when cooked with most meats. Or you can throw this herb into your smoothies and maybe sprinkle atop of salads if you’d like. Overall, this is a great herb to get into your diet right away to make your meals that much more anabolic and testosterone boosting. Make sure to jot it down on next week’s grocery list.


Not so fast on the chocolate milk. Step away from the Nestle Bunny. Because I’m not talking about THAT kind of cocoa. 


We are talking about raw, bitter cocoa. Cocoa contains magnesium and zinc. Two minerals which have been shown to increase testosterone levels significantly. This dark superfood is also chock full of antioxidants. Which have been shown to reduce inflammation levels (also increasing your testosterone count), lower blood pressure, control blood sugar levels, and increase your cardiovascular health. This magical superfood has also been shown to increase blood flow “downstairs” for added benefits to sexual performance.

My final warning. Cocoa is bitter. And will not (I repeat) will not taste like the chocolate milk your remember as a kid. I suggest adding raw cocoa into a morning or evening smoothie or even a yogurt. Something you could mix it up with to mask the bitter flavor. And last, yet certainly not least…

Cage Free Whole Eggs

Sure, this one sounds like a no-brainer. However, tune in. Because it’s essential you consume “cage-free” “organic” eggs. The main reason you want cage-free, organic eggs is because the yolk (where the fat is) contains anti-inflammatory omega-3 fatty acids. Which are the good fats.

However, chickens living in cages are fed grains that have inflammation properties in the yolk. The inflammatory components in caged eggs increase cortisol. Which, if you hadn’t heard, cortisol lowers testosterone production. Sure, a better quality egg may cost an extra $0.50 or $1 more than standard eggs, however it’s worth the investment if you’re serious about increasing your testosterone levels.

Here’s another reason eggs are great for testosterone levels. They contain plenty of cholesterol. Cholesterol is the direct precursor of testosterone. Which is why a high fat diet is something most men want to run to not run away from.  And if you want to learn more about the optimal testosterone boosting diet for men, check this short article out.

There you have it, five amazing muscle building foods for men. If you start eating these foods today, you’ll begin to pack on muscle and more importantly increase your testosterone levels. Which will help you boost your muscle building even more than the next guy.

And if you want to boost testosterone levels a massive 180% in 2 weeks while increasing growth hormone levels a colossal 2000% check out this short read.

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