Fat Shredding Plyometric Cardio Circuit For Beginners

Fat Shredding Plyometric Cardio Circuit For Beginners

One of the best ways to shred fat fast is with plyometrics.

However, most plyometric exercises can be complex. And a bit dangerous if you jump right into it(pun intended).

Which is why I’m giving you a fat shredding plyometric cardio circuit for beginners…

So if you consider yourself a newbie, you can still feel comfortable, confident, and start crushing some fat with these gut busting moves. 

First, here’s the gist on plyos

What Are Plyometrics?

Plyometrics are also known as “jump training”.


This really applies to any type of elevation off the ground… 

Whether pushing off your hands (as seen in the image above)… or jumping off the floor.

A good plyometric routine has you performing these exercises with maximum effort in short intervals of time.

And plyos don’t just burn fat…

They also build speed, strength, and power… and are commonly used by professional athletes to improve sports performance.

Today, we’re going to adapt plyometric training for everyday folk like you and me.

Guys and gals who just want to get lean and ripped… and slice through some stubborn belly fat.

(Don’t worry. You won’t need a tall box to jump on like this warrior below. Eventually you’ll get there though)…


Plyometric Cardio Circuit Exercises For Beginners 

Take a look at the exercises below.

Be sure to click and watch the videos before practicing any of these explosive moves on your own.

Pro tip: Proper form is the #1 way to ensure fast fat burning results… while keeping your bones, joints, and muscle healthy.

You ready to get started?

Correct answer: “I was born ready…”

Four Square

You can perform this exercise with one foot or two. 

To start, I’d recommend both feet. 

Here’s what you’ll do…

(By the way, I like to be more structured with my four square hops than the guy in the video. See what I mean below the vid)…

Instead of looking like a crazed bunny hopping around with no rhyme or reason, do this:

Start with both feet in one box.

From your starting box, jump laterally, landing both feet in the box to your right or left.

Continue jumping quickly on both feet for 10 seconds, going from the right to the left, before switching to a forward and backward hop.

After spending 10 seconds jumping forward and backward, finish off the exercise jumping diagonally to the box across from your initial starting position.

In total, it’ll take you 30 seconds to finish this sequence.

At this point your heart rate will speed up and you’ll be in prime fat burning mode as you continue with the rest of the workout.  

Squat Thruster

(Follow this guy’s instruction – but DO NOT do the jump at the end. We’ll save that for later)…

The squat thrust is similar to an up-down.

The difference is, you’re not lowering your chest all the way to the floor.

Which makes this plyometric exercise great for beginners.

It’s a lot like a sprawl.

A popular move used in wresting and mixed martial arts training. 

Overall, it’s super effective and will help you build core and upper body strength while shredding fat at the same time. 

Frog Jump

This is different from a long jump. 

A long jump is jumping as far forward as you can.

And is a fairly heavy movement on your joints.

A frog jump however, takes the intensity down a notch and is much easier on your joints…

Best part, you’ll still get a kick-butt workout.

(check out the video below)…

Real quick, allow me to emphasize some important form tips before you try this. 

Be sure to sit on the back of your heels when performing the squat.

It’s easy for someone to lean forward on their toes and round their shoulders when touching the ground in front of you.

Don’t reach.

Instead, drop your hips to the floor. Sitting on the back of your heels until your palms touch the floor underneath you. 

Keep your elbows close to your body. To the point of grazing your stomach or inner legs.

Your body should remain tight.

This will help you perform the exercise safely and effectively for maximal fat burning.  

Lunge Jump

Before checking out the video below… hear me out.

If you’re a beginner I don’t want you leaping for the stars like this guy…

Instead, do small, subtle jumps. 

Still keep the pace of the movement fast. However refrain from leaping so high if you’re just getting started with this whole plyometrics thang.

This ensures safety for your ankles and gives you an opportunity to “feel” the mechanics of the movement before starting. 

By the way…

Lunge jumps are one of my favorite fat burning exercises. 

I love how you can do them anywhere. 

And they’re relatively safe and will help you build some serious lower body strength in your glutes, quads, and hamstrings.  

Jumping Jacks

I hate when people bash the jumping jack.

And sure, it may not be the most challenging exercise in the world…

Yet performed correctly, it can be a killer exercise. 

However, you must do them with the intention of getting your heart rate up (instead of doing it lax like a warm up). 

By the way… there’s TONS of jumping jack variations to mix into your routine and make the exercise a bit more fun and challenging.

I stumbled across this video of 39 jumping jack variations… 

(When you look really closely… you’ll see it’s more like 7 jumping jack variations,  but who’s counting)

Find a jumping jack you’ve never tried before and add it into your plyometric cardio circuit!

Snowboard Hops

This one is totally gnarly, brah!

No, seriously.

It’s an awesome exercise to add to your plyometric cardio circuit… and it’ll blast your cardiovascular system.

To be honest, I wish I was a snowboarder…

So I like to dress up in a puffy winter onesie. Wrap a scarf around my neck. Slip a beanie over my head, and get sweating…

I look like a fool but it helps me burn a few extra calories. Anyway, check out the exercise:

(Start this video at 1:41)

Okay, now it’s time for the workout…

Fat Shredding Plyometric Cardio Circuit

Complete each exercise below in the given order.

Exercises should last for 30 seconds each and be performed at an all-out MAX effort.

(Because there’s no other way to do it, right?)

Here’s the workout:

  • Lateral Four Square
  • Squat Thruster
  • Frog Jump
  • Lunge Jump
  • Jumping Jacks
  • Snowboard Hops

Repeat the workout twice. 

If you want more of a challenge, work your way down the ladder of the six exercises and then back-up.

Then repeat the entire ladder one more time.

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