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We Never Intended
To Go To War With The
“Little Blue Pill”...

…But When We Discovered This
Ancient Virility Breakthrough— We Had To Share It With Every Man 50+ Who Wants To Revolutionize His Sex Life

Hi—I’m John Shumate.

I’m 65. My wife’s in her early 40s.

Our sex life is better than ever… but not without a little help.

I’m not ashamed to admit it. I mean…

You probably wanna keep your woman satisfied in the bedroom til you’re six-feet under, right?

Yea, me too. Every man does.

But the reality is… not every man can.

Until maybe now.

Here’s a little back story…

Though my wife’s been faithful all these years…

I was tormented by the thought…

That my sluggish bedroom performance would send her packing...

Searching for another guy her age or younger…

Cheat on me…

Take half my estate…

And I’ll be broke and lonely for the rest of my life.

This Happens Way More Often
Than You Think…

Marriages end for two big reasons… money and sex.

And while I can’t help you with the money thing…

I’ve got something that’s gonna put your bedroom worries to rest.

How can I be so confident?

Well— answer this:

  • Do you believe in science?
  • Do you believe in the power of God’s creation?
  • Do you believe in clinical tests, trials, and proof of REAL results?

If you said yes, then get excited because you’re about to discover…

A Mysterious Men’s Virility Secret
That Will Keep You Going Hard, Long,
And Strong At ANY Age…

Us guys go to great lengths to keep our sex life alive.

Just last year I was researching different options for myself.

It’s insane what’s out there.

At-home d*** shots

Where you stab your “buddy” with a syringe… and inject a cocktail of drugs into it.1

Shock wave therapy

Where a Urologist waves a small wand over your manhood and zaps it until it “wakes up” (hopefully).2

Some guys even resort to surgery

Where a doctor slices you open with a scalpel, inserts a balloon pump, and stitches you together again.3

Millions of men look into these options every year…

And trust me, I get it.

Getting hard is something we’ve been able to do since puberty.

So when it doesn’t “work” anymore or just isn’t as firm as before…

It feels like your youth… hell, your existence is coming to a close.

It’s The One Thing A Man
Should Be Able To Do

That’s why I’m excited to share this men’s virility secret with you.

Because it not only upped my game BIG TIME in the bedroom…

But based on the response during our “time” together…

I know without a shadow of a doubt, she’s fully satisfied… every time.

Plus this secret is 100% natural.

Confirmed by the latest science. And…

Will Put You In An Elite Class Of
Silver Fox Men Who’s Still Got It
Going On Down There.

It doesn’t matter how old you are either.

You might be 65 like me…

But your “hardware” will run like a souped-up engine in a vintage car, baby.

  • Plus you’ll have total command and confidence in the bedroom…
  • Energizer Bunny-like stamina to keep going and going… (and going)
  • And you and your partner are gonna feel closer than ever.
  • She’s gonna look at you… messy hair, outta breath… like “damn, where did that come from?”
  • And this powerful combination of mother nature and science will also help you gain bigger muscles, strength, energy…
  • It’ll boost testosterone and make you feel like a virile king.

More on this exciting breakthrough in a sec.

Now your mind is likely going right to the blue pill and wondering how this could be any better.

Let’s talk about it. First…

Why Are Little Blue Pills Temporary Solutions Instead Of a PERMANENT Solution To Help Your Body “Spring Into Action” By Itself?

Why can’t you get hard without them?

Why do you eventually become dependent and have to use them for the rest of your life?

Here’s why…

Blue pills do in fact hack into the root cause of male “hardware” problems.

Listen, I hate Big Pharma just as much as the next guy…

These guys prey on regular hard-working guys like you and me.

But they got something right.

I mean, think about it…

If blue pills didn’t work… they wouldn’t be a multi-billion-dollar corporation.


These little pill corporations still aren’t playing fair. See…

While the pills do work…

(Not side-effect free mind you. Blurred vision, ringing ears, chest pain, fainting, headaches, nausea, and the potential of heart attack, stroke, sudden death.)4

They’re intentionally designed to work for a short moment.

4 hours max.

That’s how they keep you trapped in a revolving

Because it’s not actually helping your body achieve “erection self-mastery”...

It’s just making you dependent on their pill. So it’s just a bandaid.

But get this...

