71 Foods That Raise Testosterone Naturally

71 Foods That Raise Testosterone Naturally

Most guys are quick to fill their cabinets with pharmaceuticals and supplements in hopes of  raising testosterone levels…

To be honest, most don’t work…

And are often expensive and come with a handful of side effects…

Not to mention… once you start using synthetic test-boosters, you just can’t stop.

Because you’ve trained your biology to stop producing testosterone on it’s own. So you become dependent on pills, powders, or injections.

Most guys don’t know they have options

Like turning your kitchen into a testosterone boosting storage space. Which you can do starting today with the foods listed below…


In this article I’m giving you 71 of the best spices, beverages, and foods that raise testosteronenaturally.

So you don’t have to sign your name in blood to Big Pharma…

I’ll also show you the #1 nutrition strategy to boost testosterone levels a whopping 180% within the next 48 hours… 

Between these 71 foods that raise testosterone naturally and the #1 nutrition tactic to boost your T-levels… you’re going to feel like a new man by the end of the week.

Side note – I understand a grocery bill can be concerning for some of us guys. That’s why with each food I’ll give you an estimate on price using the symbols below:

$ = inexpensive
$$ = kinda expensive
$$$ = expensive

This way you can create an anabolic grocery list that fits your budget.


Pro Tip: Speaking of grocery store… Did you know their receipts are layered with chemicals that lower testosterone?

So when the sales clerk asks, “receipt with you or in the bag?”

Politely respond with “throw it in the bag or light it on fire.”

Anyway, let’s get to it.

71 Foods That Raise Testosterone Naturally

1 – Grass Fed Beef 
Budget: $$

Sure, you can buy cheap meat… but you get what you pay for.

Which why I recommend grass-fed beef. 

Grass-fed beef comes from cows who…errr, eat grass. Here’s why that’s AWESOME.

These cows aren’t eating inflammatory compounds that contain gluten, like grains. 

They’re also not being injected with hormones and antibiotics, which also sink your T-levels. 

All the inflammatory properties and hormones get stuck in the fat of your beef… 

Which is the best part of a slice of meat, especially for increasing testosterone.

In the end, you may pay an extra dollar or two per pound. But it’s well worth it.

After all… you are what you eat. Or… you are what you eat, eats…


2 – Pomegranate 
Budget: $

Pomegranates have been used for centuries to boost libido and increase testosterone levels.

And it better… especially if you’re spending 10 minutes pulling out the seeds.

Pro Tip: Don’t “seed” a pomegranate wearing your favorite, all-white tracksuit. It stains…

Yet ff you want to time-hack your way to more testosterone. Forget the seedlings. Just buy the juice!

Studies show 8 oz. of pomegranate juice per day increases testosterone 16%-30%. 

3 – Olive Oil
Budget: $$

Olive oil is another “you get what you pay for” food.

I talk more about olive oil quality in the video below:

(skip to 1:43 of this video – watch the whole thing for my top 5 muscle building foods)

Research shows consuming olive oil daily increases testosterone levels 17%-19% in as little as three weeks.

Pro Tip: Don’t drink it straight… I’ve done it before. It’s miserable.

Instead, pour olive oil atop your salads, meats, or blend up in a smoothie.

4 – Oysters
Budget: $$

Oysters are loaded with zinc. Making them an underwater testosterone powerhouse.

This mineral will give you a serious man-spurt.

In fact, one 1996 study had men with normal testosterone levels not eat zinc for five months…

By the end of the experiment, testosterone levels fell an average of 50%.


(Not an oyster fan. But to each his own…)

In the same experiment, another group of men were given a zinc supplement. Their testosterone production doubled.

Case made for zinc? I think so…

Bonus: Oysters are an all-natural aphrodisiac too.

Meaning, this anabolic food will get you in the mood REAL fast.

5 – Coconut
Budget: $

Your body need saturated fats to produce most hormones. Including testosterone.

Coconut will help your body make cholesterol, which is a direct precursor to testosterone.

This super fruit also helps reduce body fat and assist in weight maintenance. Which is another natural way of improve your testosterone production.

(Learn how to prepare a coconut in the video below – warning: In this video the cook takes a corkscrew and pushes it deep into the eye)

6 – Broccoli
Budget: $

Bye, bye estrogen.

Broccoli excretes excess estrogen in the body. Which may be the cause of your low-t.

The compound, indole-3-carbinol is found in broccoli.

Regular consumption of indole-3-carbinol is shown to increase testosterone levels by 50%.

7 – Cauliflower
Budget: $

Broccoli’s albino, less popular cousin…

Still accomplishes the same as broccoli.

