The Herb Of Kings: Polyrhachis Ant Benefits For Men

The Herb Of Kings: Polyrhachis Ant Benefits For Men

I’m sure you clicked on the link because the title intrigued you.

Polyrhachis Ant benefits.”

To answer the question I know you’re asking: Yes. Real ants.

The six-legged creepy crawlers that bite your legs when you mow the lawn and invite themselves into your house when you drop food on the floor.

Sure, ants may be pesky sometimes, but we have to give them some credit.

Their physical strength is something you and I can only dream of.

An ant can carry between 10 and 50 times its own body weight…


That’s to say that a 200 lb. man would carry between 2,000 and 10,000 lbs. from one place to another.

Also, ants run at a pace of nearly 800 times their own body length in one minute.

To give you some perspective, that’s about 3/4 of a mile in one minute.

So basically ants put people to shame when it comes to a power ratio comparison.  

Wisely, ancient cultures took the strength and speed of these ants seriously.

In fact, the Black Ant (Polyrachis Ant) was called the “Herb of Kings” because only the kings of ancient times had access to the extracts of this insect.

Ancient kings would supplement Black Ant extract because it gave them higher energy and stamina on the battlefield… Here’s how you can too.


Also, the formula was distributed to field soldiers who would supplement the extract because it was believed to help warriors fight against rival or invading kingdoms with greater energy levels than their opponents, thus giving them a greater chance at victory.

You could say that these Black Ants were carrying the success of a whole kingdom on their backs!

The Polyrhachis ants gave kings and warriors, heroes and champions, a special boost in strength when their lives and the lives of their people depended on it.

So what about you?

Don’t you want to dabble in the same formula used by these mighty ancients?

Harness the ancient power of Polyrhachis ants once eaten by kings and war heroes for your workouts and for a little more dominance in everyday life.

Get your hands on some Polyrachis ant extract and you’ll notice these benefits in no time:

Improved Energy/Stamina

One of the greatest discouragers in the gym, the office, or at home is when your energy begins to run low.

Soon, the weights start to feel heavier, you become a little more civil towards your co-workers, and your kids start to look at each other like, “What’s daddy’s problem?”

The Herb of Kings can help with that…


I mean, it’s been used to sustain warriors wielding swords against other mighty warriors for hours on end, surely the Polyrhachis ant formula can help you through a day of throwing some weights around, lifting lumber, pushing pens, and playing with your kids.

This herb has an impressive blend of nutrients.

These nutrients re-build and conserve energy for your workouts in the gym, but they also help with basic functions such as digestion, breathing, and circulation, bringing a deeper measure of utilitarian energy into daily tasks.

Polyrachis ant also increases the amount of ATP in your body.

Your body derives energy from ATP.

The more consistent you are in supplementing your diet with Polyrhachis ant the more energy you’ll have at the moment and for the long haul.

Polyrachis ants will help you lay your enemies of productivity (drowsiness, laziness, fatigue) to rest by giving you a healthy kick of lasting energy.

More Zinc = More Testosterone

Zinc is one of the best nutrients for testosterone production, and Polyrhachis ant is packed with it.


The results of studies over the years have shown a direct link between zinc intake and testosterone health.

Also, a zinc deficiency will breed dangerously low testosterone levels.

Having a more potent intake of zinc in your diet will send your T-count on the up and up.

A low intake of zinc can dramatically increase your estrogen levels, which is not the up-and-up you want because it sends your testosterone off the down and down a chute of ineptitude.

A good defense against raised estrogen levels is pretty simple, then. Just add some more zinc.  

No one has ever envisioned a mighty king or warrior leading a charge against his enemy while having pathetically low testosterone levels.

We don’t have the right to re-create that narrative. Take your testosterone health seriously.

Use what the kings used to give your zinc a boost and directly, your testosterone a boost as well.  

Improves Immune System

Nothing will slow you down faster than a poor immune system…

For those who are serious about improving their physical, mental, and emotional health, a poor immune system can be a major stumbling block to otherwise successful progress.

However, those Polyrhachis ants will put the stumbling block on their backs and move it out of the way for you.

This supplement is known to boost a struggling immune system and also helps to maintain an already strong one.

Its combination of zinc and vitamin D is a powerful solution for your immune system.


When you shop around at your local drug store you’ll find zinc tablets or lozenges in the cold and flu aisle.

That’s because zinc lozenges have been proven to reduce the tenure of a cold by as much as 50%.

Vitamin D aids in your immune system’s responses to harmful infections…

Without a steady intake of D vitamins, your body will be more susceptible to both infections and autoimmune disease, in which your body produces antibodies that attack your own healthy tissues…

Basically, your body can self-destruct without vitamin D, making the Polyrhachis ants so beneficial.  

Could you imagine going into battle while not feeling your best?


Ancient warriors couldn’t either.

That’s why they took Polyrhachis ants. You’d be wise to do the same.

Gentlemen, Polyrhachis ants aren’t only for ancient kings, warriors, and champions.

But they’re also for you: the modern day man that fights for your family champions your work in the gym and your vocation and leads others like a king who is confident in his abilities to inspire and advise others well.

Harness the benefits that kings and warriors enjoyed by adding their ancient secret to your life today.

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