Can You Eat Carbs And Still Get A 6 Pack?

Can You Eat Carbs And Still Get A 6 Pack?

Can you still eat carbs and get a six pack?

I get this question a lot. My answer?

Of course you can. And today I’ll show you how I eat carbs and keep my six pack.

Carb Cycling

As an older man, you don’t need to eat carbs all the time.

Unfortunately, as we get older our metabolisms slow down...

Our bodies produce less testosterone than they used to...

So now that you’re 40+, you need to be more particular about when you eat carbs if you want a six pack or just a flat stomach in general.

My philosophy is you need to EARN your carbs.

And this is where carb cycling comes in.

I’ve used carb cycling for years. My clients who follow my carb cycling protocol see the best results. It’s very simple:

On days that you do train, you can eat complex carbs.

On days that you don’t train, you can eat fibrous carbs..

What are complex carbs?

Complex carbs are foods like rice, potatoes, quinoa, black beans, whole grain pastas, whole grain breads, fruits, and vegetables.

These are GOOD carbs.

They fuel your intense workouts, optimize your hormone levels, and help you recover.

What are fibrous carbs?

Fibrous carbs are vegetables like broccoli, asparagus, cauliflower, leafy greens like spinach, kale, and arugula, and even cucumbers and zucchini.

They’re called “fibrous” carbs because they’re full of fiber.

And you can eat these freely. Eat these with every meal if you want...

They’re satiating and will keep you full so you aren’t overeating and craving bad carbs.

To learn more about carb cycling, check out this video:

Re-Feed Meals

If you follow the carb cycling protocol and you workout four days a week and then take three days off, there are going to be some days when you’re hungry.

And that’s because you’re not eating complex carbs.

For example, if you eat 2,000-2,500 calories on your workout days, you’ll probably only consume around 1,500 calories on your “off” days.

On those days you’ll eat lean protein, fibrous vegetables, and good, essential fats.

So to make up for a lot of that caloric deficit, I recommend you utilize a “re-feed meal” on one or two of your workout days.

A re-feed meal is a meal that’s higher in calories.

These help to keep your hormones like testosterone and growth hormone balanced throughout the week...

It’s also going to balance your ghrelin and leptin levels, which is going to help reduce cravings and keep you satisfied between meals.

Anabolic Shred

There’s a trick I’ve been doing for almost 20-years that will help support your body recomposition goals while you still get to enjoy your carbs as I've laid out above.

Before every moderate or high carb meal... I take something called GDAs (glucose disposal agents).

There are a few different ingredients that work as glucose disposal agents...

And we combined what I believe to be are the BEST ones inside Anabolic Shred.

You can read more about the specific GDAs and how they work at the link above.

I advise my clients to take one serving of Anabolic Shred 10-minutes before a moderate or high carb meal and let the ingredients go to work.

Train Your Abs

If you want to eat carbs and still get a six pack, changing up your diet isn’t enough.

You need to train your abs so that you have muscle underneath that layer of fat.

Train your abs just like any other muscle group.

Especially if you want a six pack, not just a flat stomach.

I want to give you a couple of videos of abs exercises and workouts you can follow along with from home to get the abs training you need and show off a six pack.

The only 3 ab exercises you need to be doing after 40: 

6 minute abs workout for beginners: 


1. Can you get a six pack while still eating carbs? Yes.

2. To do it, you want to eliminate certain carbs (sugars, pastries, candies, sodas).

3. The best nutrition plan to follow is a carb cycling protocol.

4. Take Anabolic Shred 10-minutes before moderate-high carb meals to help support your body-hardening goals.

5. Train your abs so that when you lose the fat, you have a ripped six pack.

6. If you do those things, there’s no way you can lose. Enjoy your carbs and get those six pack abs!

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