Warrior Strong

$79.00 USD
With the help of the Warrior Strong program you can expect to build muscle, shed stubborn body fat, get stronger and boost your energy and performance in all areas of life.✝
$79.00 USD
Is It Really Possible For Average Guys To Achieve The Total Body Strength, Ninja-Like Muscle Control, And Combat-Ready Endurance Of A Real Life “Super Soldier?”

See How The United States Department of Defense Are Creating “Metabolically Dominant” Warriors...

And How Men Of Any Age Can Build An Ultra-Fit “Marine Body” From The Comfort Of Your Own Living Room! 

For men over 40 who want the strength, muscle, control and endurance of elite soldiers like Navy SEALS or Marines without the combat training or even leaving your own living room…

Warrior Strong combines 3 Combat Warrior Fitness Tactics that are the key to unlocking metabolic dominance regardless of age, current fitness level or genetics. The moves inside this program were once labeled as classified information. Until I partnered with Marine Corps captain, Austin Sullivan to put this military training style into a body-friendly program for civilians 40 and up who are looking to get in outstanding shape.

With the help of the Warrior Strong program you can expect to build muscle, shed stubborn body fat, get stronger and boost your energy and performance in all areas of life. 

Here’s What Makes The Warrior Strong Program The Right Fit For Men 40 And Up: 
Maintain or Boost Proprioceptor Function

In order to reach peak levels of performance at any age it’s critical to build and maintain your body’s proprioceptors— which is a big word that describes the sensory receptors in your muscles, joints, and tissues. Maintaining and boosting proprioceptor function helps create more coordination, balance, and body awareness.

Researchers call these sensory receptors your “sixth sense.” These receptors help your body to know where it is in space which is critical for controlling your movements and for your sense of self.

However research shows you lose proprioceptors with age which is why the older a person gets... the easier it is for them to get off balance... suffer from more falls… and eventually lose their independence later in life.

Military researchers have long been fascinated with the study of proprioceptors because they understand the importance of muscle control, coordination, and body awareness for building high-powered combat-machines. And with a specific type of proprioceptor training you can increase or restore the amount of proprioceptors throughout your entire body. 

Reaching The “Lactic Threshold”

Have you ever experienced a burning sensation in your muscles during a workout?
The cause is lactic acid. And lactic acid is critical for building metabolic dominance because it helps burn extra calories even after exercise, firms up your muscles, boosts energy levels and increases your aerobic capacity.

Most workout routines never reach the “lactic threshold.” But according to a recent study published in the British Journal of Sports Medicine, when you train within the lactic threshold for roughly 30 seconds… you get a 530% boost in your natural growth hormone levels...

And growth hormone is an almost magical substance that keeps you looking and feeling young, burning more fat and building more lean muscle.

Basically— reaching the lactic threshold is a real life “shortcut” among people who want a dramatic change in their physique naturally.

In fact— this is exactly what the US armed forces use to transform their new recruits too. They don’t have the luxury of gently pushing their Marines into better shape over the course of a year. They demand results FAST….and I know you do too… which is why you can’t afford to skip out on this important part of the Warrior Strong program.  

The EPOC Effect

EPOC stands for “excess post exercise oxygen consumption”— or put simply… the “afterburn effect”.

Research published in the journal Diabetes Care… found men who follow the specific training-style continued burning calories for up to 72 hours after exercise.

Another study published in the Research Quarterly In Exercise and Sport compared these types of workouts versus traditional cardio workouts. And they found that EPOC is significantly higher in those following these military interval-style workouts and burned 1200% more calories compared to those in the cardio group.

Building metabolic dominance is all about efficiency…

And EPOC is one of the most efficient and fastest ways to burn more calories, ditch the gut and get into killer shape. 

Here’s Exactly How “Metabolic Dominance” Training Works Inside The Warrior Strong Program:
Phase I: Basic Training

The goal of this phase is to increase your functional strength and stability across a variety of movements by building and maintaining your body’s proprioceptors, which are the sensory receptors in your muscles, joints, and tissues that create more coordination, balance, and body awareness.

You can think of this phase like building your “body armor” because it bulletproofs your body and makes your joints and muscles more resistant to injury so you can dominate your path and conquer your mission to build a lean, strong, metabolically-charged warrior physique.

The Marines like to use the concept of crawl—walk—run to describe how they train their recruits. So the workouts in Phase I are relatively simple but still challenging. They will also prepare your mind, muscles, and endurance for the next phases.

The Basic Training Phase also activates and strengthens your mind to muscle connection… which will be critical when moving into Phases II and III.

Phase II: Special Forces 

In Phase II we will continue to build your metabolic dominance with Lactic Acid Training. Lactic acid is like “anabolic juice” that’s crucial for boosting your male hormone levels and acts like a “cheat code” for streamlined energy.

But what I think you’ll love most about this phase is how familiar it feels— Almost like a blast from the past. Because for the first time since you ran wind sprints during your glory days playing high school football or back when you’d hop on your bicycle and race one of your buddies down the street… you’ll release youthful amounts of lactic acid that has you feeling like a young buck in your prime.

And on top of all the fun— during this phase you’ll burn calories for up to 6 hours after your workouts which means for a quarter of your day you’ll get leaner without even really trying.

