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The gut-health testosterone connection is one that often goes ignored. However, new research shows your gut-health is crucial for maintaining high and healthy testosterone levels. However, not just any probiotic will do. There are certain strains of bacteria us men need to perform at the top of their game and we’ve included them all inside our carefully-crafted probiotic for men, Anabolic Shield. †

Protect Your Manhood

Helps Replenish
Healthy Bacteria

Fuel your gut with healthy bacteria that supports your health, hormones, digestion and more. †

Supports Optimal
Gut Health

According to new research, optimal gut health is crucial for men to support their health and hormones. †

Gut Microbiome:
The Key To Optimal “T”

Your gut is right next to your testes, which is the “factory” that produces testosterone. That’s why men who take care of their gut and replenish it with healthy bacteria will outperform men who don't. †

Defend With Nature

Lactobacillus Acidophilus
Lactobacillus Rhamnosus
Bacillus subtilis DE111®

Lactobacillus Acidophilus

Supports the lining of your gut, keeping toxins from escaping out and penetrating your manhood. †

Lactobacillus Rhamnosus

Supports healthy digestion. It’s also been shown in rodent models to support vigorous testosterone levels. †

Bacillus subtilis DE111®

A patented probiotic that we consider to be the “heavyweight champ” of probiotic strains. A clinical trial recently conducted on DE111 showed that in capsule form, the probiotic was well tolerated and efficacious. In the study, 41 healthy college students consumed one capsule per day that contained approximately 5 billion colony forming units (CFU) of B. subtilis DE111 in addition to their usual diets. Blood levels of important biomarkers were measured. Markers of systemic acceptance, such as CRP and liver enzymes, remained within acceptable ranges and the participants reported that GI symptoms and bowel habits improved with probiotic capsule consumption. In addition, the DE111 supplement resulted in a significant effect on gut microflora measured prior to and after capsule consumption. †

How To Use

How To Take

Take 1 veggie capsule per day.

Support Your Manhood

Your gut sits right above your testes. Increasing research shows it’s important to maintain a healthy gut, and doing so supports optimal testosterone levels and other sexual biomarkers. This is the most overlooked element to support your manhood. Now that you know, take advantage of what so many men are ignoring.†

Experience The Difference

Optimal gut health to support your manhood.

You’ve Got Questions,
We’ve Got Answers.

Anabolic Shield uses probiotic bacteria strains shown to help support optimal gut health. The latest research shows optimal gut health is key for maintaining vigorous testosterone levels. Gut health may be the missing link for most men in their T boosting routine, which is why we call Anabolic Shield “essential” to look, feel, and perform like a man.† It simply contains probiotic strains shown to be effective at providing the benefits listed on this page.
For best results, take 1 capsule of Anabolic Shield a day.
We recommend always talking to your prescribing physician if you are on medication before moving forward with any supplementation.
Studies show those who take care of their gut for the long haul, get the best results. Which is why we recommend stocking up on the 3 or 6 bottle discounted bundle for maximum results.
No. This is NOT an auto-ship program. You only get shipped what you order today and nothing more.
We will ship your bottles of Anabolic Shield in a discreet package directly to your front door usually within 24-48 hours after you order. North American customers can expect their orders within 3-6 business days. With everything going on in the world, International orders can expect their order to arrive in 10-14 business days.
Yes. You get an ironclad 365 day 100% money back guarantee. That means if after you order your supply of Anabolic Shield today, you have a full YEAR to decide if it’s for you. If for whatever reason you decide it’s not, simply send us an email, and we’ll provide a full refund. No hassles. No hoops to jump through. But if you’re like any of the other men who already take Anabolic Shield, you’ll be pumped by the results in your everyday life.


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