How To Boost Testosterone Naturally In 24 Hours

How To Boost Testosterone Naturally In 24 Hours

So you want to up your T-levels in 24 hours?

What guy doesn’t.

Testosterone is the #1 hormone we need to operate like a true man.

And not just any man… but a beast.  

In the gym. Under the covers. And at the office. 

In this article you’ll discover how to boost testosterone naturally in 24 hours.

So by this time tomorrow you’ll feel like a new man…

Keep this up daily and you’ll be a testosterone wielding tank.

Let’s cut to the chase and get you on the path to more T starting today:

How To Boost Testosterone Naturally In 24 Hours

Go For an Outdoor Walk

It’s a double whammy for boosting testosterone levels naturally.

For one, just 15-20 minutes in the sun can boost testosterone a massive 120%.

(gives you incentive to exit the man-cave for a few moments, huh?)

And this testosterone boost doesn’t appear out of thin air…

The secret is in vitamin D. Which comes from sunshine.

Conveniently, vitamin D is a steroid hormone crucial for testosterone production, cell development, and healthy sperm.


About walking.

If you’re sedentary, this is a great place to start.

Sedentary meaning, you spend a lot of time sitting and aren’t physically active.

Truth is, our culture of men has become more sedentary with each passing decade.

Especially as technology becomes more vast…

(Pretty, soon we won’t even have to drive our own cars. Just sit in them. Voice a command. And let the machine get you from A to B).

Which is making the population more fat. Crushing the modern man’s testosterone levels.

Activity Is The Fast Track To More Testosterone

Take a look at this study published in the Journal of Clinical Biochemistry and Nutrition:

41 obese and overweight men participated in a 12-week lifestyle program.

The researchers tested which change would have a greater effect on testosterone levels; physical activity or a caloric deficit.

After 12 weeks, experimenters found men who were more active increased testosterone levels higher than the men who simply went on a caloric deficit.


And get this…

One study published in the European Journal of Applied Physiology shows physically active men have significantly higher testosterone levels and sperm quality compared to sedentary men.

Case and point. Be physically more active.

Start the day in the sun and taking a test-boosting stroll around the block a few times.

Now, if you’re already somewhat active. Or even a fitness buff… and you want more testosterone fast, check this out:

Anabolic Running

Anabolic running will boost your testosterone and human growth hormone levels a colossal 530% from the very first workout.

Best part, it only takes 16-minutes per week to experience these kind of results.

Now, you don’t have to necessarily run, per se…

You can follow the anabolic running format on an elliptical…

(I once took a trip to hell on an elliptical – read more here).

Or using an ergometer or rower at your local gym.


Even sprinting in place at home or following an intense anabolic burpee workout. I made a course all about Anabolic Running you can check out.

Overall, if you’re looking to boost your testosterone levels quickly and naturally, Anabolic Running will do the trick… and in just a few short minutes, too. 

Strike a Power Pose

Strike a power pose and hold it… hold it… and hold it some more you handsome devil.

Doing so will jolt your testosterone levels 20% in the next two minutes.

Here’s the deal…

Body language effects testosterone levels.

One study published by Harvard University and Columbia University shows participants who demonstrated high power-poses had heightened testosterone levels compared to the low-power posers.

Here’s what the poses look like…


The subjects held the pose for two minutes long.

Salivary testosterone levels were tested after the two minutes and here’s what the researchers found…

High power posers increased testosterone levels 20%.

At the same time, cortisol (your stress hormone shown to lower t-levels), dropped 25%.

Talk about a win-win.

The low-power posing group experienced a drop in testosterone levels by 10%…

While cortisol increased by 15%. (not good)

The results show body language can signal your brain and hormones to follow suit.

(This guy’s got his high power sitting pose down pat)


So if you want to be a high-powered man with 20% more testosterone compared to the next guy, it’s time to start power-posing.

Pro Tip: By the way, did you know men with higher testosterone levels make more money and are more successful? This according to another Harvard publication…

Moral of the story… start posing away my friend.

Especially in the office.

Speaking of success, let’s talk about “winning”.

WIN Today

According to a publication in hormonal behavior, men who “win” in competition experience a massive jump in testosterone levels.

And it can really be anything.

