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“I feel strong and I have more energy.”

"I'm a 60-year-old man that in the last 10 months lost over 60 lbs. I felt really good about myself but when I looked myself in the mirror I noticed I looked skinny and weak. During my stretch of losing weight, I also lost some muscle. So, I decided to join a health club and start lifting weights. I struggled tremendously. I was lifting very little weight and the most I could work out was for only 20 minutes. I was sore and tired. I was discouraged and had no desire to continue weightlifting. Not wanting to quit I looked for a tool that will help me with my weightlifting journey. So I was told by many to try taking ANABOLIC RELOAD as a supplement. Since being on ANABOLIC RELOAD supplement I have increased the weight I have been lifting substantially and also my weightlifting duration went from 20 minutes to over 1 hour. I feel stronger and I have more energy. ANABOLIC RELOAD has been a blessing for me. I am now looking forward to my weightlifting workouts, Thank you ANABOLIC RELOAD for getting me pumped up."

Manny L. 61 (verified customer)

"I Feel As If I Have Gone From 44 To 19..."

"Now that I have added Anabolic Reload, I feel as if I have gone from 44 to 19. I have noticed a large sex drive increase. I have also noticed additional energy versus what I have experienced in the past. Another attribute that I wasn’t expecting is better sleep. I am waking up more rested of late where I use to consistently wake up in the middle of the night and hit the morning tired. A lot of times when you take a supplement it can be hit or miss. Not the case with Anabolic Reload. The effects were fast and have been sustained. I’m excited to see the results that come over time from this product."

Brandon M. 44 (verified customer)

“More Energy And ‘Morning Wood’ Almost Instantly!”

"I noticed results from Anabolic Reload almost immediately. Mainly with my energy at work and in the gym. And even more so with "morning wood." Here's what I mean. In the past, if I ate sweets before bed (I have a horrible sweet tooth), I NEVER woke up with morning wood the next day. But since taking Anabolic Reload, I wake up with morning wood more often than not, no matter what I eat before bed. I'm not saying I'm going to keep eating this way because I know I shouldn't. But it's nice to know that if I do, Anabolic Reload is there to catch me when I fall."

James L. 30 (verified customer)

“"I have so much energy my dog can't even keep up..."”

"I didn't change my diet or anything when starting with Anabolic Reload. I wanted to make sure the results were real and nothing else could take credit. I really noticed the effects after day 3. I'm a carpenter and even after a full day of work I have tons of energy. I get more done at the house. And I've been going on trail hikes with my Border Collie morning and night and for the first time he can't keep up with me. Anabolic Reload is a winner."

Tony G. 63 (verified customer)

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How many bottles should I order?

A: The one bottle option will get you started for 30 days...

The 3 bottle option will boost your energy and performance. And you’ll start feeling like a new man with a whole lot of vigor and drive for life*...

And the 6 bottle option will maximize your T levels, burn fat effortlessly around the clock, and build lean muscle faster... safely, naturally and side effect free.*

Q: Does Anabolic Reload really boost free testosterone levels?

A: Simply put. YES.

Anabolic Reload isn’t just the newest testosterone booster designed for men — it’s also the most bioavailable*...

Making it the strongest formula that’s backed by REAL science.*

Including new research from Harvard, Johns Hopkins University and one of the top Integrative Medicine Clinics in the United States to help protect and boost your testosterone— while burning fat, building lean muscle and increasing your energy levels and performance...*

And it works fast thanks to the unique nutrient delivery and absorption system included in Anabolic Reload.*

Q: How do I use Anabolic Reload?

A: Simply take 2 capsules in the morning and you’re good to go for the rest of the day.

Q: What makes Anabolic Reload the best testosterone enhancement supplement for men compared to the others?

A: The powerful ingredients in Anabolic Reload have been clinically tested on men 30-75 and with different body types, activity levels, and lifestyles.*

Supplement companies who cut corners base their claims off rodent and petr-dished studies that would never work for a grown man...*

This is unethical, misleading and could cause issues with your body.*

Human research costs more, takes longer and requires more qualified methods for testing...*

But it’s also the only way you can be sure the ingredients on the label really work.* And that’s why our team at Live Anabolic goes above and beyond the industry standard.*

Q: What’s the difference between free testosterone and total testosterone— and how does Anabolic Reload BOOST Free Testosterone?

