How To Use Intermittent Fasting To Increase Testosterone Levels

How To Use Intermittent Fasting To Increase Testosterone Levels

One of the most important questions you can ask yourself in regard to your testosterone levels is this:

What does an average morning look like for you?

If you’re like most men, it probably looks something like this: Wake up. Eat breakfast. Hit the gym. Go to work.

Does that sound pretty close?

Well, there’s one part of your morning that’s causing you to leave a ton of testosterone on the table…

Can you guess which one it is?

I’ll give you a hint… I just gave you a hint.



Your breakfast is causing you to leave somewhere between a 100%-2000% increase in testosterone on the table…

Testosterone that you need to have better sex, bigger muscles, and more exciting quality of life in general…

But don’t worry.

There’s a simple way to right the ship…

Don’t eat…

One of the most powerful ways to increase your testosterone levels is to not eat in the morning…

Also known as intermittent fasting.

So let’s take a closer look at this intermittent fasting testosterone trick and what you need to do to implement it today so that your testosterone will reach new levels.

How IF Increases Testosterone And Growth Hormone

If you’re unfamiliar with the term intermittent fasting, the concept is simple…

Intermittent fasting is when you abstain from consuming calories for an allotted period of time.

Or in layman’s terms, you don’t eat for a little while.

Why would any man subject himself to this madness?

Well, because intermittent fasting increases your testosterone levels and boosts your growth hormone.

Here’s the deal…

Every time you eat, your testosterone levels decrease.

It doesn’t matter what you eat either…

You can track down a wild bison for 3 hours, kill it with your bare hands and cook it over a fire that you made from a few twigs and the result would generally be the same as if you ate a bowl of Special K – your testosterone levels will drop…

Maybe not as low as if you had snuck your wife’s cereal out of the cupboard, but they’ll plummet nonetheless.


So the moment you have your first meal of the day, you’re essentially saying, “I don’t care about my testosterone levels today.”

Because once food (caloric liquid as well) touches your mouth, they’ll crash, and will continue to crash even further as you eat throughout the day.

Which is why the intermittent fasting testosterone tricks requires that you leave your fasting window open for a little while after you wake up…

16 hours (or more) to be exact.

study conducted with nine men tested the effects of a short 16-hour Ramadan fast on their overall health…

The study revealed that this short intermittent fast of 16 hours was enough to boost testosterone levels by 180%, while also increasing luteinizing hormone (a necessary precursor to testosterone production) by 67%.

The testosterone levels of these men were instantly affected by intermittent fasting, and theintermittent fasting testosterone trick will do the same for you as well…

But wait…

It gets even better.


Another study measured the testosterone levels of men who participated in a single 24-hour fast…

And the results were staggering.

The research revealed that this 24-hour fast caused growth hormone levels to increase by 2000%!

That’s a massive wake-up call for your testosterone levels and anabolic hormone!

And if you’re a guy who’s looking to get a little more shredded this summer, one of the easiest ways you can reach your goal is through intermittent fasting…

Once you hit the 12-hour fasting mark, your body begins to burn fat as fuel…

And the lower your body fat percentage is, the higher your testosterone levels are going to be, making this intermittent fasting testosterone trick the most solid option to get and stay shredded this summer…

And I’ve got just the resource you need to become an intermittent fasting success. Check it out here.

What Supplements To Take To Increase Benefits of IF

Now, just because you can’t eat while your intermittent fasting window is open, doesn’t mean you can’t take some supplements to pass the time…

But not any supplement will do…

There are two supplements I recommend you add to the intermittent fasting testosterone trick in order to boost your testosterone levels even more.

The first is creatine monohydrate.

Creatine is a zero-calorie supplement so it won’t break your fast…

Creatine is most likely the #1 researched sports performance supplement on the market, so as you’d expect, it’s been tested time and again to see its effects on consumers.

Throughout all of the studies, creatine has been proven to increase strengthimprove cellular hydrationinduce lean muscle gains, and stunt fatigue.


On top of all of those benefits is the best of all: creatine boosts testosterone levels.

One study discovered that creatine boosts dihydrotestosterone (DHT) by 56%, which is a major find when you consider that DHT is a bioavailable form of testosterone that is ten times more potent than testosterone…

Meaning that DHT will have a greater impact on all of the areas that you need testosterone for, ranging from the office to the bedroom to the gym.

Take 5 grams of creatine with an 8 oz. glass of water to get the benefits I mentioned above.

The second supplement I recommend that you take during your intermittent fasting period is amino acids.

Branch chained amino acids (BCAAs) are necessary for building muscle – especially if you’re working out in a fasted state.

Without them, you’ll begin to lose muscle mass.


Studies have shown that amino acids before, during and after exercise increase testosterone levels, growth hormone levels, and muscle protein synthesis (123).