If you get your paycheck for the week, or score that big bonus… hello testosterone.

Win at a game of pool with the fellas after work… hello testosterone.

Check off every box on your “to-do” list for the day… you guessed it. Hello testosterone.


Now, you can’t fake it and expect results…

To enjoy a leap in testosterone levels, you need the genuine feeling of accomplishment and success.

(basically, taking a “number 2” and calling it a win won’t do squat for your t-levels).

Anabolic Eating

Imagine skyrocketing your growth hormone levels 2000% in the next 24 hours.

Without the help of a pill or injection.

That’s what happens when you eat for anabolism. Here’s a done-for-you course on Anabolic Eating.


And get this, when growth hormone levels increase, so do your testosterone levels.

So you can enjoy a mammoth boost in your male hormones from day one.

Keep it up for a couple of weeks and you’ll supercharge your testosterone levels 180%.

Listen man… 

Following a plant-based diet will run your testosterone levels over like a bulldozer.

Cutting carbs and fat, will do the same thing. 

And eating too much protein will sink your male hormones too.

(If you’re curious, check out this article on how high protein diets lower your testosterone levels)

I know I threw a wrench into your plans. Yet you need to know what most dieters swear by is NOToptimal for men who want more “t”. Do this instead.

Coffee Pre Workout

Well, it doesn’t have to be coffee. A caffeine supplement will do. 

A study published in the U.S. National Library of Medicine shows 4 mg/kg of bodyweight consumed one-hour before a workout, increase testosterone levels by 12%.

(nothing like a quick testosterone boost for your workout, right?)


So if you want to add a little testosterone-turbocharge to your day, consume some form of caffeine an hour before your anabolic running workout.

Pro Tip: It’s good to be methodic and conservative with your coffee drinking.

Excessive coffee drinking has been shown to heighten cortisol levels. Which as you know by now, is not the best for testosterone.

Keep your coffee intake between 2-4 cups per day (8 oz. cups… not the size of a Big Gulp)

Stay Hydrated

One of the most overlooked, yet important parts for maintaining high and healthy testosterone levels; staying hydrated

This is especially important during exercise. 

Because even mild dehydration will suppress testosterone levels and growth hormone when exercising. 

And at the same time, boost cortisol. 


One study published in the Journal of Sports Science showed even a 1-2%  dehydration greatly increases cortisol levels and lowers growth hormone production.

So don’t skip out on the water, man.

It’ll dry up your hormone production pretty quickly. 

Cardio Before Weights

This one will shock you.

A study published by Rosa et al. found guys who did cardio before lifting weights had 7X higher post-workout testosterone levels than guys who did cardio after weight lifting.

So if you want to really maximize your testosterone levels within the next 24 hours:

  • Drink caffeine one hour before your workout.
  • Perform a quick 4-8 minute Anabolic Running workout.
  • Do 30 minutes of strength training.

And enjoy 7X more post workout testosterone.

I’d say that’s a solid testosterone routine right there.

Take a Multi-Vitamin

Here’s a quick and easy way to raise your testosterone levels for the day… take a multi.


It will help clean up any micronutrient deficiencies you have that may be lowering your testosterone levels.

Of course, taking a multi-vitamin should also be coupled with a solid nutrition routine.

Vitamins, like vitamin A, B, C, D, E, Magnesium, Calcium, Selenium, Boron, and Zinc are all miracle workers for your testosterone.

Lacking any of these key nutrients can break your manhood.

However, getting your full dose of these key nutrients daily will have you feeling like superman.

Flush Out Estrogen With Broccoli

In this article I listed 71 foods that raise testosterone. 

And broccoli, along with cabbage, spinach, and cauliflower all made the cut because of their estrogen lowering benefits. 

These vegetables help you excrete excess testosterone-lowering estrogen through a compound called indole-3-carbinol .

Regular consumption of this compound can increase testosterone 50%.

There you have it. A few quick and easy ways to begin boosting testosterone levels within the next 24 hours…

Follow these t-boosting tips consistently and you’ll experience a massive surge in testosterone; boosting your sex drive, skyrocketing your energy, increasing muscle mass, and losing fat.

You’ll feel like a whole new, better you. Enjoy.

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