Really, it’s a matter of which you like more.

8 – Ricotta Cheese
Budget: $

The whey protein in ricotta cheese helps lower cortisol production…

Which, if you know much about cortisol… it’s like the kryptonite to your testosterone levels.

And get this, one published study shows 15 grams of this protein pre and post workout boosts testosterone 25% in 24 hours.

But don’t have too much whey. Check out the article below to find out why:

(Read this article to learn more about protein intake and your testosterone levels)


9 – Garlic
Budget: $

This flavor-packed ingredient may not directly produce testosterone.

However, it can reduce cortisol levels.

The less cortisol, the more efficiently your body utilizes testosterone.

10 – Grapes
Budget: $

According to Men’s Health, 5-10 grams of grapes are enough to boost testosterone levels and multiply your sperm count.

Pro Tip: Buy this fruit organic. If not, you’ll be eating pesticides, which lower your testosterone.

11 – Tuna
Budget: $

You don’t want to eat tuna every day because of the mercury…

However, this food is packed with vitamin D…

…an anabolic vitamin shown to raise testosterone levels by up to 90% according to Graz Medical University in Austria.

12 –  Cage Free Eggs
Budget: $

Cage free eggs are full of omega-3 fatty acids. And add plenty of “good cholesterol” to your diet, which increases testosterone levels…


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According to clinical nutritionist Kim Pearson, the cholesterol in egg yolks are a direct precursor of testosterone.

Most guys avoid cholesterol like the plague. You don’t have to.

One University of Connecticut study found patients who consume three eggs a day had no change in cholesterol levels.

13 – Cabbage
Budget: $

Similar to broccoli and cauliflower, cabbage is full of indole-3-carbinol.

Which rids your body of the “girly hormone”, estrogen.

One study at Rockefeller University shows men who consumed 500mg of indole-3-carbinol daily for a full week cut their estrogen levels in half.

It may not be every guy’s favorite vegetable, but it’s great for shrinking estrogen levels.

14 – Potatoes
Budget: $

And all kinds of ‘em…


White potato. Sweet potato. Purple potato.

You name it, they’re great for your testosterone levels…

(french fries don’t count)…

Potatoes are a gluten-free carbohydrate.

Making it one of the safest foods for men that raise testosterone levels naturally.

15 – Macadamia Nuts
Budget: $$

All nuts are NOT created equal.

In fact, most nuts lower testosterone levels.

Not macadamia nuts though.

Just 100 grams of macadamia nuts and you get 75 grams of good dietary fat. The majority of these fats come from testosterone raising saturated fats and monounsaturated fats.  

16 – EPIC Bar
Budget: $$$

I had these the other day and flipped.

100% grass-fed bison beef bars.

Packed with testosterone boosting fats and amino acids.

Best part, no hormones, antibiotics, or pesticides.

Keep a bar in your gym bag for easily accessible muscle building protein post-workout.


(Pro Tip: Don’t buy these from Walmart. One Friday night I bought 4 or 5 of these… all of them had mold on ’em)

17 – Coffee
Budget: $

Coffee contains caffeine.

Caffeine boosts cAMP levels which leads to an increase in testosterone.

30mg of caffeine post-workout has also been shown to boost t-levels 30%. 

Enough said.

Pro Tip: Add a tbsp of coconut oil and a tbsp of grass-fed butter in your coffee for the ultimate testosterone boosting brew – it’s delicious too.

18 – Brazil Nuts
Budget: $$

This is another nut that supports healthy t-levels. 

Brazil nuts are full of selenium.

According to a study published in the Department of Medical Laboratory Science, selenium increases testosterone levels.

And just a handful of brazil nuts a day will give you more than enough of this anabolic mineral to raise testosterone naturally.

19 – Raisins
Budget: $

Raisins are full of the antioxidant, resveratrol – which helps increase “t”.


(Raisins and grapes give you just about the same anabolic effect)…

What also makes raisins one of the top foods that raise testosterone naturally is the amount of boron it contains…

Which, according to the Sports Physiology Research Center, significantly boosts your master male hormone.

20 – Parsley
Budget: $

Parsley contains a compound called apigening.

Apigening increases the amount of StAR (steroidogenic acute regulatory protein) in your testes

StaR is the binding protein that delivers cholesterol into the mitochondria inside your family jewels, essentially converting it to free testosterone.

More parsley = more StAR = more free testosterone.

21 – Ginger
Budget: $

Although the majority of studies about testosterone and ginger are animal studies… this one ingredient shows promise as a powerful androgenic spice.

