Boost Testosterone Naturally With This 1-2 Punch

Boost Testosterone Naturally With This 1-2 Punch

We all love a good 1-2 punch.

The term 1-2 punch originated from the sport of boxing, describing a solid punching combination: A strong left jab followed by a powerful right hook.

When executed just right, a combo like this can send an opponent stumbling around the ring with his bell rung.

From those boxing roots, the term 1-2 punch has made its way out of the ring as well, being a descriptor for a downright dangerous combination of two already compelling forces.

Some historically prominent 1-2 punches are Kobe and Shaq, Batman and Robin, peanut butter and jelly, and milk and cookies…

Each individual component is solid on its own but makes for a force to be reckoned with, when paired together.

You can find a solid 1-2 punch almost anywhere. And guess, what…

You can boost testosterone naturally with a powerful 1-2 punch, also.


The two main players in this combo are Branched-chain Amino Acids (BCAAs) and a 24-hour fast.

Both are capable ingredients for boosting your testosterone, but when combined they’re a sure-fire way to peak your testosterone levels…

In fact, I’ll go as far as to say that this could be one of the most effective ways to boost your testosterone naturally.

So, enough talk.

Let’s get to it.

Here’s how BCAAs and 24-fasting work separately and together to build up your testosterone health…   

Branched-Chain Amino Acids (BCAAs)

Branched-chain Amino Acids are a group of three amino acids, leucine, isoleucine, and valine, which form a branch-chained shape.

These three amino acids are the primary contributors to your muscle growth and comprise a third of your muscle tissue…


Unlike other amino acids, BCAAs aren’t metabolized in your liver.

They’re metabolized directly in your muscle tissue, providing your muscles with instant energy during your workouts.

They don’t waste time.

They don’t waste away in an outlying organ.

They efficiently work where you want them to work, in your working muscles.

BCAAs give your muscles leverage in both energy and growth during and after your workouts.

They’re also contributors to increased testosterone levels, growth hormone levels and overall testosterone health making BCAAs an acclaimed asset for boosting your testosterone naturally.  

24-Hour Fasting

(check out my 24-hour fasting survival guide here)


On the surface, fasting may not seem like the best practice for boosting your T-count.

You’re not eating t-boosting fats and carbs. You lose calories. You CAN lose muscle (this is where the amino acids come in. I’ll explain in a bit). Something just doesn’t add up.

However, 24-hour fasting is one of the most effective ways you can boost testosterone naturally and demolish belly fat.

If you’re unfamiliar with the idea of 24-hour fasting, the concept is simple, though the practice itself can be a challenge.

For 24-hours you don’t consume any calories…

Don’t eat calories.

Don’t drink calories.

No calories. You can drink water and some black coffee or tea, but that about settles it there.


See, not a hard concept to understand, but it could be challenging to put into practice.

So let me give you a number to make the task a lot less daunting. The lucky number is 2000.

In this study, researchers noted that after a 24-hour period of fasting, growth hormone levels increased by 2000%.

I repeat, 2000%! That’s an absolutely staggering statistic.

Testosterone rises alongside growth hormone, meaning that this jump takes your manliness to major heights…

Of all the studies you’ll find, an increase in testosterone like this one will rank at the top in terms of boosting testosterone naturally.

It’s a knockout punch on its own.

But don’t forget about the 1, in the 1-2.    

The 1-2 Punch of BCAAs and 24-Hour Fasting

If you want your testosterone levels to soar to new heights, combine BCAAs with 24-hour fasting.


If you aren’t in a fasted state while taking your BCAAs, the effects are unimpressive because, well, you’re getting your protein from food sources such as chicken, tuna, cottage cheese, etc.

However, BCAAs shine when they’re paired up with a 24-hour fast.

If you’re looking to boost your T-count by 2000% through a 24-hour fast, you’ll need BCAAs when you train in order to build muscle and boost your testosterone naturally.

See, when you participate in a 24-hour fast, muscle growth production is at risk.

Your body doesn’t have the fuel it’s familiar with and so it won’t run in its most efficient manner.

Without fuel from food, your body won’t have the BCAAs available to energize and restore muscle tears. This could lead to slow muscle repair and even muscle breakdown.

This is where BCAAs compliment your testosterone boosting, 24-hour fast, making it that 1-2 punch I’ve been stressing throughout the article.

When you consume BCAAs, before, during and after your workout, you give your body a good quantity of the essential amino acids that it needs without breaking your fast.


When you choose this route over a pre-workout snack your testosterone levels remain high because of your fast, and they stay high because you’re ingesting essential amino acids without consuming enough calories to kill your fasting progress.

In short, BCAAs keep you from becoming catabolic during your workout and keep your testosterone levels high as you continue your fast through your workout.

A side benefit to this is the muscle building and fat torching tandem that comes with this BCAA-fasting combo.

Because you’re working out in a fasted state, your body is going to burn fat during your workout, not simply excess calories from a day of eating.

Also, the BCAA’s will give you energy and repair your muscle tissue quickly, making muscle growth a sure thing.  

This combination is primed to produce massive results for your testosterone levels.

So how often should you perform this 1-2 punch? I recommend a 24-fast one day a week.

Get out your calendar, and circle a day that’ll be a good, consistent go-to for when you want to get your testosterone to peak heights.

Then, buy yourself some BCAAs and set them aside specifically for your fasting day.

Sure enough, this 1-2 punch will make you a champion of testosterone health.  

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