What Is Maca Root Good For? Benefits For Men

What Is Maca Root Good For? Benefits For Men

What would you say about an organism that lives and thrives in the mountains?

Under harsh conditions…

Like freezing temperatures, heavy sunlight, and whipping winds?

Well, if anything, I think you’d naturally say that anything surviving those conditions day in and day out is worthy of your and my respect…

Well, there’s a root that been doing its thing up there for the last few thousand years or so…

In fact, you may have even heard of it before.

This ballsy root is known as maca root

And it’s the “Mac-daddy” of western roots…

But if you’re unfamiliar with maca, you’re probably wondering, what is maca root good for?

Well, I’m glad you asked.

Boosts Sex Drive

Okay, so there’s something very interesting about this one…

In that scientists aren’t really sure why maca root boosts one’s sex drive.

But if you’ve found yourself struggling to get turned on or to turn on your spouse in the bedroom, maca root can help flip the switch.


Several studies have shown evidence that maca root actually boosts your libido without boosting your testosterone.

I repeat.

Maca is not a testosterone booster.

But it increases sexual desire, erectile quality, and performance 

Which makes for big help in the bedroom.

What is maca root good for? It’s kind of a mystery as to why, but maca root will boost your performance in the bedroom.

Erectile Function

Erectile dysfunction is becoming more and more common today than it was 50 years ago…

In fact, according to a 2009 study, 15 million to 30 million men struggle with erectile dysfunction for various reasons.

And even though reasons vary from case to case, maca root, because it boosts libido, gives a leg up on overcoming various causes of erectile dysfunction.

Maca root also helps to improve blood flow throughout your body

Including the “downstairs.”

Which will give you stronger and longer erections.

What is maca root good for? Maca root fights against the various causes of erectile dysfunction so that you and your significant other will be satisfied when the lights are low.

Builds Muscle

Maca provides an anabolic advantage to those trying to pack on some more muscle…

Maca root powder, which contains 4 grams of protein per tablespoon, is filled with bioavailable protein…

Protein that’s easy for your body to break down and use because it’s a plant-based protein.


Maca also provides you with a balanced energy boost…

So if you don’t like the jitters and that cup of coffee seems to make you a little too “woke” (did I use that right?), maca root powder could give you the sustainable energy you need to make the best out of your early morning workouts or even your long days at work.

What is maca root good for? Maca root is high in protein for an herbal supplement making it optimal for muscle building. It’ll also give you a strong and sustainable energy boost so that you can give it your all in the gym.

Boosts Mood

We all have down days…

Some of us more than others…

And if you find yourself chronically stressed out or even depressed, maca root could be a great herb to try out.

Maca root is what’s known as an adaptogen.

An adaptogen is an herb that helps to regulate hormonal levels particularly by reducing stress…


Studies have shown that maca root powder reduces the chronic stress that causes depression…

It also reduces the stress that causes erectile dysfunction…

Which can then lead to more stress relieving activity, if you know what I mean.

What is maca root good for? Maca root powder acts as an anti-depressant in that it fights off the stress that can cause symptoms of depression.

Strengthens Bones

You’re never too young to think about your bone health…

Bone density is a big deal.

Osteoporosis, a common disease among older men and women, is a disease that leads to bone fractures and breaks…

Which is ultimately attributed to weak and fragile bones…

Research has shown that maca root can help to prevent bone deficiencies…

Making it incredibly valuable to day-to-day life.

Don’t fall into the trap of thinking this to be unimportant…

Because it won’t feel that way if you ever do break a bone due to osteoporosis, and you find yourself missing out on memories with your family, having to take a leave from work, or unable to hit the gym like you’ve been accustomed to doing…


Strong bones are important.

And the reason why I recommend you take this herb instead of an over the counter osteoporosis supplement is that maca won’t only naturally strengthen your bones…

But it’ll provide you with all of the other benefits that we’ve seen it offer throughout this article.

What is maca root good for? Maca root protects your bone health so that you won’t miss out on the adventures of life due to bone pain, or fractures.

Improves Memory

Memory is one of the most special gifts we have…

And it pains me to think that there are people in the world that lose their memory as they get older.

Two animal studies (12) that were conducted in 2011 and discovered that maca was actually able to improve memory impairment in mice (whose DNA is similar to humans, hence why we run tests on lab rats).


This improvement in memory can likely be attributed to the antioxidant effect of maca…

Consider also, that this can be beneficial for those of us who simply want to have a sharper mind in everyday life…

Your brain health doesn’t need to be in dyer health to benefit from maca root.

What is maca root good for? Maca root can protect and improve your memory so that your mind will function with more clarity in day-to-day life and with increased longevity.

Your Next Step

Maca is one tough root.

And it has some benefits that’ll toughen you up as well…

In a good way of course.

And as we’ve seen throughout this article maca root is good for a lot of things.

If you’ve found any of your struggles or goals on this list of maca root benefits, then check out maca root for yourself.

Its powder form makes it simple to mix with water, coffee or even a protein smoothie.

Also, maca tastes great.

You can grab some here.

Until next time, keep up the hard work!

– Joe LoGalbo

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