The Siberian Testosterone Secret: Rhodiola Dosage For Boosting Testosterone Naturally

The Siberian Testosterone Secret: Rhodiola Dosage For Boosting Testosterone Naturally

Can you think of anything really notable that’s come out of Siberia?


I can’t either.

But according to science, the Siberians have a testosterone boosting secret hiding out over there…

It’s called Rhodiola Rosea.

Rhodiola Rosea, also known as “roseroot” or “arctic root” is a herb that grows in Siberia and northern Asia where the average temperature hovers around 23 °F…

Now that’s a shrub with some hair on its chest!

It’s a tough plant that’ll make your testosterone tough as well.


In fact, herbalists claim that the Rhodiola Rosea is the most beneficial herb for human health that’s been uncovered thus far…

Luckily for us, we don’t have to travel to Siberia’s often sub-freezing temperatures in order to get a piece of Rhodiola Rosea.

This superior supplement is available in powder, liquid and capsule form, and is available just like any of the others that you’ve looked for in the past.

So hey, now you can say you know of something notable that’s come out of Siberia.

But I don’t just want you to know what Rhodiola Rosea is…

I want you to know how a new Rhodiola dosage will naturally boost your testosterone and how to implement it into your diet right away.

Rhodiola and Testosterone

Do you want to know one way to kill your testosterone?

Stress out about something…

When you let your work assignment, upcoming biology exam, or your social media news feed get to you, it’s also getting to your testosterone.

Extended periods of stress will cause your testosterone to plummet, no matter what peak it’s on.

But hear me out…

Your stress hormone itself isn’t always a bad thing for you…

In fact, it comes into play at crucial points in your day.

You need stress hormone when you get under a 300-pound squat bar or when you perform your anabolic running for the week.

You need it for that rare moment when you’re called on to lift a car off of somebody or stop a building from falling over or to fight your city’s rising villain…

I mean, how else do you think guys like Spiderman, Batman, and the Incredible Hulk go about rescuing their comic book universe?

Can you say, cortisol?


But all joking aside, when cortisol is elevated for too long, it kills your testosterone levels.

Think about it like this…

Do you remember the good old days when you played football video games like Madden?

Well, when you called a running play, what did you do once your running back touched the ball?

You hit the speed burst button, right?

But if you held the speed burst button for too long what would happen?

The running back would start to slow down and would eventually run slower than if you hadn’t pressed down on the X button for so long…

The same concept applies to your testosterone when your stress hormone, cortisol is “pressed down.”


Though cortisol has its moments when it’s necessary and beneficial, too much stress and too much cortisol stress release will cause you to become catabolic, and your testosterone will crash.

That’s where Siberia’s secret weapon comes in…

A Rhodiola dosage has been proven to greatly reduce unnecessary stress, and as a result, keeps your cortisol at bay throughout the day.

In fact, there have been 7 peer-reviewed studies showing that a Rhodiola dosage noticeably reduces fatigue, 4 studies testifying to it’s increase in the subject’s mood and well-being, 4 more studies that show how it improves brain health and cognition and 2 additional studies displaying the effects of Rhodiola against muscle damage.

This isn’t simply when you’re on vacation and are prone to relax, either.

Rhodiola Rosea has a stress-relieving effect in the midst of the everyday stressors of life.

As a result of a Rhodiola dosage causing you to chill-out, your testosterone levels will thank you.


Studies (12) have shown that as a result of Rhodiola’s fight against cortisol, your testosterone will naturally increase.

In a study conducted in the year 2000, a group of active men saw a 70% increase in their testosterone levels when taking 2 grams of Rhodiola extract for a month, compared to a placebo group.

Also, this Siberian secret is filled with nutrients (apigening, organic acids, alkaloids, quercetin, and terpenoids) that have been known to naturally boost one’s testosterone health.

So at this point it’s no secret…

Rhodiola Rosea can have major benefits for your testosterone health.

But how do you take it?

Rhodiola Dosage

Rhodiola is most commonly found in powder extract form and its recommended dosage is 300-500mg per day…

Because Rhodiola is a stimulating substance, I recommend that you take your daily supplementation in the morning, rather than at night…

I would recommend the same for any supplement that has a stimulating effect, as little sleep adds to stress and decreases testosterone levels.


Also, keep in mind that Rhodiola has a powerful taste to it, so mixing it with coffee or tea like you could other herbs probably isn’t the best idea…

Unless you want to spoil your morning’s cup of coffee that is.

I recommend taking your 300-500mg Rhodiola dosage with at least a half a cup of water because Rhodiola can make your mouth a little dry.

You can add Rhodiola to your daily nutrition here.

So there you have it.

The Siberian, not-so-secret, anymore.

When you’re considering a supplement to help you de-stress and naturally boost testosterone in the process, look no further than this shrub from Siberia.

It’ll help your body and mind respond to the everyday stresses of life and promote not only testosterone health but your overall well-being also.

– Joe LoGalbo

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