The one human study I could find was performed in Iraq. It concluded men who ate ginger daily increased testosterone 17%.

22 – Raw Cacao
Budget: $

Raw cacao is a powerful anabolic superfood loaded with testosterone boosting minerals like zinc,magnesiummanganese, and copper


And surprisingly has an excellent healthy fat ratio for increasing testosterone…

Now, I’m NOT talking about traditional chocolate. (like a chocolate bar)

Which goes through a heating process that ultimately destroys the antioxidants and vitamins in the cacao.

Instead, consume cacao raw by throwing into your smoothies for all the anabolic benefits.

23 – Real Salt
Budget: $

Real salt has over 60 kinds of minerals.

Modified “table salt” only has two. Sodium and chloride.

And is loaded with heavy-metal caking agents.

So instead of sprinkling phony salt on your meats and veggies… do yourself a favor and use the good stuff.

24 – Aragan Oil
Budget: $

A study published in the U.S. National Library of Medicine shows consuming aragan oil daily for two weeks can boost your testosterone levels 20%.

25 – Avocado
Budget: $$

This fruit is loaded with monounsaturated fats which are great for your heart health and have been shown to boost testosterone…

(Bake an egg in your avocado… it’s a bit”paleo” but simply amazing)

Avocado is one of the only fruits that don’t come with the insulin spiking sugars.

That’s a big added bonus.

26 – White Button Mushrooms
Budget: $

White button mushrooms are powerful aromatase enzyme inhibitors.

The enzyme aromatase directly converts your hard earned testosterone molecules into the female hormone estrogen…

Which is why it’s a good idea to eat this inhibitor.

27 – Baking Soda
Budget: $

You’d be shocked to hear the benefits of this anabolic food.

According to one study, baking soda can increase your bench press and squat performance. 

And also supercharge the effects of your creatine supplements. 

Baking soda increases cAMP (cyclic adenosine monophosphate) which also increases testosterone levels.

Basically, more cAMP = more testosterone.

28 – Greek Yogurt
Budget: $

Greek yogurt contains friendly gut bacteria which proves promising for increasing testosterone levels. 

Although an animal study in lab rats, researchers found friendly bacteria increased the rats testosterone levels, luteinizing hormone levels, testicle size, sperm quality, and more.

testosterone meal plan

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29 – Grass Fed Beef Jerky
Budget: $$

Beef is the most anabolic meat you can eat.

When it’s grass-fed, it takes your testosterone boosting to another level. 

However, the cheap beef jerky is full of chemicals and estrogenic compounds that’ll crush your t-levels. 

So stick with grass fed.

30 – Blue Cheese
Budget: $$

Fermented foods are GREAT for testosterone.

Similar to Greek yogurt, blue cheese is chock full of gut-friendly bacteria that helps improve t-levels.

Blue cheese also packs a lot of saturated fats which are another testosterone bonus.

31 – Acai Berries
Budget: $$

Acai berries are an all-natural antioxidant that help reduce inflammation.

The lower the inflammation the better for your testosterone

32 – Blueberries
Budget: $$

Like acai berries, blueberries are a powerful source of antioxidants.

And help reduce oxidative stress, which promotes healthy t-levels. 


33 – Grass Fed Butter
Budget: $

Grass fed butter is packed with testosterone boosting saturated fats and contain some of the most potent anabolic vitamins like vitamin A, E, K2, and D.

Cook with it. Plop it in your coffee. Throw in a smoothie. Get creative.

Pro Tip: Make sure it’s grass-fed.

34 – Sorghum
Budget: $$

Sorghum is a gluten-free grain. Which is awesome, because gluten can destroy your testosterone levels if consumed too much. 

One study published in the U.S. National Library of Medicine shows sorghum increases your 5-alpha reductase levels 54%… which increases DHT conversion.

35 – Organic Bacon
Budget: $$

It’s a high quality protein full of testosterone raising saturated fats. 

Here’s a side note for you…

Stick to the organic bacon. Other conventional raises pork are full of genetically modified corn and soy which increases inflammation… ultimately lowering your testosterone levels. 

And they’re injected with massive amounts of estrogen too… 

Not good for a guy who wants more testosterone. 

36 – Onions
Budget: $

Onions are full of inflammation shrinking phytochemicals and antioxidants. 

They also contain testosterone boosting compounds, apigening and quercetin.

And although an animal study, researchers found onion juice increased the testosterone levels of male rodents by a jaw-dropping 300%…

Would be interesting to see what happen to humans if they ran the same experiment.