Thanks to the new science behind HOW pharma’s boner pills work…

There’s A Brand New Way For You To Target The Root Cause Of Bedroom Problems…


Yep, tapping into their billions of dollars of research and technology and using it for GOOD.

So the “every man” like you and me can enjoy:

  • LASTING results…
  • Results that are powerful and natural…
  • So you’re “ready to go” anytime, anywhere and your “buddy” will be RELIABLE.
  • You won’t need to have embarrassing conversations with your doctor or make awkward visits to the pharmacy either.

Leave that to the duds who lost their edge…

And have bowed the knee to greedy Pharma companies.

That’s not you, my friend.

Here’s How “Blue Pills” REALLY WORK
And Why You’ll NEVER Have To Consider Them After Today...

Until recently, doctors thought those pills just boosted blood flow...

And that was their mechanism of action.


Little blue pills go one notch deeper.

They get you hard by triggering your NERVOUS SYSTEM.5 6

New Studies Reveal It’s Your
Nervous System That Decides When
And How Quickly You Get Hard And
In The Mood…

Researchers from Boston University School of Sexual Medicine say:

An erection is a carefully orchestrated series of events controlled by the central nervous system.

We know that the penis is under complete control of the CNS, both during sexual arousal and at rest.”

Doctors from the United States Department of Veteran Affairs published this in 2021:

Male sexual response is controlled by a series of nervous system mediated actions that regulate libido, motivation, arousal and genital responses such as penile erection and ejaculation.

These neural events… involve different neurophysiological, neurochemical, and neuropsychological parameters controlled by central mechanisms… and the peripheral nervous system. 8

Doctors from a top research institute in Italy say:

Each phase of the human sexual cycle involves neural structures ranging from the cerebral cortex to the peripheral nerves.

Sexual desire, arousal, and orgasm are mediated by complex… interactions of the somatic and autonomic nervous systems.” 9

I can share a lot more studies, but you get the point.

Your nervous system is a key player in sexual health and function.

And when I did some digging I found that the majority of these blue pills…

Supercharge Nervous System Activity By 167%...10

Resulting in harder, stronger erections.

Now— a “jolt” like that to your nervous system isn’t natural.

Which explains why little blue pills come with a long warning label and some nasty side-effects.

It’s kind of like revving an engine…

You push the pedal to the floor too long…

And it can do some damage.

Which explains why some guys get headaches, heartburn, dizziness, blurred vision…

Some even get heart attacks or strokes.

No surprise when their nervous system is overheating.

It also explains why the pills only last a few hours.

They overstimulate the nervous system…11

Eventually the system “crashes”.

By the time you’ve finished making love you're stuck with the same problem as before.

You can’t get hard on your own.

The good news is…

There’s A New Way To Safely & Powerfully Turbocharge Your Nervous System… Without Redlining It To Death.

Which means you can get hard reliably… and virtually every time.

You won’t have to revolve your sex life around a pill.

Basically— you can enjoy sizzling spontaneous sex.

And best of all— perform like an absolute Champion in the bedroom (or wherever the spontaneity takes you)

Sex is something we should be enjoying our entire life.

God gave men a much longer “fertility window” than women…

Meaning you can be in your 50s, 60s, 70s+

And you should still be able to get it up… and ENJOY it.

Anything less and you’re not living to your fullest potential.

And because it’s God’s will for us men to be fruitful and multiply in marriage…

Don’t You Think There’s Specific Ingredients Designed In Nature That Can Help?

I mean, there’s beta carotene in carrots to help with eyesight.

Omega-3s in walnuts to help with brain health.

So why would sexual support be any different?

Well, it’s not.

But there’s an obvious difference between “God’s way” and “Big Pharma’s way” (surprise, surprise)

Big Pharma’s pills SHOCK your nervous system into action…

Using lab-cooked ingredients not recognized by the human body.

“God’s ingredients” PRIME your nervous system for action NATURALLY.

Resulting in safer, longer, more reliable results.

Here’s a quick analogy on how these ingredients
work to prime your nervous system…

Ever Use A Weed Wacker?

When the engine of a weed wacker is “cold”...

It won’t start. Period.

You gotta PRIME it first.

You prime a weed wacker by pressing the primer bulb by the engine…

Which pushes fuel to the carburetor…

Then when you pull the starter cord…

The mixture of air and fuel collides and combusts…

Starting the engine.

After that the engine takes over. No more priming needed.

