Alternate Day Fasting Weight Loss Secret Of Celebrities

Alternate Day Fasting Weight Loss Secret Of Celebrities

Celebrities know the secret to weight manipulation. Seriously. They’ve got it down pat. Like Hugh Jackman, who’s gone from everyone’s favorite superhero… ripped, muscle-bound, Logan from theWolverine saga… to playing Curly in the musical, Broadway 4D… All in the same year!

His secret?

Strategic fasting.

Specifically, Alternate Day Fasting. Also known as Up Day, Down Day fasting. And in a minute I’ll share the pros and cons. But first…

What Is Alternate Day Fasting?

Simplicity is a major benefit of the Alternate Day Fasting weight loss technique. It’s as simple as 1, 2… well, that’s it!

Day 1 (Up Day). Eat.

Day 2 (Down Day). Fast.

Alternate each day.

On your eating days, eat like normal. Eat breakfast as usual. Snack as usual. Wind down the day with a serving of your favorite ice cream and Netflix as usual.

If you normally eat 2,500 calories in a day, keep at it on Day 1.

Next day, you fast.


But I know what you’re thinking. Can I really go a whole 24 hours without food? How long can I really keep that up?


Guess what… You don’t have to give up food on the days you fast (which can be good and bad, I’ll explain).

A fast on this diet isn’t the traditional keep the refrigerator door closed fast. In fact, the creator of this dieting technique, James Johnson M.D. suggests that you consume a maximum of 500 calories (20% of your normal daily intake) on your fasting day for the first two weeks.

Then, you have the freedom to gradually increase your calories up to 50%-60% of your daily caloric intake.

This is where I begin to hmmm… 

Because fasting, when followed in the true essence of the word, taking a break from eating, has many health benefits and weight loss benefits to go along with it…

And eating 20% of your daily calorie intake for the first two weeks, followed by a whopping 50%-60% of calories on “fasting days” is not a fast in it’s truest (and most effective) form.

Now, I’m not ripping on the alternate day fasting weight loss technique because there certainly are weight loss and convenience benefits. And further down the page I’ll reveal additional benefits of the plan as well…

Yet if you want the WHOLE PIE of results, plus the cherry on top… you’ll want to fast with more purpose. Again that’s if you’re serious about results. I explain it all in my nutrition course.


(mmmm…the whole pie of results sounds delicious!)

And although the alternate day fasting technique is used by celebrities for convenience sake…there could be some long-term results you’ll leave on the table…  

Here’s the short list of benefits when following a true fast. Such as:


  • blood lipids (decreased triglycerides and bad cholesterol)
  • blood pressure 
  • inflammation markers (inflammation causes hormonal and metabolic disruption)
  • oxidative stress (oxidative stress causes cellular damage)
  • risk of cancer


  • cellular repair
  • fat burning (increases the oxidation of fat cells)
  • growth hormone release (up to 2000% in just 24 hours if you follow this fasting strategy)
  • metabolic activity
  • testosterone levels in men (180% in two weeks)


  • appetite control 
  • blood sugar control
  • cardiovascular health and performance
  • brain function

Now, that doesn’t mean alternate day fasting isn’t an effective strategy. In fact, one reason why celebrities like Hugh Jackman, Beyoncé, and Ben Affleck can commit to the Alternate Day Fasting diet and still go, go, go and glow for the cameras is because this is a true user-friendly diet.


After all, stomach growls on set are forbidden I’m sure.

What Are The Benefits Of Alternate Day Fasting?

Aside from the benefit of simplicity, Alternate Day Fasting has several health benefits.

1) Weight Loss.

If you’re consistent with the Alternate Day Fasting weight loss plan, the pounds will have no choice but to fall off.

Think about it.

Every other day you’re cutting calories that you would normally consume.

Like I said, the pounds don’t stand a chance.

You can expect to lose 2.5 lbs. per week on the Alternate Day Fasting diet.

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2) Longevity.

The Alternate Day Fasting weight loss plan is a true American model diet… Built to last.

Oftentimes, your mind becomes ambushed with thoughts of doubt once your diet gets difficult.However, any doubt can be quickly dismantled on this diet because it’s been created for longevity.

Instead of planning every day what you’re restricted to eat, you only have to plan every other day on this diet. Be creative on your fasting day. Have fun in the kitchen.

Find ways to eat delicious foods without jumping your calorie intake goal. Avoid empty calories and have fun.

Even though you may feel a little bit of hunger on your first or second day of fasting, your body will adjust quickly. As your body gets used to eating less every other day, your appetite will adjust also.

You’ll find that when you eat on your fasting day, you won’t crave large portions, making the 500-calorie minimum a breeze.  

Hop on track and enjoy the ride, because this diet is built for the long haul.


3) Stay Lean.

It’s one thing to get lean for the summer. It’s another thing to stay lean throughout the summer. Staying lean can be a tricky task for anybody.

But the Alternate Day Fasting plan makes staying lean, simple.

Say you’ve reached your target celebrity look while eating 500 calories on your fasting day, but you don’t want to lose any more weight.

The next step is simple. Change your 500 calories to 600 calories on your fasting day. If you find yourself still losing weight, good for you, you get to eat more until you hit your goal maintenance weight!


If you find yourself putting on some fluff, decrease your calories a bit on your fasting day and look for consistency on the scale.

James Johnson M.D. recommends while on this diet that you weigh yourself once a week on the morning of your regular eating day.

4) Focus and Productivity.

That’s right.

The Alternate Day Fasting diet plan doesn’t only improve your physical health, but also, your mental health.


Research has shown that brain activity actually increases when we are fasting. We become more focused, energized and creative.

If you want to get the best results for your brain and your brawn, eat as normal on Day 1 (don’t go gorging to make up for lost calories), and on Day 2, don’t eat for twelve hours after your last meal from Day 1.  

You’ll look sharp and feel sharp.  

5) Look Younger.

Have you been searching for the fountain of youth?

Search no longer.

Research has found that fasting naturally slows down the aging process in men and women. How? Because fasting produces a cellular cleansing effect in your body that heals from the inside out.

This process is known as autophagy.


Basically, this is your body’s recycling process. In autophagy your cells create membranes that hunt down dead, diseased, or worn out cells in your body, and put them to good use – giving you energy or even to create new cell parts.

The less dead cells you have working against you, the more healthy you’ll be on the inside and the healthier you’ll look on the outside. Your skin will glow and you’ll look (and feel) more energized.

The Alternate Day Fasting weight loss diet is simple, effective, and fun. Improve your physique, brain health, productivity, and energy levels and get that celebrity movie screen look that you’ve been searching for.  

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