Fit After 50

Banish Your Dad Bod, Boost Testosterone, Burn Fat, And Build Muscle… By Doing LESS✝
Fit After 50

56-Year Old

"Ripped Grandpa's"

 Home Workout — Boosts Testosterone, Burns Belly Fat, And Gives You Boundless Energy

Men over 50 who feel like you’re past your prime, your best days are behind you, or you’re trapped in a body you don’t recognize…

Now you too can join thousands of other men who swear they’ve stepped into a “time machine” since using these workouts… and finally reclaim your body.

Plus, this powerful program is gentle and safe… and far easier on your body than other programs out there… And even better—you can do it all from the comfort of your own home!

This over 50 fitness solution goes to work in minutes—and reverses stubborn fat gain, muscle loss, body aches and more. It doesn’t matter if you’ve been out of shape the last 20-30 years or if you’ve never worked out a day in your life! ✝ If you’re approaching or over 50, this convenient program is what you need to get and stay fit without the gym.

Here’s a brief look at what the Fit After 50 training protocol will do for you:

Supports T

Studies show it increases T in men over 50. Which is your “Master male hormone” and is responsible for helping you build muscle, burn fat, feel energetic and keep your wife happy in the bedroom. 

Boost Fat Loss

Researchers are calling it “the best workout for burning fat.” Mainly because this training style forces your body to burn fat for 72-hours after you exercise… so you’ll lose even the most stubborn fat while laying around the house or sleeping.

Build Functional Strength

Dominate big yard work projects, mowing the lawn, picking up heavy boxes around the house without getting winded… take on new hobbies and perform like a well-oiled machine with this unique training protocol.


Dozens of studies show the unique combination of training methods in Fit After 50 is the perfect formula to support vitality. It does this by boosting your cell’s mitochondria which keeps you feeling young and healthy inside and out. 

Skyrocket Energy Levels

The right kind of exercise won’t drain your body of energy. Instead, it’ll initiate a steady flow of all-day energy. This program is proven to increase energy levels and reduce fatigue by 65%.

Reduces pain

Harvard Medical School calls this training style a help for pain. Think of the different parts of your body like the hinge on a door. If it never moves, it’ll rust. If you swing it open too hard, eventually it’ll bust… but if you gently move it, it’ll last a long time. Plus, if you suffer from pain, exercise is a proven solution to minimize its effects.

Fit After 50 Has 3 Key Components That Make It Unique:

Metabolic Strength Training:

Metabolic Strength Training is a breakthrough solution for guys our age that keeps cortisol and estrogen away… and eliminates stubborn fat. Plus, it boosts your T. Since it’s your body’s primary muscle-building and fat-burning tool… the higher it is, the better you’ll look.

It’s also the #1 mechanism you need to make your libido come alive and feel like the energizer bunny—so yea, it’s important. This entire system maximizes your master male hormone while building muscle and burning fat from home. ✝

Functional Cardio & Abs:

Exercise that puts little strain on your body is ideal… You’ll keep your body from painful inflammation while improving blood flow, gaining more energy and getting rid of the belly. That’s what you’ll get with Functional Cardio and Abs routines.

Do this two days per week you’ll not only improve your heart health… But also ramp-up your metabolism and melt belly flab! ✝

Recovery Focused Workouts:

Instead of feeling exhausted after you exercise, you’ll be clear-headed and energized. Plus, the natural alpha chemical release will boost blood flow all over your body…

You already have everything you need inside of you right now to feel great… It’s just a matter of following the right movements and recovery to tap into your natural advantage.

Here’s what you’ll get with Fit After 50 today

Phase I: Burn

This first phase is meant to ease your body into its new anabolic environment by stimulating “sensory cells” found in your muscles, tendons and joints. This creates a mind-muscle connection in the body so it functions with ease during your Fit After 50 workouts and in everyday life.

n Phase I, you’ll activate your entire muscular system without overtaxing your body. Plus, you’ll perform functional cardio movements that increase fat loss and upgrade your metabolism so you burn calories around the clock. From the very first routine you’ll unlock an explosive test response that reverses aging also. ✝  

Phase II: Build

As the name implies, this phase is all about building your physique. In this 4-week training block, you’ll experience a fresh surge of muscle growth and strength that makes you feel like a jock again.

Plus, in Phase II, your T will naturally increase. You’ll feel your libido kick in and she’ll love your extra mojo between the sheets. Your muscles will look pumped all day long and that layer of fat over your belly will begin to disappear. ✝

Phase III: Sculpt

Congratulations! You made it through the first two phases of this program— you have impressive new muscle, functional strength, and your T is supported. Now it’s time to gently kick it up a notch using my “double stimulus” muscle-building and fat-burning technique.

