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Getting deep “anabolic sleep” is the most optimal way to support your testosterone levels. If you don’t get your sleep right, you’ll struggle to maintain high and healthy T-levels. That’s why we created Anabolic Reload PM. A unique and potent deep sleep formula that contains clinically researched ingredients to help support deep sleep, fast muscle recovery, promote a vigorous libido and performance. †

Reload Your Manhood


Get deep anabolic sleep to help support youthful testosterone levels overnight. More next day drive and energy. And as an added benefit, you may also enhance recovery between workouts, boost performance, and have more passion between the sheets. †


The ingredients inside Anabolic Reload PM help support faster muscle recovery so you can bounce back quickly from each workout and perform at the top of your game. †

Libido and Performance

We’ve had many customers report an increase in desire, passion, performance. †

Reload With Nature

VitaCherry® Sport
Maca Root Powder
Vitamin B6

VitaCherry® Sport

Studies have shown Montmorency tart cherries can benefit athletes by helping protect against post-exercise muscle strength loss and soreness, as well as aiding in muscle recovery.†

VitaCherry® Sport delivers the full complement of phytonutrients from whole U.S. grown Montmorency tart cherries. These naturally occurring compounds have been shown to work synergistically to boost antioxidant power and promote healthy inflammatory responses in connection with exercise. VitaCherry® Sport is 15X more powerful than the leading tart cherry powder. †

Maca Root Powder

Maca has been heavily promoted as being effective at improving sexual desire, and this claim is backed by research. †


Magnesium helps to regulate your sleep hormones. It can help calm the body and brain when taken before bed. Research shows not having enough magnesium can interfere with sleep, which is why this natural trace mineral is crucial for getting deep sleep. †


Zinc is an essential mineral that is involved in many different processes in the body and is optimal for testosterone production. When combined with magnesium and vitamin B6 like in our Anabolic Reload PM formula, it can help you achieve deeper sleep. †

Vitamin B6

Research indicates vitamin B6 supplementation before bed can help enhance dream vividness, recall, and is key for sound, peaceful sleep. †


Black Pepper Extract is a piperine used to improve the absorption of key nutrients to get the most out of each ingredient. †

How To Use

How To Take

Take 3 capsules 15-30 minutes before bed

Support Anabolic Sleep

Deep anabolic sleep will help optimize the production of your male hormones like growth hormone and testosterone overnight so you can wake up the next day with more energy, a better sense of recovery, vigor, and drive.†

Experience The Difference

Support better sleep. Enhanced recovery. Improved performance. More drive and passion.

You’ve Got Questions,
We’ve Got Answers.

Anabolic Reload PM uses ingredients from nature to help you get deep “anabolic sleep.” Deep sleep is essential for maintaining youthful male hormone levels, quickening recovery, and accelerating your results from your workouts. Plus, a handful of our carefully-selected ingredients help in the bedroom too. Many men who have used Anabolic Reload PM have testified to waking up with other “noticeable signs” of healthy T levels they remember from years ago. It simply contains herbs, vitamins, and minerals shown to be effective at providing the benefits listed on this page.
For best results, take 3 capsules of Anabolic Reload PM 15-30 minutes before bed. Studies show those who take the ingredients inside of Anabolic Reload PM everyday for at least 3 months, get the best results. Which is why we recommend stocking up on the 3 or 6 bottle discounted bundle for maximum results that you (and her) will notice.
We recommend always talking to your prescribing physician if you are on medication before moving forward with any supplementation.
Studies show those who take the ingredients inside of Anabolic Reload PM everyday for at least 3 months, get the best results. Which is why we recommend stocking up on the 3 or 6 bottle discounted bundle for maximum results that you (and her) will notice.
No. This is NOT an auto-ship program. You only get shipped what you order today and nothing more.
We will ship your bottles of Anabolic Reload PM in a discreet package directly to your front door usually within 24-48 hours after you order. North American customers can expect their orders within 3-6 business days. With everything going on in the world, International orders can expect their order to arrive in 10-14 business days.
Yes. You get an ironclad 365 day 100% money back guarantee. That means if after you order your supply of Anabolic Reload PM today, you have a full YEAR to decide if it’s for you. If for whatever reason you decide it’s not, simply send us an email, and we’ll provide a full refund. No hassles. No hoops to jump through. But if you’re like any of the other men who already take Anabolic Reload PM, you’ll be pumped by the results you see in the mirror and in your everyday life. And wonder how you ever made it without this ultimate male support system.





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john l.
United States
Anabolic pm

so far been on them for 2 weeks and no stomach upset, which is not normal for me so i am well pleased with that, i am sleeping better thats all i have at the moment

Jeff A.
Australia Australia
anabolic reload pm

still havn,t received it yet


Hi Jeff, we are very sorry to hear that. We tracked your package and we noticed that it's no longer trackable and we assume that it's lost in transition, especially that you're in Australia. So we reshipped your order. One of our support agents will be in touch to assist you and make sure it will arrive soon. We also sent you an email from

United States United States
Anabolic PM

Still on first bottle and not seeing any better sleep yet but going to finish the bottle and see what happens.

Steven G.
United States United States
Reload PM

I began working out a few months ago. I had retired and had a surgery on my right arm and hand that took 24 weeks for recovery and therapy. After therapy I discovered I had not regained the strength I had prior to surgery, so I began working out. About four months into my evolving exercise program, I was not satisfied with the rate of progress. I also knew I wasn't sleeping well, waking numerous times each night and not sleeping more than an hour at any one time. So, I decided to give Anabolic Reload PM a try. One month into regularly taking Reload PM, I am sleeping much better and seeing results from my workout program I am happy with. I will be turning 70 very soon and I believe Reload PM has helped me get back on track. Thank you LiveAnabolic for a product that works for us old goats.


Hello Steve ! You are amazing, I am sorry to hear about your surgery but it's excellent what you've accomplished since then, we really appreciate you taking the time to try Anabolic Reload PM and we are really happy that it has been working for you ! At Live Anabolic your satisfaction is our top priority !

Michael L.
United States United States
not the worst supplement I ever tried

For me it didn't seem to do much. At first I felt a little better then it seemed to do very little. i used it in conjunction with the anabolic reload and the anabolic pump to see what the results would be. Bottom line there are better products out there


Hello Michael, thank you so much for your order.. We understand that you´re not happy with Anabolic Reload, I'm sorry you haven't seen changes in yourself, and of course we respect how you feel since every person has different lifestyles, preference, etc. That's why there's a money-back guarantee, if you have any concerns you can reach us at Once again, thank you very much.. We understand that we can't serve everyone's need, but we really appreciate you taking time to try our products.. At Live Anabolic we want to make sure that every customer has a satisfactory experience !

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