The All-Natural Male Hormone Helper: Long Jack Extract

The All-Natural Male Hormone Helper: Long Jack Extract

If there’s one thing I’ve learned about supplements over the years, it’s that seemingly random supplements can produce surprising benefits.

Long Jack extract (also called Tongkat Ali) is no different.

Long Jack extract is a multi-faceted affiliate of your health…

This unfamiliar friend comes to us from the Eurycoma plant grown both in Malaysia and Asia.

The Long Jack extract is taken particularly from the roots of the plant and is mass-produced in powder or pill form.

Recently, Long Jack extract has been especially renowned among men for its “head to toe” health benefits.

Professionals recommend that you take 1-2 doses of 200-300mg of extract throughout the day for short-term use.

However, if you want to consider using Long Jack extract for long-term benefits, you’ll want to take the same dosage every other day and with a week off once a month.


Sure, the routine is a little more scattered than most supplemental plans, but it’s nothing a good calendar reminder on your phone can’t help you with.

I recommend you start taking the powder form with short-term doses, and consider how it works for you. Then, move into long-term dosage plans after you see just how beneficial Long Jack extract will be for your daily health and performance.

So now that you’re familiar with Long Jack extract’s origins, let’s get down to the bottom line.

What are its benefits?

Less Stress/Higher Testosterone

You didn’t think we’d recommend a supplement to you if it wouldn’t help your testosterone health, did you?

Long Jack extract has tremendous testosterone boosting benefits for those who have low-T.

This supplement is believed to stimulate the production of free testosterone in your body while reducing the levels of metabolically inactive testosterone.

It does this on the teeter-totter of testosterone and cortisol.

When you get stressed, naturally your testosterone numbers start to plummet.

Too much stress will cause your body to create more of testosterone’s archenemy – cortisol…


It’s an unfortunate part of nature, really…

Loads of stress can cause a self-imploding breach of femininity.

That’s why it pays to have some help from your flank, Long Jack Extract.

This herb actively weakens the amount of cortisol in your body, thereby strengthening your T-count.

In other words, Long Jack extract helps you stress less and produce testosterone more. Here’s what this looks like on paper:

Lower Stress = Lower Cortisol = Higher Testosterone

Higher Stress = Higher Cortisol = Lower Testosterone

Tests on Long Jack extract (also known as Tongkat Ali) have shown this very concept.

A 4-week study conducted with 62 moderately stressed adults revealed significant improvements for those who received a dosage of Long Jack Extract…

long-jack-benefits Those who consumed Long Jack extract had decreased in tension by 11%, anger by 12%, confusion by 15%, and cortisol by 16%. They also increased in testosterone by 37%.

Those are some good numbers.

Less moody and more manliness sounds like a win-win to me.  

Less Body Fat/More Muscle Gain

Naturally, increased testosterone in your body will have some powerful implications for your physique.

As a male, the lower your testosterone levels are, the higher your body fat percentage will be.

It’s important for you to note that body fat percentage looks different from person to person. You don’t have to be walking around at an unhealthy 350lbs. to have a high body fat percentage.

You can be a relatively skinny guy and still have a high body fat percentage. But Long Jack extractcan help in both cases.  


Because Long Jack raises testosterone levels it will also reduce body fat.

Again, the results run parallel with the perpetual hormonal teeter-totter that we saw between testosterone and cortisol in the last section. In regards to your body fat the equations would look like this:

High Testosterone = Less Estrogen = Less Body Fat

Low Testosterone = More Estrogen = More Body Fat

For this reason, Long Jack extract is a popular supplement among bodybuilders who are looking to widen the gap between their muscle mass and body fat percentages.

But Long Jack isn’t only for bodybuilders…

It’s for any male working towards his dream physique.  

In a 2002 Malaysian study, 7 men were given 100mgs of Long Jack Extract (Tongkat Ali) each day with 7 other participants who were given a placebo…


The study was conducted over a 5-week period and resulted in a 5% increase in lean muscle mass and a significant reduction in body fat for those who received the Long Jack supplementation.

Long Jack extract is proven to have a dynamic impact on your physique and fitness goals.

Dare we say, “Take Long Jack to get jacked?”

Eh, a little cheesy, but we’ll go with it…   

More Testosterone/Better Joint Health

Testosterone is crucial to your bone health.

It keeps your calcium levels high and assists your bones from weakening.

Through its testosterone boosting benefits, Long Jack extract can help prevent and reverse the age-old epidemic of osteoporosis, that comes with, well, aging.

Long Jack won’t help you regain bone-density that you may have lost over time… that would be a miracle. No known supplement can do that.

However, Long Jack extract can balance hormones that act as the culprits for calcium kidnapping in your body.

Let me draw out one last equation for you, just to stay consistent with the last two points.

More Testosterone = Better Joint Health

Less Testosterone = Worse Joint Health

Bone mass deficiency can be a debilitating downfall in your physical health.

As a result, it can largely affect the way you enjoy your adult and even your senior years.

Long Jack extract will be advantageous for future adventures with your family and friends… it’ll also keep nagging osteo-pains away so that you can pursue your long-term goals with a clarity of mind and comfort.

Why plan for long-term adventures and ambitions if you don’t plan to be healthy enough to enjoy them?

Start supplementing Long Jack extract for long-term benefits.

These three benefits of Long Jack extract make a great case for its claim.

Sure, at the beginning of this post, Long Jack extract was probably a foreign supplement to you…

But now you see that it’s a friend to your testosterone health, an ally to your body compositional goals, and an advocate of your overall wellness longevity.

As you consider adding Long Jack to your supplement stack, remember to swirl back around to the beginning of this post to find the recommended regimen for this powerful testosterone addendum and enjoy the results.

Until next time, so long, Jack! (I couldn’t resist).

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