In the same way…

You Must “Prime” Your Nervous System
To Get And Stay Hard…

If you don’t, you’re like a cold engine…

No chance to start (or finish, duh).

But after you “prime” your nervous system…

A simple jerk of the chain is all it takes to get revved-up…

And you’re off to work like a well-oiled machine.

You’ll be rock hard, reliable, and that feeling of satisfaction won’t be leaving anytime soon.

Here’s what else you might like about this new virility breakthrough:

  • These ingredients also turbocharge testosterone
  • Engorges your member with blood increasing sensitivity and maximizing your natural size…
  • Boosts your vigor and vitality
  • Calms stress and nerves so you get in the right headspace, let loose, and have fun!

So ya, this is gonna rock her world and yours. I mean…

You Wanna Feel Powerful, Strong, And Chalk Up Tonight As One Of Those “Whew! You Wore Me Out” Kind Of Nights, Right?

Of course you do!

What guy doesn’t?

I’ve got virtues, morals and I bet you do too…

But damn, what guy doesn’t want to make his woman scream till 90, am I right?

That’s why it’s crucial to prime your nervous system.

Start NOW and do it the RIGHT way. The natural way.

Lucky for you it’s only gonna take a fraction of the time it took me.

See— after I stumbled on this connection…

I started researching natural ways to “prime it up.”

Something I could do in private…

Something simple…


Most importantly, something that WORKS.

I’ll admit I’m stubborn as an old dog learning new tricks.

But keeping an open mind brought me this far, so…

Let’s Start With The Ultimate
“Prime Your Pump” Ingredient

An herb called Damiana…

Think of this ingredient like the foundation of a house.

All the other ingredients are built on this one key herb.

Damiana is known in traditional South American medicine as a “nervous system tonic”.12

It’s also one of nature's most powerful aphrodisiacs…13

It works so well - Brazilian women mix it with tequila to make “love potions” for their husbands.14

How does it help you get it up?

Damiana PRIMES your nervous system. 15 16

In fact… a study published in the National Library of Medicine…

Found it may be one of the best traditional herbs to prime the nervous system and boost sexual function…

Because it’s rich in compounds that keep the nervous system on “auto-pilot”...

Meaning it’s active at all times… but doesn’t “overheat”...

So your libido is ready at a moment’s notice.

A study from a top medical university in Mexico City…

Even suggests damiana can help men who were once sexually “sluggish”…

Reclaim their excitement, frequency, and vigor in the bedroom.19

It works crazy on women too.

If your wife took damiana she'd probably jump your bones daily.

Ever hear of Ghengis Khan?

This guy is an absolute legend.

He was the emperor of the Mongolian dynasty…

At 70 years old, despite all the stress he was under, the man would satisfy thousands of women with the help of aphrodisiacs like damiana.

He was so virile…

To this day it’s estimated 1 in every 6 people who live in China came from his bloodline.

If he can do it, you can too.

(I mean, life can be stressful but you’re not leading an entire country are you?)

One thing I love about aphrodisiacs like damiana is that when consumed daily…

You gain this almost “around-the-clock” sex drive.

Not that it’s on your mind 24/7 like a horny 9th grader.

But when she rubs your arm, gives you those eyes, or whatever, you’re ready to go, brain and body, my friend.20 21 22

Now, damiana is incredibly powerful on its own.

But answer this…

If You Were In A Street Fight—
Would You Wanna Fight Solo Or
Have 8 Other Buff Dudes Backing You Up?

The more help the better, right?

That’s why I’m not a fan of those supplements that are just one ingredient.

Because one can’t “do it all”.

Especially when it comes to having a satisfying sex life.

These Remaining Herbs Will Crank Your Performance To Level 10

I had to keep an open mind because instinctually I didn’t believe what I read initially…

But the science and research eliminated my inner skeptic…

And boy am I glad it did or I would have missed out on a HOME RUN for my love life.

The next ingredient is called Muira Puama.

Tribes would scrape Muira Puama off trees in the Amazon…

Crush it and mix it in warm water to help give them erections. 23 24

Not only does Muira Puama strengthen the nervous system…25

But also increases nitric oxide production.

This helps give you that thick, full feeling, which increases sensitivity/pleasure…

And let’s be real…

It's Much More Exciting When You Feel Large And In Charge, Right?

The next ingredient is called Catuaba.

Another “Amazon Rainforest” herb.

