How To Boost My Testosterone Safely And Naturally

How To Boost My Testosterone Safely And Naturally

Boosting testosterone levels is a big deal…

According to recent studies, testosterone levels in males are declining at a rate of about 1.2% every year

And I’m not talking about the common drop in testosterone levels that happens when you hit 30 years old (which decreases by at least 1% every year thereafter)…

I’m talking about a universal phenomenon where men today have less testosterone than their dads did. And their dads have less testosterone than their grandpas did. 

So the bottom line is...

There’s no better time to learn how to boost your testosterone.

And that’s what I want to help you with in this article.

And make sure you stick around until the end because I'll show you what I've found to be the fastest and most effective way to boost testosterone as the years pass by.

But before I get there, check out these ways to naturally boost testosterone at any age.


Fasting is an easy way to safely and naturally boost testosterone levels

All you have to do is choose not to eat for a certain period of time during the day— usually at least 16-hours.

According to research from the Department of Internal Medicine, a 24-hour fast is a simple trick that can boost your growth hormone by a massive 2,000%... 

And studies have also shown that a simple 16-hour fast is enough to boost your testosterone levels by 180%.

Now— staying out of the fridge is a lot easier said than done. But think of it like this... 

If you stop eating your last meal on Monday at 8pm... a full 16-hour fast will mean you get to start eating at noon the following day. So you should be sleeping for at least 8 hours of your fast.

To curb your appetite, drink plenty of water and black coffee. If you make the 16-hour fast a daily part of your routine (like I do) it becomes second nature. 

Anabolic Eating

When you’ve completed your testosterone-boosting fast, it’s important that you eat testosterone-boosting foods…

For optimal testosterone levels, you want your diet to consist of plenty of healthy fats, some gluten-free carbohydrates and a moderate amount of protein.

This is the proven testosterone-boosting diet ratio.

Like I mentioned above, for the best testosterone-boosting benefits, eat within an 8-hour window every day while fasting the other 16 hours of the day…

For T-boosting nutrition and done-for-meal plans, check out one of the programs we've created for men over 40 by clicking here. 

Weight Training 

Lifting weights is one of the most powerful ways you can boost testosterone levels… That is if you keep a few important things in mind.

When you hit the gym, you want to focus on compound exercise, which are exercises that recruit multiple muscle groups such as squat, bench press, pull-ups, bent-over rows and dips.

You also want to make sure you challenge yourself within reason.

You always want to be improving by shooting for one more rep than your last workout... or by adding 5 more pounds to your bench press.

When you get better in the gym, you'll see results and your testosterone will improve.

With that said, you want to make sure you're recovering properly after your workouts, which means eating the right foods for muscle recovery and getting plenty of sleep at night.

For a complete plug n' play program that'll lay out a training protocol as well as nutrition, meal plans and other resources for boosting testosterone, go HERE. 

Sleep More 

When it comes to boosting testosterone levels naturally, I can't express enough how important sleep is. 

Sleep is the one time of day where your body can focus most of its effort on testosterone production. 

Your body produces most of your testosterone during deep sleep, meaning that the more you rest, the higher your T-count is going to be…

Also, sleep naturally reduces your stress hormone, cortisol, because your body recovers and refreshes while you’re asleep. So the more sleep you get, the less stressed you’ll be and the more testosterone you'll produce.

So here's the deal... 

If you aren't getting 8 hours of sleep, you're short-changing yourself on testosterone.

But that's why we've created a natural overnight testosterone-boosting formula that actually boosts testosterone levels even if you're a busy guy who can only manage 4-6 hours of sleep per night. 

It's called Anabolic Reload P.M. and is already helping guys like you achieve deep, restful testosterone-boosting sleep each night

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Compete Daily

Men are wired for competition.

In fact, several studies have shown that testosterone levels in men increase right before competition…

And they get an extra boost when you win.

Think back for a moment to the times of our ancient ancestors…

In order to provide and protect their families – whether through a battle with another tribe, conquering new territory or while out hunting after wild beasts – they needed some sort of biological advantage to get the job done…

What was the advantage?

A surge of testosterone.

You can expect the same type of testosterone-boost before you compete…

But keep in mind that not all competition looks the same.

Competition could mean playing a game of chess against one of your buddies, getting in the ring with someone at your local boxing gym, or even chopping down trees in the yard.

The bottom line is this: Set goals. Compete. Boost testosterone.

Win. Boost testosterone even more.

Power Pose

One of the simplest ways to naturally boost testosterone is to strike a power pose…

One study, published by Harvard University and Columbia University shows participants who demonstrated high power-poses had heightened testosterone levels compared to the low-power posers…

The study concluded that subjects who held a power pose for 2 minutes had a 20% increase in testosterone levels, compared to those who didn’t.

Their cortisol levels also decreased by 25%, which will naturally boost testosterone as well.

A power pose could be something as simple as standing straight with your chest out and your hands on your hips for 2 minutes straight.

You can also perform a power pose by leaning back in a chair, with one leg resting on the other, and your hands behind your head.

Simple and effective.

So get posing, my friend!


Alright, fellas…

If you want high testosterone levels, you need to take every opportunity to smile and laugh.

Here's why... 

Like I mentioned above, stress lowers testosterone levels.

But by laughing, you naturally lower stress levels... which boosts testosterone as a result.

Research has shown that any laugh will do... 

Whether you’re watching a comedy with your wife that causes you to break out into a full-on belly laugh... or you force out a pity laugh so one of your co-workers feels good about himself. 

Any kind of laugh sends positive signals to your brain to lower stress and boost testosterone

Get Out In The Sun

If you keep yourself cooped up in the house or office all day, you won't achieve optimal testosterone levels.

Recent studies have shown a seasonal pattern between sunlight exposure and testosterone levels... 

With testosterone levels peaking during the warmer months of the year when the sun is out longer, and falling when the temperature drops and the sun isn't out as much.

The reason is because of vitamin D. 

Vitamin D is an essential vitamin for boosting testosterone levels…

And the best source of vitamin D is through sunlight.

So I’m not saying that you need to spend every waking moment in the sun... 

But going for a 15-minute walk in the morning... 

Or rolling up your sleeves and doing some yard work can go a long way for your testosterone. 

Take A Multivitamin

Taking a simple multivitamin is a great way to cover all of your nutritional bases…

Even though you should be getting all of your essential vitamins and nutrients through your diet, there are some days when that simply won’t happen…

So get a multivitamin that’ll make up for what you miss.

For instance, most men are missing their daily requirements of zinc, magnesium, and selenium with their diets, all three of which have incredible implications for your testosterone health…

Simply adding a multivitamin to the mix will have a major impact on your testosterone levels by ensuring that you aren’t deficient on what your body needs in order to run efficiently as a man.

This one’s another simple, safe and natural way to boost your testosterone levels.

Pick up a good multivitamin pronto. 

The #1 Fastest & Easiest Way To Boost Testosterone 

If you want to naturally boost testosterone, you can give everything on this list a shot.

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