Do Bananas Kill Testosterone?

Do Bananas Kill Testosterone?


They're known by some as "nature’s candy bar"…


However, there’s a bit of dispute surrounding bananas and testosterone levels these days…

So in today's article we'll look and the facts and decide if bananas kill testosterone... 

Or boost it?

The answer itself may surprise you.

If you love bananas, or you just eat them because you have them lying around the kitchen, keep reading. 

And make sure you stick around to the end because I'll share with you how to get one of the biggest perks of eating more bananas without having to eat any at all. 

But first, here's more on the banana and testosterone connection. 

Bananas Help You Perform


Bananas contain an enzyme called bromelain

This enzyme, found in bananas helps your body to recover after your workouts, and protects your testosterone levels before, during and after your workouts.

According to a recent study, published in the European Journal of Sports Science, bromelain reduces exercise-induced muscle damage and inflammation, while enhancing recovery and testosterone production.

The study conducted at the University of Tasmania took 15 cyclists as test subjects and divided them into 2 groups…

  • Group 1 contained 7 cyclists who were given 1,000 mg’s of bromelain, daily
  • Group 2 contained 8 cyclists who were given a placebo

Each cyclist raced in competition for 6 days straight, and on days 1, 3, and 6, the researches conducting the study took blood samples and examined the samples for various exercise markers and testosterone levels.

Just like you would expect for any guy who taxes their body for 6 days in a row of competitive racing, the placebo group saw a dip in testosterone levels.

But the bromelain group had stable testosterone levels throughout the entire 6 days of cycling competition.

That is a massive discovery for men who are active in the gym or sport of any kind.


Bananas Help You Sleep

Foods that help you sleep at night are priceless…

Because most of your testosterone is produced while you sleep.

In fact, according to a study done at the University of Chicago, lack of sleep is the #1 threat to your testosterone levels

So where do bananas come into the mix?


Bananas contain magnesium, vitamin B6, and natural complex carbohydrates that produce serotonin…

A necessary chemical for healthy melatonin production.

Studies have shown that a healthy amount of melatonin will cause you to get more REM (rapid eye movement) sleep, which is the kind of sleep that is most pertinent to anabolic hormone release…

In simplest terms: More sleep means more testosterone.

So, do bananas kill testosterone?


But a lack of sleep does.

Eat more bananas to sleep better at night.

Bananas Boost Libido

I mean, they’re kind of shaped like a you-know-what…

A dead giveaway?

Bananas improve performance in the bedroom because of their potassium content.

See, one of the main components of a healthy sexual function is blood flow…

Because blood flow is the main player in getting and sustaining an erection.

When you eat foods that are high in sodium, you’ll reduce the amount of blood flow you have working for you and as a result won't perform as well as you otherwise could in the bedroom. 

Potassium, however, counteracts the effects of high sodium so that you’ll have better blood flow…

Also, keep in mind that both high testosterone levels and serotonin work in favor of having an energetic sex drive, vigor in the bedroom, and your overall performance…

So, do bananas kill testosterone?

With results like this, we can safely conclude the answer is no way, Jose.

Risk Of Eating Too Many

Now, before you start packing 3 bananas in your lunch every day with an extra dose of banana in your post-workout shake, I need to add a little caveat here…

There is one way that bananas can have a negative effect on your testosterone levels…

Remember, bananas are known as nature’s candy bar…

But not only because they taste great…

But because they’ve got just as many calories as a candy bar, too.


Snacking on several bananas a day can lead to weight gain – primarily an increase in fat – which will result in a testosterone level decrease.

As a man, your nutrition goes a long way in determining how well your anabolic hormones are functioning.

So instead of “winging it” in the kitchen, you need to make your diet a priority.

Which is why I created my Anabolic Eating program.

In it, I’ve got everything you need (and more) to boost your testosterone levels through your diet…

Even up to a 2,000% increase in your anabolic hormones!

So if you want to give yourself your best testosterone levels, check out Anabolic Eating here.

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Do bananas kill testosterone?


They actually increase your testosterone levels in a variety of ways.


Just make sure not to eat too many…

What you eat is essential to having healthy testosterone levels…


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