A: There are two types of testosterone in your body— free testosterone and total testosterone.

Total testosterone is the amount of testosterone being produced by your body overall…

Free testosterone is the available testosterone your body can actually USE.

Free testosterone is the most important of the two.*

It’s free testosterone that gives you the feeling of being young and alive.*

But new research shows there’s a sneaky protein made in your liver...

That literally attaches to 98% of your total testosterone molecules and traps them… so your body can’t use those testosterone molecules at all.*

Meaning only 2% of the actual testosterone your body produces is being used.*

So imagine how great you will feel…

When you free even just 2% more of the testosterone that’s locked up right now. The biological benefits are HUGE*

How much better will you perform with your workouts*...

How much easier will it be to get rid of your belly and build lean muscle*…

And have the energy to go all night long when you DOUBLE your useable testosterone.*

It’s a complete game changer. And the ingredients inside of Anabolic Reload go to work to free your testosterone molecules from the testosterone binding protein and increase your free (usable) testosterone while also boosting your levels.*

Q: What ingredients are in Anabolic Reload, and why do they work so well?

A: Anabolic Reload contains 6 science-backed ingredients…

That are safe, natural… and clinically-supported to boost your Free testosterone.* The ingredients are…

FUROSAP — 250 mg

There’s an anabolic super-herb called Fenugreek. That helps boost free testosterone levels.*

However— we didn’t want to give you plain old fenugreek...
Which is why we found a local company here in the United States... with an innovative technology...

That extracts the #1 active anabolic ingredient inside fenugreek called protodioscin to increase its absorption*

So you can experience fenugreek’s test-boosting benefits— almost immediately.*

Which results in tons of energy... vigor... and a boost in your free testosterone.*

The innovators call this new potent formula— Furosap.

It’s Like Fenugreek “On Steroids” But Completely Safe And Natural*
And backed by incredible research.

A study published in the International Journal of Medical Sciences...
Tok 50 male volunteers who were given Furosap for 12 weeks.

The men were aged 35 to 65 years old. And the results showed...

Men who consumed Furosap increased free testosterone by a whopping 46% in 90% of men in the study.*

Meaning 45 of the 50 men taking Furosap got a nice boost in free testosterone.*

Doctors also noted these men gained more mental alertness and improved their mood and sex-drive* 

Another recent study published in Functional Foods In Health and Disease…

Measured the effects of Furosap in a double-blind, placebo-controlled clinical study of 40 men over 12 weeks...

And here are the results taken directly from the report…

“Furosap Significantly Increases Lean Body Mass And Fat Free Mass”* 

Additionally, Furosap-treated subjects elevated serum testosterone levels and improved blood flow*.

The researchers noted— “Given the improvements of lean body mass and serum total testosterone following intervention with Furosap, Furosap likely has benefits for exercise endurance and sports medicine.”*

So if you want to up your game in the gym…

Build muscle easier and get lean...

Or you want more energy and motivation to feel great throughout the day and get more done...

This ingredient will be a game-changer for you*.

Now here’s where this testosterone breakthrough gets even better. Along with our cutting-edge Furosap, you also get a powerful combination of anabolic herbs...

Withania Somnifera (KSM-66
Ashwagandha Root Extract) — 400 mg

New research shows this ancient herb…

Used in Eastern Medicine to promote youthful vigor, enhance muscle strength and endurance and boost testosterone levels 17%*…

And get this…

I’ve found a way to get your hands on the highest concentrated and most bioavailable form of withania somnifera.
Which took 14 years to develop…

And is now the FASTEST absorbed withania somnifera on the planet.*

This anabolic herb was tested and published in the American Journal of Men’s Health with some amazing results*…

In a 16-week double-blind, placebo-controlled, cross-over study— which is the gold standard of reliable research…

Scientists tested the effects of withania somnifera on fatigue, vigor, and hormones in overweight men aged 40-70 with mild fatigue.*
Half the group was given a placebo…

The other half was given withania somnifera.

