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  • New study finds a key ingredient in TestoReds MAX may increase free testosterone up to an additional 582% after 6 months1 (which is why we highly recommend the 6 month bundle below)...
  • TestoReds MAX contains
    carefully-selected premium fruits to
    boost male libido and combat erectile dysfunction…2
  • Trademarked ingredients like
    VitaCherry® Sport to calm inflammation and help aid in faster muscle recovery for active men…3
  • Bioperine®— a powerful ingredient that enhances the absorption of each
    vital nutrient
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  • More testosterone, better sex, lots of energy, less soreness, the list goes on
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What Makes TestoReds MAX
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TestoGreens MAX?

TestoGreen Max


img img
  • img Turbocharge testosterone levels with the newest men’s health powerhouse ingredient Tesnor®
  • img Flush man-boob causing estrogen from your system with our clinically supported dosage of DIM
  • imgGet in your daily serving of energy- boosting, immunity-reinforcing greens like cauliflower, broccoli, spirulina, spinach, wheat grass, and more!

TestoRed Max

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img img
  • img Boost free testosterone levels up to an additional 582% after 6 months
  • img Calm testosterone-crushing inflammation and recover faster from daily activities with VitaCherry® inside TestoReds MAX
  • imgGet in your daily serving of energy- boosting and performance-surging “reds” like organic blueberry, organic tomato, cranberry, raspberry, grapefruit, elderberry and more!

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  • Inside this guide you’ll get the exact schedule of when to take TestoReds MAX for the BEST results…
  • You’ll also discover how to stack TestoGreens MAX and TestoReds MAX to turbocharge your testosterone boosting results starting on day one!
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  • You had no idea how much fruit can boost your sex life. Inside this guide you’ll uncover the BEST fruits for your bedroom performance… (you can ALL of these fruits inside TestoReds MAX… but it won’t hurt to add some extra throughout your day if you want to)
  • What’s the #1 fruit to enhance blood flow to your member and have you wake up with morning wood? See the science and the serving size on page 11
  • The Royal Fruit given to ancient Rulers and Kings that raises male hormone levels and multiplies sperm count… You’ll spot this age-old Superfood and its exact study published in The Journal of Nutrition on page 25.
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  • The two “Super Fats” published by the U.S. National Library of Medicine and once consumed in Ancient Greece that bump-up testosterone production by 20% in only 14-days… page 17-19
  • A brand new study published in the International Journal of Sport Nutrition and Exercise Metabolism reveals the exact amount of coffee you should drink everyday to spike testosterone levels… WARNING: Drink too much and you’ll kill your t-levels. I’ll give you the exact amount on page 52
  • 5 estrogen-lowering foods to help fight hormonal imbalances that cause man-boobs, potbellies, and other feminizing features on men along with erectile dysfunction, fatigue, and mood swings… beat high estrogen levels for good with the foods on pages 47-51
  • The #1 t-boosting beverage you can find at any local grocery store scientifically proven by the Society of Endocrinology to jump your master male hormone 24% in 2 weeks... Have high blood pressure? This one drink will help your return to lower, healthier numbers.
  • How a “half-shot” of this one Russian alcoholic-beverage post workout boosts testosterone levels a whopping 100%! Just promise me you won’t drink this until you’re home from the gym… I’ll show you the exact study published in the medical journal, Medicine and Science in Sports and Exercise on page 71.
  • The pre-bed mineral trifecta that recharges testosterone overnight. How to fight erectile dysfunction with one “earthy food”. Why celery is your new favorite t-booster. How eating more potatoes will make you more manly.
    And so much more!

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