So I recommend mixing 5 grams of BCAAs with another glass of water to get their testosterone boosting and muscle building benefits during your fast.

When it comes to supplementation, you can’t go wrong with creatine and amino acids…

And there’s no need to pay an over the top price for them, either.

The generic brand will do just fine.

What You Can Drink To Curb Hunger

So what are you supposed to do when your stomach starts to growl?

Well, most importantly HANG IN THERE.

But next, get some more liquids in you.

A few cups o’ Joe will do you some good.

Because of its caffeine content, a couple cups of coffee will help to suppress your appetite during your intermittent fast.


But even better, black coffee is a proven testosterone booster in its own rite.

And I repeat just in case it wasn’t clear: Black coffee, men.

Don’t add sugar to your coffee.

Don’t add creamer.

Don’t even think about heading to Starbucks to get a grande, double-shot, unicorn powder puff sugar “coffee”, either.

Black coffee only – it’s the only 0 calorie coffee you’ll find and there’s no wiggle room when you’re trying to stay in your testosterone boosting fast.

If you get bored of coffee, I recommend drinking zero-calorie green tea.

Like coffee, green tea is a proven appetite suppressor, which is invaluable when you’re trying to abstain from eating.


And of course, the intermittent fasting testosterone trick wouldn’t be complete without drinking a couple liters of water.

Water fills up your belly and also improves every bodily function, including testosterone production…

With that said, I recommend that you drink filtered water out of a glass cup.

Plastic water bottles are loaded with BPA, which has been proven to decrease testosterone levels.

Sure, intermittent fasting may seem a bit strict at this point, but if you’ve managed this far – your anabolic hormones are thanking you.

Check out this resource (it’ll open in a separate window) for more keys to intermittent fasting success.

How To Do Intermittent Fast

At this point, you know why intermittent fasting is a must if you’re trying to increase your testosterone levels…

So now you’re probably wondering what a day of fasting looks like.

First, allow me to add a little caveat before I write out a weekly schedule for you…

I recommend that you have at least one full day of intermittent fasting a week…

This way you get that 2000% anabolic hormone boost.

If you’re looking to bulk up, I suggest one 24-hour fast a week.

If you’re trying to get lean, I recommend trying two 24-hour fasts per week or participate in a 16/8 fast every day.


I go into more detail in my Anabolic Eating program, which you can check out here.

Here’s the how-to:

This example is based on the theory that you just finished your last meal Sunday night at 8 pm:

Monday: For a 16-hour fast, count 16-hours from the last time you ate (8 pm Sunday night). That’ll put your first meal on Monday at Noon. Until then drink water, some black coffee, and/or tea to keep your belly somewhat full. When noon rolls around, you have an 8-hour window (between 12pm-8pm) to eat testosterone-boosting foods, which I’ll give you in the next section.

Tuesday: You ate your last meal at 8 pm on Monday night, so in order to complete the 16-hour fast, you’ll do the same thing you did on Monday, on Tuesday.

Wednesday: Repeat on Wednesday.

Thursday: Repeat on Thursday.

Friday: Repeat on Friday.

Saturday: Now you can throw in a full 24-hour fast. So according to the plan I’ve laid out for you, the last time you ate was at 8 pm on Friday night. That means if you want to complete the full 24-hour fast, the next time you eat will be at 8 pm on Saturday night.

Sunday: Eat whenever you’d like, until 8 pm on Sunday and start the cycle over again on Monday.

It’s a pretty simple and practical plan, isn’t it?

Sure, anabolic fasting takes self-discipline, but once you get into the routine of eating in 8-hour windows, and strategically choosing a day to fast for a full 24-hours, you’ll find that it’s a lot easier than you think…

And of course, the testosterone-boosting benefits of these fasts provide plenty of motivation for the long haul.

What Foods To Eat When You Finally Break Your Fast

It’s finally here!

Time to eat…

But don’t get caught double-fisting donuts.

The foods that you break your fast with are important ones…


For most of you, it’ll do you good to plan on breaking your fast before you head to the gym.

So you should make it a point to eat fast digesting, gluten-free carbohydrates and a food-based protein source.

Eat a baked potato with and grass-fed beef…

Or a big piece of salmon and a fruit salad.

I’ve got a full list of the best food options for you in my Anabolic Eating Program.

(try not to drool when you see it)

Your Next Step

Men, don’t leave loads of testosterone on the table every day…

Because when you do, you’re also leaving a higher quality of life, better sex, more energy, flatter abs, and bigger muscle on the table as well.

Use this intermittent fasting testosterone trick to take your T-count to new heights and experience the benefits of better testosterone levels.

If you haven’t already, check out my Anabolic Eating program here for all of the testosterone boosting tricks that’ll change the way you eat for good.

Don’t miss out.

Check out Anabolic Eating now!

– Joe LoGalbo

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