In Phase III, you’ll see lines in your abs and gain more lean muscle to show off. Plus, you’ll sleep better, enjoy all-day energy and bulletproof your confidence. ✝

High Definition Follow Along Workouts

With the Fit After 50 High Definition Follow Along Workouts you’ll feel like I’m right there in your home training with you. We’ll go through every rep and every set of the program together so you have no problem getting the best and fastest results possible! ✝


($103 VALUE FREE):
12 Week Fit After 50 Nutrition Plan

This guide takes all the guesswork out of the kitchen… and helps you melt fat, recharge your energy levels, skyrocket your manhood and so much more. Plus, when you eat the scientifically proven “feature foods” clearly listed inside, you’ll unlock complete health…

Just make this nutrition plan your new go-to and you’ll look and feel like “you 2.0” beginning the very first week. ✝

 Fit After 50 Exercise Illustrations & Execution Guide

I’ve created the Fit After 50 Exercise Illustrations & Execution Guide so you can get a step-by-step visual for how to get the most out of each exercise and burn fat and build muscle quickly and safely. ✝

Plus, I’ve taken special care to make sure this is a high-quality resource. It’s clear, colorful, and so paint by numbers simple you won’t scratch your head once flipping through it. Print it out. Keep it with you while you train. It’s a great resource that you get free on this page.


Fit After 50 is backed with my 365-Day 100% Money Back Guarantee…

I’ve made everything so paint by numbers simple that most guys begin to notice improvement within the first 7-10 days… and continue seeing amazing results day after day. All you have to do is follow the system like I’m right there with you.

But if you don’t experience what I’ve guaranteed in the next year, I’ll send you a full refund… No questions asked or hard feelings. That’s a promise.  

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What makes this different from every other program?
I’m very overweight. I feel stuck and hopeless. Will this still work for me?
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Tim C.
United States United States
Results so far

After finishing P1W2- this morning I was down 13 pounds! I have followed the meal plan and work out guides strictly. The first week was TOUGH! Very sore! This week was much better and I have upped most weights during my workout. Already tightening the belt and I see new pants coming in the near future! Super excited about this new lifestyle change. I have smoked for over 30 years and if all goes well, Monday will be my first day without a cigarette. Biggest reason for the lifestyle change--- we are going to be grandparents next month for the first time. Super excited!!! Starting weight...235.4 lbs Current weight....222.1 lbs Goal weight....195 lbs Hi carb day on Father's Day....steak and sweet potatoes on the grill! Happy Father's Day to all you gents!!!!

Jon E.
Fit After 50 Results of First Cycle and Expectation

Just finished the twelve weeks of Fit After 50 and could not be any more pleased with the results. Between the Nutrition Guide (Intermittent Fasting and Saturday Fasting) and the Monday through Friday workouts I have dropped 34 pounds (31 pounds of fat and 11 pounds of water retention gone while gaining 9 pounds of muscle). Starting a second cycle of FA50 tomorrow morning to achieve desired body weight and composition. Started at 204 pounds on 2/28 and finished first cycle at 171 pounds. Only need to drop another net 20 pounds (less fat, more muscle).

LiveAnabolic Fit After 50 ReviewLiveAnabolic Fit After 50 ReviewLiveAnabolic Fit After 50 Review
Gregory W.
United States United States
Excellent Program

I am in Phase 1 and so far have dropped from 250 to 227.8. I took a chance on this Fit after 50 program and it has proven to be an excellent value for the money and the real deal. Over the years I have had expensive personal trainers work one on one with me. I have found this program and the diet to be much better than my past trainers. There is a fantastic support group on Facebook and I can confirm that the program plus the diet and nutrition guide work. So in closing I give this program 5 stars for the overall value and the results that happen when you are committed to it.

Terry S.
United States United States
FA50 - getting serious weight loss after body was stubborn about it

Hello A-Tribe... been working out for about 3 months with different trainer company and just waisted my time and gained weight and lost muscle.. switched to FA50 and finishing up Phase1... 30 days of program and I have lost 21 pounds... went from 218# to 197# this morning... this last week I started doing Marks Mcilyar’s HIIT exercise after the phase workout and it’s been an awesome combination for me... highly recommend doing combinations of workouts.. sleeping great... I still feel I can go throughout day with strength and energy.. I’m eating very clean and drinking required water ounces for my weight ...getting more weight off and will start phase2 next Monday with HIIT afterwards... i will post at end of phase2 ...I also swim about 3-4 times a week... GOUSA.. God Bless USA...Kick Chinese Coronavirus-19 to submission... Stay Brutal!!!...Love ya Brothers and Sisters!!!.. Army Veteran and small business owner

LiveAnabolic Fit After 50 ReviewLiveAnabolic Fit After 50 ReviewLiveAnabolic Fit After 50 Review
United States United States
Great way for me to get back in shape!

Hey, Tribe! Just wanted to share a win! I haven't been following the program perfectly, but I've been doing pretty well. This is my second time through it. I wanted to share that I'm at my LOWEST weight in well over a decade as of my morning weigh-in today! Keep after it, this stuff works!

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