4 Manhood Killing Androgen Blockers You Use Everyday

4 Manhood Killing Androgen Blockers You Use Everyday

You work hard to boost your testosterone.

That’s why you’re here, at least.

As a friend in your natural testosterone-boosting journey, I want to warn you of something before it’s too late…

You have some quiet testosterone killers in your house.

Notice that I didn’t say you probably have these secret assassins living with you. I didn’t say someof you have them in your house while others don’t.

No. All of you have manhood killing androgen blockers in your house, and you use them every day.

This is serious business…


But before I uncover these common androgen blockers for you, it’s important for you to know what androgen is and the role it plays in your body.

Basically, an androgen is any hormone that causes you to act more like a man.

There are two types of them, anabolic and virilizing.

Anabolic androgens are concerned with inward physical processes such as muscle mass, bone growth, and how protein is used throughout your body.

Virilizing is concerned with more outward factors such as the development of your male sex organs, your beard and body hair, and the depth of your voice.

Seems important to your manhood, doesn’t it?

Yeah, I thought so too.

Androgens have an all-encompassing effect on your testosterone.

You don’t want to be androgen-blocked. You want them to be free and active in your body.  

That’s why it’s important for you to pay close attention to this list and keep away from theandrogen blockers that you’ve been using every day.

If you do have some in your house, put them in a garbage bag, or give them away to a friend. The next and last time you’re allowed to touch them is when you’re getting out of touch with them.



Okay, don’t freak out.

Not all shampoo is bad for your testosterone health.

Most of it is though.

Many shampoos today contain what are called parabens.

Parabens can have a disastrous effect on your testosterone levels.

This study shows that parabens often used in shampoos exert a weak estrogenic activity. This weak estrogenic activity actually creates major problems for your testosterone.

It lowers your T-count drastically, lowers your sperm count and also messes with your male reproductive organs…

Needless to say, parabens go too far and you need to get them out of your shower A.S.A.P.

After you read this article, head to your bathroom and take a look at the ingredient label on your current shampoo bottle…

Pro Tip: If you see the suffix, –paraben, on the label, toss it in the trash because it’s been trashing your androgen.


Common examples of this are methylparaben and butylparaben.

Next, search for paraben-free shampoo on your web browser before you browse the aisles at your local convenience store…

After all, you don’t have all day to check those labels and even if you did, standing in the shampoo aisle for a few hours is a good way to get yourself a reputation as a weirdo.

You don’t want that…

Parabens; get rid of them. Don’t buy them. Every part of your manliness will thank you.

Plastic Bottles

I’m not a tree-hugger.

Nor am I encouraging you to be one…

Plastic bottles themselves have some positive features and some negative ones.

But they’ll damage your testosterone if you drink out of them.


Typically, bottling companies use polycarbonate plastic and epoxy resins made from BPA in your water bottles.

BPA is a type of xenoestrogen…

Just like the parabens above, xenoestrogen exerts a weak estrogenic activity, stifling your manliness as a result of blocking androgen.  

I know.

You’re trying to get in plenty of water in order to help your T-count.

I applaud you for that.

But if you’re drinking your water from plastic water bottles, you’re ultimately poisoning your testosterone health, not because the water is poison, but because the container is.

So now what?

The answer is pretty simple…

Ditch plastic water bottles.

No more buying 24-packs of water for the house. No more grabbing quick water bottles at the gas station when you’re on your way to the gym…

Get yourself a stainless-steel water bottle, a cheap water filter or pitcher, and get your water from the sink.

Pro Tip: Buy a BPA free water bottle that has a built-in filter. That way you can kill two birds with one stone and also kill those androgen blockers that are trying to take away your man card.

Grocery Receipts

No, I’m not a conspiracy theory guy.

I’m just a guy that takes your testosterone health seriously, and even though this one seems a bit obscure, it’s true.

Thermal paper used for receipts contain high levels of BPA which, like we’ve already discussed, kill testosterone.


Unfortunately, BPA absorbs through your skin. That means you better start playing “hot potato” when the cashier hands you your grocery receipt…

And I don’t mean quickly stash the receipt in your pocket.

I mean, get rid of it.

Storing receipts in your pocket will do even more damage to your testosterone health because at that point you’re constantly being exposed to BPA.

Oh, and if you think a dab of hand sanitizer will help you out when you get to the car, don’t fall for it.

Hand sanitizer speeds up the BPA absorption process.

So, like I said, hot potato with the receipts…

If you need a receipt and the grocery store offers you an email receipt option, use that.

If you don’t need your receipt, a polite, “I don’t need the receipt, thank you,” will do just fine…

I know that you can’t just toss away every receipt. Some of them are important. But when you can, use these tips to your advantage and you’ll protect your testosterone in the process.


According to your lady friends, your cologne may make you smell “manly”, but it’s wiping your testosterone scent clean off of you…


Cologne contains phthalates, a chemical compound that is oftentimes unlisted in the ingredient label (because it isn’t required by the FDA) but is dangerous for your testosterone health.

Researchers have found this ingredient to be damaging to your sperm count and testosterone levels

In other words, every time you spritz a little cologne on your wrists and neck, your manliness shrivels up.

With all the work you put into making sure your T-count is healthy, don’t use a product that’s going to contend against you.

Your cologne is cutting your testosterone count to pieces.

Ditch it.

If you have any unopened bottles, and you want to give a cruel “gag-gift”, give it away to one of your buddies…

But I recommend sending them a link to this article and get them away from these androgen blockersas well.  

Get yourself some unscented hygiene products, and don’t be discouraged when you’re out with your pals and the room is loaded with too much cologne, the manliest scent you can have on you is your testosterone.


And by keeping the cologne off, you’ll be the manliest smelling guy in the room.

Like I said, I’m sure there isn’t a guy reading this article who hasn’t identified at least a couple of items on the list that they use every day.

Because I care about your testosterone health, I urge you to stay away from these androgen blockers.

They’re simply not worth the damage they do to your testosterone.

I want you to live the healthiest life you can live, full of vitality and excitement.

I know there are others reading this article that want the same, not only for themselves but for you also. As a community of men striving for the same purpose, let’s keep from using the products that are keeping us from reaching our goals.

Until next time, stay manly, my friends.

– Joe LoGalbo

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