(Hopefully it’ll go better than this guy’s experience)…

37 – Honey
Budget: $

Honey is full of boron. Which as mentioned earlier, is connected to high testosterone levels.

Here’s a man-bonus: Honey boosts nitric oxide production, which opens up blood vessels to improve the strength of your “manhood”.

38 – Grapefruit
Budget: $

Grapefruit lowers the stress hormone cortisol. It also contains vitamin A, which is essential for testosterone production.

Grapefruit also helps lower estrogen levels, thus promoting healthy male hormones.

39 – Lemons
Budget: $

Same as grapefruit. Moving on…

40 – Spinach
Budget: $

Can’t forget Popeye’s favorite food to get jacked.

Spinach lowers estrogen levels and is dense with magnesium and vitamins C and E – all which are crucial for boosting testosterone.

41 – Kale
Budget: $$

Oh snap… did Popeye trade teams?

kale and testosterone

Kale has the same anabolic benefits as spinach. 

This dark, leafy, green vegetable packed with magnesium which helps increase testosterone levels naturally…

To be honest, these green vegetables are not sexy. And they’re bland too…

But the men who eat dark leafy green vegetables will separate themselves from the boys.

42 – Wild Caught Salmon
Budget: $$$

Wild Caught salmon is full of magnesium, vitamin B, and omega 3 fatty-acids – all great for healthy testosterone levels. 

And get this, researchers from Graz Medical University in Austria found wild caught salmon lowers SHBG (sex hormone binding globulin) levels…

SHBG basically paralyses your body’s ability to utilize testosterone. The less you have of it, the better. Which is why wild caught salmon is one of the best foods that raise testosterone.

43 – Grass-Fed Ground Beef
Budget: $$

It’s best to get grass-fed ground beef for all the same reasons listed in testosterone boosting food #1.

Ground beef gives you the option to mix up the menu…

Enjoy it in a stuffed pepper, or put it together in a homemade beef burger.

44 – Ground Turkey
Budget: $$

Ground turkey is leaner than ground beef.

And is full of anabolic amino acids.

If weight loss is your goal, I recommend replacing ground beef with ground turkey.

45 – Turmeric
Budget: $

This eastern medicine golden spice helps offset estrogen in balance and is a common spice used to fight gynecomastia


(If you’re struggling to get rid of “man boobs” or “moobs”, read this article now.) 

Turmeric also contains a bio-active compound called curcumin. Which, according to reports from the Journal of Steroid Biochemistry and Molecular Biology increases serum testosterone levels. 

46 – Cayenne Pepper
Budget: $

Although only tested in lab rats thus far…

Research done at the University of Uludag in Turkey shows capsaicin (a compound found in peppers) is promising for boosting testosterone levels.

47 – Jalapeno
Budget: $

Same argument as made above… (some human studies would be nice though). 

48 – Nutmeg
Budget: $

Nutmeg also shows promise in boosting testosterone levels… again, the big evidence comes from rat studies.

Which showed male rats who consumed nutmeg ramped up testosterone levels and had more sexual frequency (which may be because nutmeg is an aphrodisiac). 


49 – Basil
Budget: $

Give a jackrabbit basil and watch their testosterone levels shoot up to 1,500 ng/dl (if only humans could get that result)…

Seriously though, that’s true data from a recent study.

Moral of the story, keep rabbits out of your basil garden…

They may transform into a muscly kangaroo and take your dog hostage…

(Kinda like what happened to this guy)…

Wow, I went down a rabbit trail there. Okay, sorry for the bad jokes. Moving on…

50 – Cardamom
Budget: $

Cardamom is chock full of lipids and antioxidants shown to raise testosterone levels.

It’s also been studied to reduce estrogen levels in men. 

Both being a win-win for guys who want more “t”.

51 – Cinnamon
Budget: $

Cinnamon helps lower high blood glucose levels and also improve insulin sensitivity. 

Both of these traits are great for increasing testosterone levels.

There’s been some animal studies too where cinnamon has boosted testosterone and even testicular size. Yet there’s been no human studies done to confirm dosages effective for grown men.

52 – Pumpkin Seeds
Budget: $$

Pumpkin seeds are a great source of zinc. This is an important mineral that has repeatedly been shown to boost testosterone levels.

And get this… Pumpkin seeds also potent with magnesium, another mineral that helps raise testosterone and other growth hormones such as IGF-1.


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53 – Matcha Green Tea
Budget: $$

Match tea is a common beverage in Japan. And it’s proven to be a promising testosterone booster.

Matcha tea is rich in antioxidants, which helps fight oxidation and damage from free radicals…

This improves the health of your sperm cells and free testosterone production.