Supposedly there’s a “blessed” group of tribesmen in the rainforest called

The "Elephant Men of the Jungle"26

No— they didn’t get the nickname because they had trunks swinging from their nose.

This Amazon Herb was a staple in their diet.

I never heard of it before.

Like you probably, I thought it was complete bull.

Then a publication surfaced in the National Library of Medicine that Catuaba is an herbal aid for the nervous system and helps combat ED.27

And while Muira Puama helps to get blood flow “down there”...

Catuaba helps keep it there…28

Resulting In So Much Staying Power
She Might Hang A Gold Medal Around Your Neck After Your Performance.

These three herbs will be absolute game-changers for your love life.

    Sex Drive


    Staying Power

We believe we’ve stumbled on the world’s most powerful
performance boosting formula on the planet…

And worked tirelessly for the past year to finally bring you…

Anabolic Prime

The ultimate performance enhancer for guys over 50…

And we want to send you FREE BOTTLES today.

You can have the bottles in your kitchen cabinet in as little as a few days from now…

And kick your sex life into another gear.

Now before I share how to get your FREE bottles…

We added five more critical ingredients to enhance your performance even more.

While damiana, muira puama, and catuaba will transform your sex life…

We don’t stop until something is absolutely damn PERFECT.

That’s why we also included:

  • Asian Ginseng

    Which helps to combat stress…29 30 31

    So you can perform in bed no matter what kind of day you had or what’s on your mind.

    It’s also a fantastic natural testosterone booster to give you an extra surge of virility. 32 33

  • Epimedium

    Which combats a “limpness enzyme” known as PDE-5.

    PDE-5 is like a dam that blocks blood flow “downstream”... so if it’s present, your erections won’t get as hard as they could otherwise. But…

    Epimedium curbs PDE-5 to help ensure that extra hardness.34 35

  • Tribulus

    Which switches on the “pleasure sensors” in your manhood to give you more enjoyment.36

  • Vitamin E

    Which I call the “orgasm vitamin” because it helps to maximize pleasure during the big finish…

    It also helps boost semen volume.37 38

With The 8 Ingredients Inside
Anabolic Prime Your Sex Life Might Just Blast Off Into Another Stratosphere…


I never wanted to be the face of a “virility pill”...

Especially because there’s so much bullsh*t out there…

But this works.

And it makes complete sense as to how it works.

These ingredients powerfully work together to:

  • Not only Prime your nervous system…
  • But Keep your nervous system primed so you’re ready to go anytime, anywhere…
  • Supercharge blood flow…
  • Trap blood in your “member” for max staying power…
  • Crank up the pleasure…
  • And top off the experience with a GRAND FINALE…

It doesn’t get any better than that.

Anabolic Prime is the easiest way to get all 8 ingredients in one place…

Simply take 2 easy to swallow capsules religiously, once per day…

Chase it with a glass of water…

And begin to recapture your God-given virility…

Right Now We Want To Hook You Up
With Some FREE Bottles…

We call this our “Good-Better-Best” opportunity.

Any choice you go with rocks…

But some will earn you more savings than others… so choose the option best for your wallet.

Keep this in mind…

We Don’t Know When Anabolic Prime
Will Be Available Again…

So that’s why I suggest grabbing as many bottles as you can right now.

You can do it risk-free too with our “pay for performance” 365 day satisfaction guarantee.

Meaning you only pay if you’re 100% satisfied (and she is too)

Choose The Best Anabolic Prime Package That Meets Your Goals

After you place your order…

Your bottles will arrive in a discreet white package
in 5-7 days (for U.S. customers)...

And 10-14 days for international customers.

The 6 bottle option + 3 free bottles will give you 9 months of “blow-her-hair-back” performance in bed…

Which comes out to just $1.04 per day…

Which is less than the cheapest cup of black coffee money can buy.

Imagine her doe-eyes looking up at you in shock when she realizes that… you’re back, baby!

That’s priceless, wouldn’t you agree?

Not to mention the months or years of fun you’ll have thanks to Anabolic Prime.

But again…

This Might Be The Last Time We Ever
Open This Page…

This is a little test run for us.

The formula itself is amazing.

We guarantee it’s gonna work for you.

We’ve put our money where our mouth is with our satisfaction guarantee.

But we never intended to release a formula like this.

We love teaching about building muscle and losing fat for guys in our age bracket.

It’s just— this formula works so well that we couldn’t keep it a secret anymore.