And after 16 weeks… the group taking withania somnifera boosted their testosterone almost 20%*...

And the participants reported more energy... increased sex-drive... and overall improvements in mood and well-being.*

And there were ZERO side effects.

Forskolin Root Extract — 250 MG

Next is another anabolic herb called Forskolin.

Which Is The Ultimate Free Testosterone Boosting Herb*...

This all-natural tropical herb…

Has been tested in the trenches for thousands of years...

And is shown to boost free testosterone levels in overweight and obese men by 34%.* 

So you don’t have to be in good shape…

Or even exercise if you don’t want to... and you’ll still enjoy a boost in your male youth hormones.*

Here’s how the experiment went down...

30 overweight and obese men were given a forskolin supplement... or a placebo for 12 weeks…

And may I remind you there were NO changes to their diet...

Nor did they exercise.

And after the 12 weeks…

The out of shape men who consumed the forskolin supplement had a Significant Decline In Body Fat Percentage.* Lean muscle mass increased. As did free testosterone.* 

There were no negative side effects either.*

So this natural boost in testosterone is safe… and you can rest easy with the peace of mind these ingredients support your manhood without the risky side-effects from other treatments.*

Vitamin D — 600 IU

According to the Journal of Clinical Endocrinology and Metabolism… 75% of American men are deficient in Vitamin D.* 

So it’s no surprise as to why low testosterone is at a record high.

Vitamin D is shown in the studies to boost free testosterone*…

And get this…

Men who don’t get enough of vitamin D are more likely to be overweight or obese.*

So if you’re struggling with belly fat that won’t go away no matter what you try...

Or you pile on weight easily...

Chances are you want this key nutrient.*


A powerful mineral that boosts your free testosterone and increases your lean muscle*… and even supports joint health*… all are great benefits for guys our age. 

Now before you go buy some generic vitamin supplement... which is a huge waste of money...

Getting more vitamin d and boron is a fraction of the answer.

Your Body Needs To Quickly Absorb These Nutrients Before They Get Burnt Up In Your Digestive Tract*...

So I want to introduce you to the final and maybe most important ingredient…

Bioperine Black Pepper Fruit Extract — 10 MG

Bioperine Black Pepper Fruit Extract is a special delivery mechanism*…

That you combine with the anabolic herbs, vitamins and minerals in Anabolic Reload… to turbocharge their effectiveness and give you a big boost in your testosterone.*

Not just on your lab work*...

But you’ll FEEL the surge of energy rushing throughout your entire body fast*...

You’ll finally melt belly fat*…

Pack on lean muscle and get stronger in your workouts*...

Skyrocket your sex-drive and enjoy piston-like stamina to go all night long.*

And it only gets better from there…

Because these benefits compound over time*...

For an even greater boost in male performance weeks and months from now.*

As you can see...

The real magic happens when these ingredients get into your bloodstream fast.*

Which is why…

Myself and team have bent over backwards to find a way to add this quick delivery absorption system to Anabolic Reload. 

To acts as a shield around each ingredient*…

To increase the delivery and absorption of these herbs, vitamins and minerals for maximum effect.*

Plus— Bioperine awakens their active ingredients and makes them more bioavailable in your body for an even greater effect.* 

So you get the most out of each test-boosting ingredient.*

It’s this combination of ingredients that lower the testosterone trapping protein SHBG*...

And increase your free testosterone levels safely, naturally and effectively.*

To give you a boost in male hormones that will turn fat into muscle*...

Have you feeling like a piston in the bedroom*...

And boost your energy and performance so you can show up the young bucks at the gym and at work.*

Q: How long before I see results?

A: Results will vary because no two people are the same…

But the typical reports from people using Anabolic Reload is more energy, stamina, and a boost in performance within the first few days.*

And the results only get better from there.

