Nature’s Anabolic Steroid: Pine Pollen

Nature’s Anabolic Steroid: Pine Pollen

Typically, we don’t have a category for the terms “natural” and “steroid”, right?

A person is either natural…

Or a steroid user…

The two don’t mix…

Well, pine pollen changes that.

*Cue record scratch noise*

Pine pollen is nature’s anabolic steroid.

When you take this anabolic herb not only are you doing it naturally

But you’re also getting an anabolic boost.

When it comes to pine pollen, natural and steroid mix just fine, and here’s why:

Pine Pollen and Testosterone

Pine pollen is one of the most powerful herbs available for us today…

It is the male spore, the literal male productive unit that these plants use to pollinate…

Which makes it no surprise that pine pollen actually contains testosterone.


Not some “lesser” form of testosterone either…

Pine pollen contains the actual androgen hormone that flows through your bloodstream and mine.

Therefore, pine pollen will boost your testosterone, naturally.

According to a pine pollen study conducted by The U.S. National Library of Medicine, one variety of Pine pollen known as Pinus Sylverstis contains 80ng/g of testosterone, 110ng/g of epitestosterone, and 590 ng/g of androstenedione…

Sure it’s not overwhelmingly potent…

But potent enough to make an impact on your testosterone levels immediately…

Basically, getting pine pollen into your kitchen cupboard will be like hitting the drive through for your testosterone.

Which is one reason why pine pollen has seen a unique uptick in popularity as of late.

Pine Pollen: The Most Effective Testosterone

But the pine pollen/testosterone relationship gets even better than what I’ve already mentioned…

See, your body contains lots of testosterone…

But a closer look will reveal that a large majority of it is ineffective when it comes to actually having a benefit on your manliness.


In reality, most of your testosterone is bound up by Sex Hormone Binding Globulin (SHBG), a glycoprotein in your bloodstream that makes a hobby out of lasso-ing up your free roaming testosterone and making it ineffective…

Literally ineffective.

I’ve compared SHBG before to the schoolyard game of “freeze tag”…

If you’ve never enjoyed a fun-loving game of freeze-tag, the premise is pretty simple…

You have one person who is “it”, and he or she chases the other students around the yard, attempting to tag them and thereby render them “frozen” for the rest of the game.

This same concept takes place in your bloodstream, in the battle for your testosterone…

The SHBG “tags” itself to your free testosterone and in turn, makes it ineffective as a means to make you stronger, harder, sharper and more energetic in every area of life.


So the question then remains, how do you get more of that free testosterone into your bloodstream?

Well, there are a couple of ways to answer that question, but to stay on today’s topic, the prominent answer is pine pollen.

The testosterone found in a dose of pine pollen is free testosterone, so naturally, more pine pollen, more free testosterone.

So I hope at this point you’re seeing why pine pollen can be so effective for your testosterone health.

In fact, I’ve found it so beneficial that I’ve cleaned out my supplement cabinet and replaced the supps with the herbs.

If you’re getting antsy and looking for a link to get your hands on pine pollen, I’ll drop them for you here, and then I encourage you to keep reading:

Pine pollen powder here.

Pine pollen tincture here.

Pine Pollen and Testosterone: So What?

Pine pollen’s effect on your testosterone health won’t seem like a big deal if you separate testosterone from the practical, everyday elements of your life.

So I just want to take some time to remind you of what healthy testosterone means for you.

Sexual Health

Stronger erections

Longer erections

Healthy sex-drive

Increased sperm

Physical Health

Increased muscle mass

Lower body fat

Increased strength

More Energy

Strong bones

Healthy heart


Emotional Health

Sharper mind

More confidence

Better mood

Deeper sense of adventure

Cosmetic Health

Better beard

Chiseled jaw

More body hair

Men, your testosterone health is vitally important to your everyday life…


Pine pollen is proven to give you more testosterone naturally… 

From the gym to work, to the bedroom and everywhere in between, this herb can boost your performance in big ways when you add it into your daily routine.

It really is nature’s steroid.

I highly recommend that you grab some for yourself.

Here are some links to the pine pollen I use, which I believe, is the best on the market:

Pine pollen powder here.

Pine pollen tincture here.

– Joe LoGalbo

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