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Unleash the power of the newly patented Tesnor®— a unique cocoa bean seed and pomegranate peel extract that boosts free and total testosterone, strength, and maximizes bedroom performance.

TestoGreens MAX doesn’t stop there. With the help of DIM your body gets the support needed to powerfully flush excess estrogen from your system, thus helping maximize your male hormone profile for optimal performance in the office, gym, and bedroom.

Top this formula off with some of natue’s most potent vegetables and Bioperine® to increase the absorption of these nutrients and you’ve got the ultimate men’s health supplement in a bottle.*

Maximize Your Manhood

Testosterone Surge

With the help of Tesnor® men of all ages may experience a surge in both total testosterone and free testosterone unlike any other nature-based patented formula known to man. This according to the publication of two brand new 2022 studies uncovering the powerful effects of this powerful ingredient inside TestoGreens MAX.*

Strength & Stamina

Experience more strength and stamina in the gym, at the office, and in the bedroom. Many users of the ingredients inside TestoGreens MAX report improved performance behind closed door, improvements in grip strength, arm size, and daily energy.*

Estrogen Metabolism

Xenoestrogens are everywhere. And it’s estrogen that’s responsible for contributing to stubborn fat, occasional moodiness, and other man problems. Now it’s possible to help quickly and naturally metabolize excess estrogen from your body and optimize your male hormone profile.*

Muscle Up With Nature

Vegetables, Herbs, and Mushrooms


This patented cocoa bean seed and pomegranate peel extract increases free and total testosterone, significantly improves grip strength and upper arm size, and significantly improves male aging scores around energy, strength, and sexual performance. 12*

Bioperine ®

Black pepper extra is a piperine used to improve the absorption of key nutrients to get the most out of each ingredient.*


A powerful estrogen-combatting compound to naturally help optimize your male hormones to help you achieve your body recomposition goals and combat those pesky feminizing features. *


Alfalfa, spirulina, wheat grass, spinach, broccoli, cabbage, celery, kale and more. Each capsule of TestoGreens MAX is jam packed with health, immunity, and longevity boosting vegetables that you’d be hard pressed to get in a typical diet. *

Vegetables, Herbs, and Mushrooms

Turmeric, carrot, tomato, beets, bell pepper, cauliflower, cinnamon, and a variety of mushrooms give the TestoGreens MAX formula a robust well-rounded nutrient profile to help you maximize your health, life, and performance.*

How To Use

How To Take TestoGreens Max

Take 2 capsules in the morning. For maximum results take 4 capsules (2 in the morning and 2 before bed)

Boost Free & Total Testosterone As You Demolish Excess Estrogen

When it comes to looking, feeling, and performing like a hard-charging red-blooded man you need your testosterone pumping and your estrogen balanced. With the help of the ingredients inside TestoGreens MAX you’ll gain an edge that few men even know is possible.

Experience The Difference

Testosterone up. Estrogen down. Strength and muscle increase. Unsightly body fat decreases (when used alongside exercise and proper nutrition) Experience the daily difference.

You’ve Got Questions,
We’ve Got Answers.

No it is not the same formula.

While the original TestoGreens formula helps to provide you with extracts of fruits, vegetables, herbs, as well as probiotics and digestive enzymes… which may help promote hormone balance… *

TestoGreens MAX features a patented ingredient called Tensor®. Tensor® is the latest nature-based men’s health discovery reported to boost sexual health and performance, increase muscle gain and strength, promote restful sleep and daily energy, and more. *

TestoGreens MAX also contains DIM. DIM is a powerful compound derived from cruciferous vegetables that provides support to help remove excess estrogen from the body. *

TestoGreens MAX also has additional vegetable extracts to help combat excess estrogen like never before and help boost testosterone levels even higher *

To support the effectiveness of TestoGreens MAX, we’ve also added Bioperine®, which is a patented premium black pepper extract that enhances the absorption of many of the ingredients inside TestoGreens MAX. *

Also, while the original TestoGreens is a powdered formula that you mix in water, TestoGreens MAX comes in easy-to-swallow veggies capsules - making it even more convenient and simple to use.

Why didn’t we just combine the two? Plain and simple, if we put some of the key ingredients from TestoGreens MAX inside of TestoGreens and had you stir and drink it in powder form, it would taste horrific! But the ingredients are so potent that we knew we had to get them in your hands and make them part of your routine, which is why we put this specific formula into capsules.

The original formula is awesome and it’s helped thousands of men support hormone balance and positive changes to their bodies and lives. * So if you love taking the original formula, keep taking it! We actually encourage it!

But you don’t have to stop there. You can take TestoGreens MAX as well.

While the original formula is helping lots of men, and it provides an incredible baseline for helping you get more fruits, vegetables, herbs, and digestive enzymes into your routine, we’ve called this new formula TestoGreens “MAX” for a reason.

It combines the latest cutting-edge ingredients in men’s health research (some of which are patented) into easy-to-swallow capsules. It’s a simple way to take your healthy manhood to the next level, even if you keep using the original TestoGreens powder. *

Yes! You can take them at the same time of day or at different times of day.

Together, the two can powerfully support hormone balance, help combat excess estrogen, boost testosterone levels, support sexual health, promote a leaner body composition, and more. *

TestoGreens MAX helps combat a “feminizing” gene known as CPV-1. *

CPV-1 is connected to a process called “aromatization” which is when testosterone is converted into the female hormone, estrogen - which may lead to belly fat, “man boobs” fatigue, unreliable sex drive, moodiness, and more. *

TestoGreens MAX also helps to create what we call a “testosterone rallying effect”, which is when testosterone levels experience an exciting, natural boost - which may also promote increased lean muscle, fat burning, youthful libido, improved sleep and energy production, and more. *

Simple. Just take 2 easy-to-swallow capsules once a day for at least 60 days. For max results take 2 easy-to-swallow capsules twice a day (4 capsules total) for at least 60 days.

Studies suggest you can expect the best results after taking it for 2-3 months, which is why we recommend starting with at least 3 bottles of TestoGreens MAX. *

Can I Take TestoGreens MAX With Medication?

We recommend always talking to your prescribing physician if you are on medication before moving forward with any supplementation.

We recommend stocking up on the 3 or 6 bottle discounted bundle for maximum results.
No. This is NOT a forced auto-ship program. You only get shipped what you order today and nothing more. That is unless you signed up for our subscribe and save discount which is the very best deal on TestoGreens MAX and you never have to worry about running out.
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Yes. You get an ironclad 365 day 100% money back guarantee. That means if after you order your supply of TestoGreens MAX today, you have a full YEAR to decide if it’s for you. If for whatever reason you decide it’s not, simply send us an email, and we’ll provide a full refund. No hassles. No hoops to jump through. But if you’re like any of the other men who already take TestoGreens MAX, you’ll be pumped by the results you see and experience in everyday life.


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