Plus, I’ll show you exactly where to include rest days that allow your body to fully recover between workouts so you can get the best results. 

Phase III: Warrior 

The final phase combines phases I and II and ups the intensity using new exercises that closely resemble special training maneuvers only seen in the military.

For obvious reasons we can not exactly replicate some of the military drills. But I’ve been able to closely reproduce their intended results using strategies that recruit all of the same muscle groups, balance, agility, and endurance that our Marines, Army, and Special Forces require.

While that may sound extreme, I’ve included exercise substitutions for all fitness levels, so it won’t matter where you’re at physically when you make it to phase III— you’ll have all the tools you need to push yourself appropriately.

This phase is the time to unleash your inner warrior, push through to the end and officially graduate from the Warrior Strong System more ripped, stronger, and in amazing shape with a brand new sense of confidence, mental fortitude and the athleticism and the fitness of a lean, mean fighting machine who can take on the world. 

Here’s What You’ll Get With
Warrior Strong Today:

Warrior Strong Follow Along Videos

Each of the 3 phases comes with click and play follow along workout videos so you know exactly what you’re doing at all times to get the biggest metabolic-boosting bang for your buck in the safest way possible. .

As a bonus, you will see me and my Marine Captain buddy Austin pushing each other to the limit with every exercise. When you see your new coaches pushing each other and pushing YOU at the exact same time, you’ll experience motivation like never before to crush your workouts and feel like you can single-handedly take on an army.

Simply click “play,” follow along and have the best workout of your life from your very own living room. 

Field Version Follow Along Workouts

If you really want to turn up the intensity of these workouts and get out of the house and train like a military badass— Austin and I have included an additional Warrior Strong program that uses more cool equipment if you want to take these workouts up a few notches.

So not only do you get our main Warrior Strong At Home Fitness System, but you also get the Warrior Strong Field Version for free in case you’re one of those guys who wants to train with more equipment and not less.

Now— you still won’t have to go to the gym or anything like that. Instead you’ll use alternative equipment like battle ropes, sandbags, tires, and more to create your own intense military-style circuit that you can replicate in your backyard. 

Plus You’ll Get A Free Bonus: Total Body TITIN Training Program
($147 Value FREE!)

Special Bonus #1: Warrior Strong Nutrition System ($79 Value FREE!)

Inside the Warrior Strong Nutrition System you’ll get access to:

✓ Done for you meal plans: laying out the best foods to eat to accelerate fat loss and muscle performance… you won’t have to track calories, use any fancy apps or anything like that… just print these meal plans out, follow them to the T, and watch your body transform starting on day 1.

✓ Metabolic Dominance Field Manual: that sketches out the tactical nutrition strategy to achieve and maintain a warrior fit physique. You’ll learn some of the science behind becoming a metabolically dominant warrior, a unique group of “combat foods” to stock your kitchen with, how to fuel your body properly after your workouts, nighttime snacks that’ll supercharge your recovery and so much more.

✓ Warrior Strong Nutrition Rapid Start Guide: if you’re eager to begin right away and want your marching orders laid out plain and simple then start here. It gives you the bare essentials of what you need to know to get a warrior strong body. All it takes is about 60 seconds to sift through this guide and you’ll be fully armed to complete the mission quickly and successfully.

✓ Feast or Famine Principle: that allows you to eat all of the foods you enjoy (there are no limits) and STILL wake up leaner the next day. Military men use this sneaky tactic to “see their abs” in just a few weeks and you can do the same. 

Special Bonus #2: Warrior Mentality Unleashed ($29 Value FREE!)

One of the mottos of the Navy SEALS is that training is 20% physical and 80% mental. And they’re 100% right.

You will never reach your fitness goals without mental toughness...

So not only will Warrior Mentality Unleashed give you an edge to push through your Warrior Strong workouts and achieve metabolic dominance… but in this special bonus I’ll also share secret tips from REAL military heroes to build a warrior mentality.

Inside this guide you’ll kill any “pansy” mentality that you may or may not have known was there… and become a gritty leader who can be a rock for his family and a master of his own universe. 

Special “Giving Back” Bonus #3: Donation To Hope For The Warriors

There is no greater act of love, sacrifice, and bravery than that from men and women who put everything on the line to serve our country…

Especially those who have been wounded or killed in action.

At our company Live Anabolic— it’s a core value of ours to honor our military. Which is why when you order the Warrior Strong System we will donate $5 of every sale to Hope For The Warriors— a national nonprofit organization in the United States… that provides assistance to combat wounded service members, their families, and families of those killed in action.

Their motto is “no sacrifice forgotten, nor need unmet”... and we want to be a part of that. And when you join the Warrior Strong System you get to be a part of that as well.


While the Warrior Strong System is a wickedly effective 3-month protocol for burning fat and building gossip-worthy stamina and strength…

You get a full 365 days to try it out… get results… and if for whatever reason you’re not 100% satisfied with how you look, feel, think, and perform, you will get every single penny back.

And guess what?

You can still keep the entire system and the $5 we donated to Hope For The Warriors on your behalf. Most big business corporations would consider this a financial “loss,” but we still consider it a huge win because it’s supporting our Nation’s heroes and our hope is that you believe in that mission too.  

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