Probiotics And Testosterone: Unlock Higher T-Levels Doing This

Probiotics And Testosterone: Unlock Higher T-Levels Doing This

Your body is made up of 100 trillion bacterial cells…

Basically, there are more bacteria inside of you than there are stars in the galaxy…

So I hope you’ll agree with me when I say that bacteria are important…

Not just because they make up your body.

But because they manipulate your testosterone levels, too.

The bacteria in your body have a major influence on your testosterone levels.

Which is why you probably need to up your probiotic game.

So let’s take a look at the relationship between probiotics and testosterone and what to do about it.

What Are Probiotics?

Any good narrative has good guys and bad guys, right?

Like Steph Curry’s Golden State Warriors vs. Lebron’s Cleveland Cavaliers…

Or the 1991 clash of the Chicago Bulls and the “Bad Boy” Detroit Pistons…

Can you tell I’ve been watching the NBA playoffs this week?

And just like this, the narrative going on inside of your gut has both good guys and bad guys…


They’re the good guys.


Probiotics are a form of good bacteria that improve your digestive health by shuffling food through your intestines.

When you have enough good guys in your digestive tract, they’ll break down the food you consume quickly and effectively so that you can experience a multiplicity of benefits such as muscle growth, restfulness, more mental clarity and of course, better testosterone levels.

Probiotics and Testosterone

Probiotics and testosterone have a solid relationship.

Probiotics improve endocrine health, which consists of several glands in your body responsible for the regulation of testosterone.

How do they improve your endocrine system (the chemical messenger system consisting of your hormones)?

By clipping off excess cortisol, your body’s stress hormone.

As I’ve said in other articles, cortisol is testosterone’s kryptonite

It wrecks your testosterone even before your testosterone gets the chance to leave your gonads…

That is unless your probiotic steps in to save the day.


Here’s an interesting study for you.

Conducted by a neuroscientist at the University College Cork in Ireland, mice were separated into two groups: A controlled group and another group that was given a probiotic strain called lactobacillus ramnosis (commonly found in yogurt).

After a few weeks of giving one group these good bacteria strain while keeping the other group probiotic free, the doctor decided to throw the mice into small bowls of water to see how they react to the stress…

The result is that the non-probiotic group panicked and accepted the fate that they would drown in the water bowl…

The group that was given the probiotic strain showed the opposite result.

They swam and swam and swam…

They were determined to survive.

Why did the group of mice that were given the probiotic survive?

Well, the research suggests that the stress hormone levels (cortisol) in the controlled group were 100 times higher than the probiotic-fed group.

The mice that were given the probiotic had lowered cortisol levels and therefore, were able to think more clearly in a moment of disarray…

The probiotic helped them to survive…

With the overwhelming evidence that probiotics lower cortisol levels, we can draw the conclusion that probiotics also boost testosterone levels.


Probiotics and testosterone work side by side…

Another fascinating study, conducted with rats, points to the effectiveness of probiotics on testosterone…

It’s fascinating largely due to the fact that mice that were given probiotics grew larger balls than mice that weren’t given the probiotic.

The researchers even tested the rats with lots of different diets, while keeping the probiotic consistent…

And the results were the same every single time.

The probiotic:

  • Prevented age-related shrinkage
  • Increased testicle size by a significant amount
  • Increased testicular weight
  • Increased testosterone levels by a significant amount
  • Increased social domination compared to the controlled group
  • Increased sperm production and performance
  • Increase luteinizing hormone, a precursor to testosterone

You can’t argue with that…


There was even a point in the study that the researchers fed the probiotic friendly rats a junk food diet…

And they still came out on top with bigger gonads and bigger testosterone!

When you look at the relationship between probiotics and testosterone, the evidence is clear…

And at this point, I’m sure you know what you should do.

Your Next Step

It’s pretty obvious, isn’t it?

If you aren’t currently taking a probiotic you should give it a try.

It’ll clean out your gut, improve protein synthesis, lower cortisol, boost testosterone, and perhaps give your balls a little boost as well.

I recommend checking out a probiotic called P3-OM.

In part, because it contains proteases, an enzyme that’s dedicated to breaking down protein into amino acids that are readily available for muscle growth and recovery, making the most out of the smaller amounts of protein that you’re ingesting on your testosterone boosting diet.  

And of course, I also recommend P3-OM because it’s an effective probiotic.

It’ll fight the bad bacteria in your gut so that your testosterone levels will get a healthy boost.

It’s my personal probiotic of choice.

Check it out here.

Remember, the bacteria in your body have a major influence on your testosterone health.

Take advantage of what you know to make the most out of the probiotic and testosterone relationship.

And keep up the hard work!

– Joe LoGalbo

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