Nature’s Safest Testosterone Booster

Nature’s Safest Testosterone Booster

There are many reasons why you haven’t bought an over the counter testosterone booster, right?

You’re skeptical… I mean, does this stuff even work?

The product is expensive… Are you kidding me? 60 bucks?!

And most of all, you’ve probably heard the news that many testosterone boosters aren’t safe to use…

In fact, in a recent decision, a Food and Drug Administration panel of top doctors voted 20 to 1 to crack down on testosterone replacement therapy – the famous blue pill or topical cream that doctors have been prescribing like candy to American consumers.

And it’s a necessary crackdown that I’ve talked about in depth here.

But listen…

There are safe, and natural options out there that will increase your testosterone levels without putting you at risk of dangerous side effects.


And today I’m going to provide you with the safest testosterone booster on the planet…

Not to mention, the most powerful testosterone booster of all the natural options.

It’s called pine pollen, and there’s no other herb like it.

What Is Pine Pollen?

Pine pollen is exactly what it sounds like…

The pollen from pine trees…

You may know it as that annoying crud that makes its home on your windshield when you park near a forest preserve on a windy day.

But it’s also the safest and most effective natural testosterone booster on the planet.

See, this pollen is the actual androgenic spore that these plants use to reproduce.

That’s literal testosterone, gentlemen.


According to a pine pollen study conducted by The U.S. National Library of Medicine, one variety of Pine pollen known as Pinus Sylverstis contains 80ng/g of testosterone, 110ng/g of epitestosterone, and 590 ng/g of androstenedione…

Which is a powerful anabolic punch in case you were wondering…

In fact, pine pollen supplementation, especially, pine pollen tincture, guarantees to hit your bloodstream with free testosterone – readily available to do for you what you want your testosterone to do for you.

But how does pine pollen stack up against the pain points of synthetic testosterone boosters that you’ll find at the local drug store or prescribed for the doc?

Well, let’s take a look.


One of the major problems with modern day testosterone boosters is that they can cause infertility…

“But how,” you think. “I thought a testosterone booster was supposed to improve your fertility… After all, isn’t that one of the perks of high testosterone?”

You’re right…

More testosterone is supposed to improve male fertility…

However, when you go with unnatural sources of testosterone treatments, whether over the counter or prescribed by your doctor, your brain actually gets so used to the supplementation that it forgets to tell your balls to produce testosterone on their own.


But you don’t have this issue when you choose pine pollen to help you along the testosterone-boosting path.

Pine pollen is nature’s safest testosterone booster, especially when you’re looking to carry your legacy further into the future by having kids.

Pine pollen provides you with a safe, natural and powerful testosterone boost that willimprove your fertility.

Pine pollen has long been prescribed for infertility in China because it increases sperm production…

See, when you get stressed out over extended periods of time (which can happen every day), your sperm count is negatively affected.

Too much stress takes out your sperm.

But taking pine pollen turns the tables on your stress by lifting your testosterone levels, and as a result, your sperm production and function naturally improves.

Pine pollen also contains arginine, an amino acid that improves blood flow to your manhood and increases sperm count.

So don’t take any changes on synthetic T-boosters…

If you want to start a family, or at the very least, keep your balls producing sperm on their own, go with nature’s safest testosterone booster.

Grab pine pollen powder here, or pick up pine pollen tincture here. Heck, you can even grab both.

Heart Issues

Synthetic testosterone boosters can steal years of your life from you…

According to one study, published in the Journal of the American Medical Association, older men who were taking testosterone replacement therapy had a greater risk of developing plaque buildup in the arteries of their hearts over the course of a single year than men who didn’t take testosterone replacement therapy.

And I want to note that a year of taking an unnatural testosterone booster is not a long time…

And it can steal so much time from you.

On the other hand, pine pollen – nature’s safest testosterone booster – doesn’t threaten your longevity…

It adds to your life’s potential.

Pine pollen, specifically pine pollen powder, is loaded with 18 amino acids and plenty of essential vitamins and minerals that keep your heart and body functioning at their best.

Pine pollen is also loaded with antioxidants that keep you looking and feeling young.

So let’s way the two options here…

Unnatural testosterone boosters will boost your testosterone, but potentially decrease the length and quality of your life in general…

Pine pollen on the other hand, increases testosterone while potentially adding length to your life, and definitely improving the quality of it in general.


Again, don’t take any chances with those T-boosters that have the long list of potentially life-threatening side effects…

Go with the safest testosterone booster, pine pollen, which has a long list of life-improving effects.

Check out pine pollen powder here.

Grab pine pollen tincture here.

Your Next Step

As we’ve seen throughout this article, there’s really no comparison…

The benefits of pine pollen not only outweigh the “benefits” of some other synthetic testosterone booster, but pine pollen doesn’t threaten your quality of life like the black pill will.

So go with nature’s safest testosterone booster to take your testosterone to the next level.

Pick up pine pollen powder here.

Grab some pine pollen tincture here.

If you’re currently on some sort of testosterone therapy treatment, consult your doctor about switching over to the right side – the natural side.

But don’t wait for it.

Make the change ASAP.

– Joe LoGalbo

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