But because this is a test run…

We Have A Limited Batch Available…

So grab the most you can right now.

There’s no risk when you order…

Because we stamp each order with a full year money back guarantee.

Better Sex Or It’s Free
Money Back Guarantee

We’re so confident in this formula that we offer a
365-day 100% money back guarantee.

Meaning if you don’t feel the difference after using Anabolic Prime daily…

Just send us an email to let us know and we’ll give you a full refund…

Even if you’ve gotten down to the last serving of your last bottle.

You won’t have to fill out any paperwork. Sit on the phone.
Or argue your case.

It rejuvenates your sex life or you don’t pay.

With that said…

Men have used these exact ingredients for centuries…

To keep their vigor at full force regardless of age…

The only way you can lose is if you pass on this limited time opportunity…

Or if you wait too long today and we sell out…

So grab the bundle of Anabolic Prime that best works with your wallet.

As A Valued Live Anabolic Customer
You Can Be That Guy Whose Sex Life Makes Everyone Jealous…

And take it from a guy who feels like he’s standing on top of the mountain.

It’s a hell of a lot of fun.

So, that’s all from me, my friend.

What happens next is up to you.

You have nothing to lose with our 365-day 100% money back guarantee…

And the best sex of your life to gain.

No brainer, wouldn’t you say?

John Shumate

Frequently Asked Questions

Who is Anabolic Prime for?

Anabolic Prime is for men who’ve noticed unwanted changes in the bedroom.

Whether that means lowered sex drive, a difficult time getting and/or maintaining hardness, or less pleasure and satisfaction.

A lot of “experts” try to dumb down sexual health and performance to testosterone or circulation problems. And while those do have an impact, that’s too simplistic.

Your sexual health is controlled by your nervous system first and foremost. That means when you support your nervous system, everything else will fall into place.

The ingredients inside Anabolic Prime are natural herbs and vitamins that’ve been used for thousands of years to help improve nervous system health which has a ripple effect on sexual health and performance.

What’s the difference between Anabolic Prime and other male performance boosters?

There’s a lot of junk in the “male performance” industry. That’s why we were gun shy about releasing Anabolic Prime.

We didn’t want to be lumped in with d*** pill companies because the industry has a bad rap (and for good reason). However…

After discovering the real root cause of bedroom problems… and how it has to do with your nervous system…

And after we discovered the powerful ancient ingredients inside our formula… we had to get this to you.

How do I use it?

All you have to do is take two capsules per day with a glass of water and let the ingredients do the rest.

This is NOT a “little blue pill”. It’s much better than that.

When you take a little blue pill, the ingredients are only active for a few hours and you have to revolve your sex life around when you take it.

But when you take Anabolic Prime daily you can expect the ingredients to support your sexual health throughout the day so you can be spontaneous and have more fun.

The ingredients work best when consumed daily (all of the studies show this).

So plan to make Anabolic Prime a part of your daily routine whether you take it first thing in the morning or before bed.

How long will it take to see results?

Results may vary.

Some men notice a difference within a few hours. Others within a few days. For some, it may even take a few weeks. It all depends on how much help your body needs.

Studies show the ingredients inside Anabolic Prime work best when taken for at least 30-days or longer… which is one reason we recommend stocking up on as many bottles as possible today.

How long will this be available?

Not long.

We’re only offering it for a limited time to our valued Live Anabolic customers.

We honestly aren’t sure when you’ll be able to get this formula again.

So that’s another reason to stock up on as many bottles as possible today.

Is there a guarantee?

Yes. What we think is one of the best guarantees in the business.

When stocking up on bottles of Anabolic Prime, each supply is backed by our “Better sex or it’s free” money back guarantee.

If for any reason our formula doesn’t make a noticeable difference…

Just email our customer service team and let us know and we’ll send every penny back to cover the bottles.

When will my order arrive?

Expect these bottles to arrive in the mail between 5-10 business days from now.

And if outside the United States… Please allow 14 days for the order to arrive.

How do I order Anabolic Prime?

Simple. Just select the amount of bottles you’d like us to send you.

I recommend you choose the “BEST” deal on this page.

Then, click the “Add To Cart” button and complete the secure checkout form on the following page.

After that your bottles of Anabolic Prime will arrive 5-10 business days from now.

Go ahead and do that now while this limited-time opportunity is available and while we still have bottles in stock.

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