The Onion Juice Testosterone Beverage You’ll Probably Never Try

The Onion Juice Testosterone Beverage You’ll Probably Never Try

Some foods taste great after you chop them up, and throw them into a blender…

Or squeeze their contents through a juicer…

You know, like berries, bananas, and oranges

But on the other hand, not everything you throw into the juicer is going to taste like heaven on earth.

Today we're going to look at one of them... that may have a HUGE impact on testosterone levels

It’s the onion juice testosterone beverage…

And it has the potential to boost your testosterone levels by 300% with continued use.

And hey... if onion juice doesn't sound appealing to you, make sure you stick around to the end.

Because at the bottom of this article I'll show you a super-simple way to boost your testosterone each day without having to pinch your nose and chug onion juice.

But first…

Why onion juice?

Onion Juice and Testosterone

Onions are full of anti-inflammatory phytochemicals and antioxidants (apigenin and quercetin) which are potentially testosterone boosting

I’m using the word potential here because the studies surrounding the onion juice link have been conducted on rats…

And like I’ve mentioned before, scientists perform studies on rats because their DNA is similar to ours.

So when we adjust the doses to “human doses” we can expect some kind of result similar to that of the rats.

Which makes the following study so appealing…

The 2009 study recorded in Experimental Biology and Medicine, tested the effects of fresh onion juice on male rats who were divided into seven groups: a control group, three onion juice-treated groups, a paroxetine-treated group (paroxetine reduces testosterone levels), and two groups treated with paroxetine plus different doses of onion juice

At the end of the treatments, sexual behavior parameters and testosterone levels were measured and compared among each of the seven groups.

The study found onion juice increases testosterone levels by a whopping 300%!

Plus, the rats saw an increase in luteinizing hormone (LH), which is a precursor to testosterone levels.

These rats were also prone to more sexual behavior.

It’s also worth mentioning that the rats who were first given paroxetine (testosterone reducer) saw an increase in testosterone levels after being given onion juice, drawing the conclusion that onion juice can have a powerful effect in turning around even the lowest T-levels.

Another 2009 study tested the effects of 4g/kg of the onion juice testosterone beverage on male rats and discovered, not only the same kind of result after 20 days of treatment…

But they also found that sperm activity increased in the test groups, making this onion juice a possible fertility booster as well.

How To Make The Onion Juice Testosterone Beverage

Making an onion juice testosterone beverage is very simple. 

  1. Cut off onion stem
  2. Juice onion

You can dilute the taste by adding a little bit of water to your glass as well.

If you decide to chug the onion juice, be prepared for a burning sensation in your stomach and chest that may make it tough to keep the onion juice down…

Maybe have a little bit of milk on hand to neutralize the burning, too.

Drink this beverage each day for 20 days to get similar results to what we saw in the studies above. 

Your Next Step

Now, even though simply juicing an onion and drinking it for 20 days straight, sounds like an easy way to increase your testosterone levels... 

I’m not going to lie. It’s downright awful tasting.

And remember... 

Just because rats saw a 300% increase in testosterone from drinking onion juice, doesn't guarantee you will get that, too.

Now, you can start eating more onions to help improve testosterone levels a little bit... but you won't get a noticeable testosterone boost by eating more onions either.

So if you want to get a huge testosterone boost without pinching your nose and chugging down a burning, gross onion shake... 

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