54 – Black Beans
Budget: $

Black beans are chock full of the mineral, zinc…

Also known as the testosterone-boosting mineral.

Black beans are also a potent source of Vitamin-D, making black beans one of the best foods that raise testosterone.

55 – Chickpeas
Budget: $

This food makes the same argument as the black beans above.

56 – Chard
Budget: $

It’s similar to spinach and kale in that it’s high in magnesium and other testosterone boosting vitamins and minerals.

(mmm… stuffed chard with blue cheese)…

57 – Asparagus
Budget: $

Asparagus is a natural testosterone booster thanks to the antioxidants…

When eat more antioxidants, you reduce inflammation levels and improve your testosterone scores.

Pro Tip: Wrap it in organic bacon and bake. Talk about a man-snack.

58 – Krill Oil
Budget: $$$

Krill oil is an even more potent anti-inflammatory than fish oil.

The less inflammation, the more testosterone. 

59 – Brussels Sprouts
Budget: $$

Brussels sprouts is another anti-estrogenic. Which helps balance hormones and promote even testosterone levels. 

60 – Hot Sauce
Budget: $

A recent French study showed men who consumed more hot sauce had higher testosterone levels compared to men who avoided the spice.

Of the 114 participants, the result was clear. More hot sauce = more testosterone.

Now, this doesn’t mean go chug a gallon of hot sauce.

However, it would be wise to top off your eggs, meats, and potatoes with this anabolic sauce.

61 – Pineapple
Budget: $$

Ah, finally a tropical fruit…

Pineapple contains magnesium. Which as you should know by now, helps raise testosterone levels naturally.

Zinc is also in pineapple which makes this tropical fruit doubly better. 

Throw it in a smoothie or eat the flesh of the pineapple raw or chilled and enjoy.

62 – Goji Berries
Budget: $$

Goji berries contain melatonin. 

A powerful pre-bed hormone that helps you enter a deep state of sleep.

Adequate sleep helps skyrocket your testosterone levels and also boost growth hormone production... which is another major hormone for becoming an anabolic man. 

Eat a handful of this super fruit before bed and watch those testosterone levels soar.

goji berries and testosterone

63 – Red Wine
Budget: $$

Red wine contains a chemical called quercetin.

This chemical reduces the amount of testosterone excreted through urine… meaning, more testosterone in your blood.

64 – Sauerkraut
Budget: $

Like Greek yogurt and other foods full of gut-friendly bacteria, sauerkraut (also known as fermented cabbage) contains plenty of gut-friendly bacteria shown to increase t-levels.

65 – Kefir
Budget: $$

Kefir, like blue cheese and sauerkraut is another fermented product, which like other fermented products…

Promotes great gut health and increased testosterone levels.

66 – Nettle Root
Budget: $

Nettle root increases free testosterone levels in your blood and here’s how…

The active ingredient in nettle root binds to SHBG (sex hormone binding globulin).

Typically, SHBG binds with testosterone and prevents it from being effective in the body.

However, the active ingredient in nettle root takes the bullet for your testosterone and binds with SHBG so your testosterone can float freely through your veins.

Thank you nettle root. We salute you.

67 – Parsnips
Budget: $

Also know as a natural plant steroid.

Parsnips contain boron, which helps reduce estrogen levels.

It’s full of the mineral, manganese, which has been shown to help elevate testosterone.

68 – Turnip
Budget: $

Turnips work just like parsnips… so ya.

69 – Beets
Budget: $$

We know this one is a potent erection booster… but what about testosterone?

Beets may help increase production of testosterone via methylation.

Beets are high in betaine and also contain boron. Both also influence production of testosterone…

By the way, you don’t need to eat the beets… juice them or purchase beet root juice and you’ll be golden.

Pro Tip: You can also purchase beet powder supplements but they taste very “earthy”. I’ve had them. The benefits are amazing though.

70 – Celery
Budget: $

Although not everyone’s favorite veggie, celery can be promising for increasing testosterone production. 

Celery is loaded with vitamin K. Which has been shown to increase your master male hormone.

It also contains two testosterone expediters, androstenone and androstenol… and luteolin which is a natural estrogen blocker.

71 – Green Tea
Budget: $

There’s mixed evidence whether green tea can actually boost testosterone…

Some studies show green tea helps prevent androgens from being converted into estrogen. 

Others say green tea can lower testosterone levels… however, that’s with 5-6 cups of green tea per day.

So meeting in the middle and consuming 1-2 cups per day may do the trick.

There you have it… 

71 foods that raise testosterone quickly and naturally. However, these foods can only take you so far. 

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