The Complete Guide To Pine Pollen: Nature’s Most Powerful Anti Aging Herb

The Complete Guide To Pine Pollen: Nature’s Most Powerful Anti Aging Herb

Who would have thought that an herb could make a name for itself?

I mean, it isn’t exactly shouting out for attention…

Pine pollen is just that…

The pollen from pine trees that shape the forest preserve across the street.

But people have been clamoring about the benefits of pine pollen for a little while now…

So what’s the pine pollen craze about?

Well, let’s take a closer look.

Benefits of Pine Pollen

Pine pollen contains over 200 bioactive vitamins, minerals, and nutrients all packed into a single serving…

And your body recognizes these vitamins, minerals, and nutrients as natural sources of replenishment, and as a result absorbs them quickly and easily.


This type of companionship between body and pine pollen is one of the reasons why it’s so effective as an herbal supplement.

And as a man, you should strongly consider adding this herb to your supplement stack today.

And here’s why:


Now as guys, we typically don’t look for anti-aging to front a list of benefits for men…

But we ought to start.

Anti-aging benefits can improve everything from your libido to your performance in the gym, from the way your skin looks to your general feelings of wellness.

Basically, anti-aging benefits are a total package that touches on just about every area of your life.

Pine pollen plays a role in anti-aging due to its antioxidant related properties.

Here’s how:

  • Increasing SOD levels in the blood (superoxide dismutase is one of the most powerful and crucial antioxidants that your body makes). 
  • Increasing glutathione transferees that help break down and remove environmental pollutants and reduce oxidative stress that can take a nasty toll on the way your body functions. 
  • Younger looking skin. 
  • Contains collagen and elastin which stabilize your skin and keeps it from degrading and wrinkling. 
  • Reduces lipofuscin deposits (a brown pigment that causes age spots) in the heart, brain, and liver.

Whether you realize it or not right now, all of these anti-aging benefits of pine pollen will improve how you feel physically and emotionally.

But I’m confident that after you start taking pine pollen, you’ll notice the difference.

Better Testosterone

Now, this is more like it, am I right?

As guys, a natural testosterone boost is always a plus…

And pine pollen delivers a palpable dose of it…

In fact, in anabolic circles like ours, this is pine pollen’s claim to fame.

Pine pollen contains bioavailable forms of testosterone – meaning that when you take a pine pollen supplement you’re actually taking testosterone that is readily available to be put to use in your body right away…

To go towards your goals of building muscle, thinking more clearly, acting with heightened bravery, and having better sex.


Also, the phyto-androgens contained in pine pollen combat against all of the estrogen-mimicking products that you’re exposed to daily…

Ones that you probably had no idea were depleting your testosterone levels, like your shampoo, toothpaste, aftershave, medications, plastics and more.

You can check out this article for more examples of at-home androgen blockers.

Also, if you notice that you’re suffering from outward signs of high estrogen levels such as a beer belly, man boobs, or erectile dysfunction, pine pollen has the androgenic power to bring your estrogen and testosterone levels back to where they need to be.

And now that I’ve mentioned ED, it’s only natural to cut to the bedroom talk…

Sexual Agility

Because pine pollen contains testosterone-boosting androgens, you can expect it to improve your performance in the bedroom…

“How so” you ask?

Well, let me harken back to the first point, first – that pine pollen has anti-aging benefits.

When your body is free from excessive oxidative stress, and free radicals, while maintaining a solid immune defense, you’re also going to be full of energy to take care of your lady when the lights are low…

Or in other words, you won’t feel like an old man during sex.

Also, the natural components found in pine pollen will increase your sex-drive and libido, naturally of course…

The proof?

Well, I’ll let you figure that out in the morning…

Pine pollen causes a condition called, nocturnal penile tumescence…

You probably know it as “morning wood.”

When it’s taken in high dosages, pine pollen can actually increase the frequency of morning wood, which is an obvious and helpful way for you to know that it’s working.

But unlike the warnings of those synthetic (not natural) testosterone boosters, you won’t have to worry about the trip to the emergency room after 4-hours of unwanted “stiffness” from pine pollen.

Energy Boost

Guys, we can’t hide it…

When we get older we simply just lose energy to do the things we were once capable of doing…

This could be anything from working all day in the yard to running around the playground with your children, to exploring mountainous terrain while traveling with your wife.

Low energy sucks.

And it’s an unfortunate part of aging…

But age doesn’t have to hit you as hard as it is right now…

At least, with pine pollen, it doesn’t have to.

