9 Ways To Block SHBG From Stealing Your Bioavailable Testosterone

9 Ways To Block SHBG From Stealing Your Bioavailable Testosterone

As a man, you have testosterone flowing through your veins.

I’m serious…

It’s literally carried through your bloodstream.

But testosterone isn’t the only element flowing through your veins…

You also have sex hormone binding globulin (SHBG) traveling along with your bioavailable testosterone

And it’s stealing from your T-count by binding itself to your testosterone, making it unavailable to you, which is a huge problem considering we’re all about naturally boosting our testosterone here.

As I’m sure you figured out from the name, sex hormone binding globulin is a glycoprotein that attaches itself to your testosterone, basically controlling how much bioavailable (or in other words, usable) testosterone your body can use.


Think about SHBG and your testosterone like the old schoolyard game “freeze-tag.”

If you’ve never enjoyed a fun-loving game of freeze-tag growing up, the premise is pretty simple…

Basically, you have one person who is “it”, and he or she chases the students around the yard, attempting to tag them.

When he or she tags their classmates, those classmates are now frozen or ineffective for the rest of the game.

This same concept takes place in your bloodstream, in the battle for your T-count.

The SHBG “tags” itself to your bioavailable testosterone (the most crucial testosterone you have in your body), rendering your testosterone ineffective in its pursuit to make you manlier, more ripped, and more active where you need to be, whether in the workplace or the bedroom…

“So what should I do about that sneaky, testosterone stealing SHBG?”

Well, I’m glad you asked…

I’ve written up a list of 9 ways to block SHBG from stealing your usable testosterone.

Note that when you block this sneaky SHBG from attaching itself to your T-count, you’ll also boost your testosterone naturally, because, well, you’ll have more free testosterone in your bloodstream!

Lock up that SHBG and unleash your bioavailable testosterone.

Boron to blast the SHBG

Boron is an oft-forgotten mineral best known for its testosterone boosting benefits…

Research has shown that its testosterone boosting properties largely has to do with its effect on SHBG in your bloodstream.

One study found that when subjects took 10mg of Boron daily, over the course of a week, their testosterone increased by 28%. This is due to the fact that SHBG significantly decreased in the bloodstream.

Boron boosts testosterone and blasts SHBG.

Take vitamin D(efense)

Among all of its uses, vitamin D also has a good reputation for increasing testosterone.


We’ve talked about it before

Vitamin D supplementation has been proven to increase testosterone by “un-freezing” testosterone that’s been tagged by SHBG.

Vitamin D plays good defense against SHBG, and in doing so scores big points for yourbioavailable testosterone.

Carbs will crush it

If you want as much active testosterone in your bloodstream as possible, you need to stay away from those low-carb diets…

Low-carb diets are testosterone killers.

On the other hand, getting an adequate amount of carbs (about 40% of your daily caloric intake) into your diet has been proven to decrease the amount of SHBG secretion in your bloodstream.

So enjoy an extra carb-loaded snack today. I’ve given you an excuse. You’re welcome.

Magnesium minimizes SHBG

Magnesium is a boss when it comes to boosting testosterone and peeling off that pesky SHBG…

This fascinating study examined a group of 400 men and found that the men who had the most magnesium in their diet had the lowest amount of SHBG in their system and also the highest amount ofbioavailable testosterone among the group.

If you aren’t keeping tabs on how much magnesium you’re getting in your diet, you probably aren’t getting enough of it…

But don’t worry I’ve made a list of the best testosterone boosting fruits and vegetables for you and plenty of them are magnesium heavy.

Get in sync with zinc

Much like magnesium, zinc will zap that SHBG.

Zinc is one of the best nutrients you can have in your diet to boost your testosterone…

It’s pretty much unparalleled…

It’s also been shown to decrease secretion of SHBG is your bloodstream, making it an essential player on both sides of the ball for your overall testosterone health.

Filter out the fiber

Just like Oreos and alcohol, fiber is okay in moderation…

And even that is a little generous. I’d say it’s more appropriate to use the term “meticulous moderation.”


You want to have enough fiber to keep your digestive system regular without having too much of it.


Because fiber stifles testosterone…

It also increases SHBG.

Despite what Tony the Tiger and the weird Rice Krispy’s elves want to tell you, fiber isn’t as favorable for your overall health as one might think.

It’s definitely a number to keep an eye on when you’re considering keeping the SHBG away.

Keep your fiber around 30g a day or less.

Prescription drugs can be a problem

I’m not asking you to become an “all-natural” medication type of guy, even though I do recommend natural remedies if possible for your overall health…

However, I’m not against prescription drugs either.

Though not every prescription drug is harmful to your testosterone health, many common ones can be due to their SHBG increasing tendencies.

These drugs may help you feel a little bit better from time to time, but they’ll bind up yourbioavailable testosterone in the process.

Keep this in mind the next time your throat starts to scratch and consider some other options for your overall health.

Give alcohol the ax

As I mentioned above, alcohol is okay in moderation…

But it’s important for you to remember that when you partake in over-consumption, alcohol will have a crushing effect on your testosterone levels…


Not only that, but it increases estrogen as well, taking away your “man card” in the process.

And for the trifecta, alcohol also increases SHBG.

If the commercials and highway warnings haven’t gotten your attention yet, maybe you’ll listen to your fleeting testosterone: Drink Responsibly.

This blog will help you fight off SHBG

That’s right…

This blog. This site. This community.

We’re all about naturally boosting testosterone here.

I do my best to provide you with everything you need to live an anabolic life to the full…

And that’s another, simple element you need to fight off SHBG…

More testosterone.

Men with higher testosterone levels naturally have lower levels of SHBG secretion.

This is probably because SHBG is affected by estrogen just as it is by testosterone.

Therefore, boosting testosterone, and cutting estrogen in the process will also cut out SHBG…


So if you want to block SHBG from stealing your bioavailable testosterone, stick around this site…

Implement some of the methods I’ve given you to boost testosterone…

There are plenty methods and resources I’ll continue to provide to help you on your testosterone-boosting journey.

Stick around. Participate. And say “peace out” to that SHBG.

So there you have it.

The concept is pretty simple.

Keep your SHBG from stealing your free testosterone, and you’ll have more free testosterone at your service.

A game of freeze tag was fun for the schoolyard. But it’s the last thing you need going on in your bloodstream.

Implement these SHBG blockers into your daily routine and your testosterone is sure to benefit.

– Joe LoGalbo

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