Because like I mentioned earlier— the longer you take Anabolic Reload, the more noticeable results you’ll experience.*

Every human study with our science-backed ingredients— lasted for at least 12 weeks.

Meaning— the men in these science-backed studies took these ingredients for at least 3 months and saw amazing results.*

Like a boost in free testosterone, more lean muscle mass, and effortless fat loss without diet or exercise.*

And it’s for that reason…

Myself and team made it a priority to get each bottle down to the lowest deal possible when you order 3 or 6 bottles of Anabolic Reload today.

Smart men buy more…

Especially while we are still in stock and giving this supply away for a massive discount and free shipping on this page only.

Q: How long do I need to take Anabolic Reload?

A: We recommend you take Anabolic Reload as long as you want to lower body fat, increase your lean muscle, and boost your sex-drive and performance around the clock.*

Anabolic Reload boosts your free testosterone production*…

Which is the most usable form of testosterone in your body and leads to noticeable changes almost immediately*...

So you can experience all the perks reserved for men with high testosterone.*

It’s simple to use. You do not need to cycle on or off of Anabolic Reload.* There will be no side effects when stopping use of Anabolic Reload.*

Q: I’m under 30 — is it worth taking Anabolic Reload?

A: Absolutely. If you're a man above the age of 24, taking Anabolic Reload is a smart decision...*

Testosterone levels are plummeting faster than ever in younger generations...

Meaning even if you're in your 20's, your testosterone levels might not be as high as they should be - leading to feminizing effects like man boobs, less muscle, stubborn body fat, and a sluggish sex-drive.

Q: Is Anabolic Reload dangerous or a drug?

A: No. Anabolic Reload is made with safe ingredients.*

Every ingredient is legal, natural and backed by real science.

Anabolic Reload is not a prohormone... and it's definitely not a steroid.

It simply forces your body to increase your free testosterone.* — which is the most usable testosterone in your body...

Responsible for effortlessly decreasing body fat, sculpting lean muscle, and boosting your sex-drive around the clock. *

Q: How long will it take for Anabolic Reload be shipped to me?

A: We will ship your bottles of Anabolic Reload in a discreet package directly to your front door usually within 24 hours after you order.

North American customers can expect their orders within 2-5 business days.

Simply choose your supply of Anabolic Reload above...

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And you’ll receive your bottles of Anabolic Reload in the mail in 2-5 days.

Q: Will anything else be sent to me, or billed to me after I order?

A: No. This is NOT an auto-ship program.

You only get shipped what you order today and nothing more...

Which is why we recommend taking advantage of today’s special discount on the 3 or 6 bottle option while supplies last...

Because we don’t know how much longer this limited-time offer will be available.

Q: Is there a money back guarantee?

A: Yes— and it’s an ironclad 365 day 100% money back guarantee.

That means if after you order your supply of Anabolic Reload today... you have a full YEAR to decide if it’s for you.

And if for whatever reason you decide it’s not…

Even if you order all 6 bottles and there’s not a single capsule left by the time you’re done...

Simply send us an email... and we’ll give you a full refund. No hassles. No hoops to jump through. You won’t even have to return the bottles.

But if you’re like any of the other men who already take Anabolic Reload... you’ll be pumped by the results you see in the mirror and in your everyday life.

And you’ll wonder how you ever made it a day without this ultimate male support system.

Choose The 3 or 6 Bottle Option

(Or Whatever Works Best For You)
To Boost Your Free Testosterone Safely & Naturally

365 Money back Guarantee



*These statements in this video have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. The information in this document is by no way intended as medical advice or as a substitute for medical counselling. Consult your physician before following any information presented in this video presentation. The product recommended and information presented are not intended to treat, diagnose, cure, or prevent any disease.


(22) Naghii, Mohammad Reza, Mahmoud Mofid, Ali Reza Asgari, Mehdi Hedayati, and Maryam-Saddat Daneshpour. "Comparative effects of daily and weekly boron supplementation on plasma steroid hormones and proinflammatory cytokines." Journal of Trace Elements in Medicine and Biology 25, no. 1 (2011): 54-58.