One of the biggest health benefits of pine pollen is the tonifying effects it has on your body and the major increase in energy as a result…

Again this goes back to the beginning of the list of benefits…

Pine pollen contains vitamins, minerals, and nutrients that simply slow down the aging process so that you’ll not only look younger, but you’ll feel more adventurous and energetic.


But it’s important for me to add a little caveat here…

Pine pollen is not a stimulating drug and contains no stimulants.

It’s not like drinking a Red Bull, but it is more energizing than caffeine.

Pine pollen also aids in recovery time after exercise so that you’ll pack on more muscle and you won’t need as much time to rest up in between gym sessions.

Also, because of the energy boost that pine pollen provides, you’ll get better sleep and will wake up more refreshed in the morning.

Those are the 4 horsemen of pine pollen for men’s health, but that’s not all pine pollen will do when you start using it as a daily supplement.

Here’s a list of more of its benefits:

  • Lung tonic (boosts your immune system) 
  • Kidney tonic (rejuvenates your brain, hair, bones and hormonal system) 
  • Liver tonic (stimulates liver function) 
  • Heart tonic (increases cardiovascular endurance and lowers cholesterol) 
  • Spleen tonic (nourishes your muscles and increases metabolism) 
  • Contains 30% Protein 
  • Improves muscle tone 
  • Increases male fertility by raising sperm count 
  • Combats and reverses the effects of male menopause 
  • Eliminates erectile dysfunction caused by low-T 
  • Prevents prostate disease 
  • Aids in weight management and promotes weight loss 
  • Clears out brain fog and increases brain function 
  • Clears acne


Okay, so clearly pine pollen will do you more than plenty of good…

And if you’re getting anxious to get a hold of this powerful phyto-androgen, you can grab a pine pollen tincture here, or pine pollen powder or capsules here.

Side Effects of Pine Pollen

As of right now, after many studies, there aren’t any adverse side effects to pine pollen supplementation…

As with any kind of supplementation you’ll want to start by taking the minimum amount of pine pollen that offers a benefit…

And then you can increase to higher dosages of recommended supplementation.

Personally, I haven’t found any issues with pine pollen while I’ve been taking it.

How To Take Pine Pollen

There are a few ways that you can take pine pollen…

You can opt-in for pine pollen powder or capsules, or pine pollen tincture.

The most effective way you can take pine pollen is through a pine pollen tincture…

A tincture is the easiest and fastest way to get the anabolic hormones of pine pollen into your bloodstream…

The alcohol contained in a tincture draws out the phyto-androgens and concentrates them so that when you squirt the tincture into your mouth and hold it under your tongue, the anabolic hormones immediately enter into your bloodstream…

It doesn’t need to make a long and trying journey through your digestive tract, but instead, it gets to where it needs to go instantly.


And if you opt-in for the tincture, I need to warn you to cycle it.

Basically, don’t take shots of pine pollen like you’re at the nightclub.

Pine pollen tincture is so effective that taking it every day of the week may result in a hormonal imbalance…

Instead, go 4-5 and then take two off.

If you decide to go with pine pollen powder, you can mix it in with your morning coffee, a cup of tea or take it with a swig of water.

It won’t hit your bloodstream as quickly as the tincture, and it runs the risk of taking some blows in your digestive tract, but if you feel better about taking the pine pollen powder or capsules, by all means, go for it…

You’ll still get plenty of benefits.

Can You Make Your Own?

If you’re feeling up to the task, which takes a little bit of TLC, you can actually make pine pollen tincture at home.

The whole ordeal will take about 2 weeks time.

What you need: 

  • Mason Jars
  • Pine pollen (which you can gather out in the wild or order powder here)
  • Alcohol (recommended high-quality vodka that is at least 70 proof)
  • Spoon or similar instrument for stirring
  • Dropper Bottle

How to make it:

  • Pour the pine pollen into your mason jar
  • Add the alcohol until it covers all of the pine pollen powder
  • Let your mixture sit for about 2 weeks

After the 2 weeks are up you should notice the pine pollen and alcohol separate.

At this point, the pine pollen androgens have been concentrated into the alcohol so much so that the pine pollen powder really doesn’t have anything beneficial left in itself, so you can just chuck it.

You can use a dropper to squeeze the liquid off the top or you can pour your pine pollentincture into another jar through a strainer to separate the liquid from the powder.


Start with a dropper full of your pine pollen tincture, and go from there…

So there you have it…

Some might say it’s an arduous process…

Personally, I don’t have the time to make my own pine pollen tincture so I order mine.

If you’re like me and you’d rather order the pine pollen tincture than go pine pollen picking, you can grab the tincture for yourself here.

And if you’re more of a powder or capsule supplementation kind of guy, go ahead and get your pine pollen here.

– Joe LoGalbo

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