Build Muscle — Burn Fat  Boost Testosterone —Safely & Naturally At 40+

The fitness industry has it all WRONG for men our age…

Run of the mill advice from young, naive personal trainers… a health  industry that pushes feminizing diets… and Big Pharma companies selling you the lie that you need their pills to perform in and out of the gym…

We’re here to change that.

Look— you don’t have to wind down with age…

You’re not over the hill or past your prime. In fact— your best days can be ahead of you.

But it takes doing things differently.

Eating “guys foods” like burgers, bacon, and butter to optimize your male hormones…

Supplementing with the right kind of herbs and nutrients that are backed by REAL science to naturally raise your testosterone.

And training smarter, not harder… to reinforce your joints and safeguard your body from injury so you can go the distance with your workouts… build muscle, burn fat and get results without slowing down.

Our mission is simple…

To help you look and feel years younger… have more energy and confidence… be lean, muscular and able to dominate any physical task you put your mind to… and get the attention and respect you deserve.

Meet The Coaches Who Will Transform Your Body and Life


Gary Walker is a muscle-building expert for men over 40... and creator of TriCon Training. An innovative approach to building muscle and burning fat without lifting heavy weights or spending hours in the gym. Gary uses his 25 years of experience in the health and fitness industry to get men over 40 lean and ripped regardless of your age, current shape, or how busy you are. Gary is also a father of 3— and his faith and family are the most important parts of his life.


Mark Mcilyar is a fitness expert for men over 40… and is known around the world as the “ripped grandpa” for his eye-grabbing 6-pack abs at 57 years old. Mark specializes in at-home workouts for men in their 40s, 50s, 60s and beyond… to help you build muscle, burn fat, and boost your testosterone using only your bodyweight or minimal equipment. He’s been featured on several news broadcasts sharing his unique fitness methods for guys 40+. Mark is a Texas native— and a race car driver and
golfer on his free time.


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