Foods That Boost Testosterone And Lower Estrogen

Foods That Boost Testosterone And Lower Estrogen

There’s something sweet about a 2 for 1 deal, am I right?

You get two perks for the price of one…

A win-win, if you will.

But have you ever considered that the same principle can apply to your testosterone levels as well?

See, you can make some major strides in your journey for higher T by doing two things: Raising your testosterone levels (obviously), and lowering your estrogen levels.

Both are necessary for optimizing testosterone production and living the masculine life that you were meant to live…

So where’s the best place you can find this 2 for 1 deal?

Where can you raise testosterone levels and lower estrogen levels at the same time?

You’ll find it in the food you eat…

As a part of my 97 Science-Backed Foods That Boost Testosterone (check out all 97 here), I place a major emphasis on foods that boost testosterone and lower estrogen levels.

And I’m going to list out some of the foods on the 2 for 1 deal for you today.

So here they are, 9 foods that boost testosterone and lower estrogen.


Pomegranates are nearly untouchable when you’re looking for a fruit that’s going to both boost your testosterone levels and lower your estrogen levels…

According to one study that involved several participants, pomegranate juice, and 14-days of research, determined that drinking pure pomegranate juice can increase your testosterone levels by a solid 24%…

Another study has proven pomegranate juice to be a potential erectile dysfunction disruptor by because of its antioxidant properties and its ability to increase blood flow throughout the body – including you hard-on.


As for estrogen balance, another study, published in the American Association for Cancer Research, found that pomegranates inhibit the production of the aromatase enzyme, an enzyme that sneakily converts your testosterone into estrogen.

So the next time you peruse the grocery store for foods that boost testosterone and lower estrogen, don’t skip out on pomegranates…

And like I cover in my 97 Science-Backed Foods That Boost Testosterone (which you can grab here), pomegranate juice will do you some good, too.

Cruciferous Vegetables

Cruciferous vegetables are what you would call “leafy greens.”

And they’re essential to increasing testosterone and lowering estrogen levels…

Cruciferous vegetables contain plenty of micronutrients that you need to increase your testosterone levels, such as vitamin A, C, K, zinc, and magnesium, which makes a power salad a key proponent in powerful testosterone.

For all of the veggies, you need to make your power salad a testosterone-boosting powerhouse, check this out.


But that’s not all cruciferous vegetables do…

Leafy greens also contain a compound called DIM, which helps to remove estrogen out of your body through the liver…

Cruciferous vegetables also contain chlorophyll, which, according to a study published inNutrition Journal, lowers estrogen levels as well.

So hey, after you’re done reading this, give your mom a call and thank her for making you eat your vegetables as a boy…

She was helping you become a man.

Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Extra virgin olive oil is one of the top foods that boost testosterone and lower estrogen

According to a study involving healthy Moroccan men ages 23-40, frequent use of olive oil can increase your testosterone levels by 17% by converting cholesterol more easily into testosterone inside your testicular leydig cells.

And like I mentioned with pomegranates, olive oil is high in a compound known as lutreopin…

This compound keeps that pesky aromatase enzyme from converting your testosterone into estrogen.

And what’s so great about olive oil is that it’s convenient and diverse…

It essentially has a 2 for 1 benefit of its own…

On top of the 2 for 1 benefit of increasing your testosterone levels and decreasing your estrogen levels.


You can cook your eggs in olive oil, drizzle it on top of your power salad, or even bake your own sweet potato fries with it…

Extra virgin olive oil will be a powerful proponent of testosterone production and estrogenic protection before you go to bed and your body starts producing testosterone while you sleep…

So find a way to get some into a meal before you hit the hay…

I mean, you could “take a shot” of olive oil…

But based on experience, I wouldn’t recommend it.


More toppings for your power salad, steak, or even a filler for a 3-egg omelet, mushrooms rank highly among foods that boost testosterone and lower estrogen.

Again, as a man, you don’t want your testosterone levels turning into estrogen…

Which is why you want to make a mushroom maneuver against that pesky enzyme called aromatase (which you’re probably pretty familiar with at this point in the article)…

One study, published in the Journal of Nutrition, found that your ordinary, everyday white button mushrooms are actually superheroes against this enemy of your testosterone levels, coming through in the clutch and suppressing aromatase.


Another study found that eating white button mushrooms paired with green tea will have an even greater impact on lowering estrogen levels…

As a result, eating more mushrooms will indirectly boost testosterone levels because of how powerful an effect it has against those estrogenic enzymes.

For more of the best veggies that’ll boost testosterone and lower estrogen check out my 97 Science-Backed Foods That Boost Testosterone here.

Red Grapes

Well, it’s no wonder kings of old have a reputation for reclining on their royal couch while being fed fresh grapes straight off the vine…

They were boosting their T and lowering their E so that they could make the best game-time decisions for their kingdom.

The skins of red grapes contain resveratrol and other polyphenols, which have been proven to have an aromatase inhibiting effect in the body.

But resveratrol doesn’t only keep your estrogen levels where they need to be (low), but has also been shown to increase testosterone levels as well…

One rat study even saw that a high dose of resveratrol (50mg/kg) has the ability to increase serum testosterone levels by a whopping 51%.


Resveratrol found in grapes has also been shown to increase the conversion of cholesterol into testosterone inside your gonads, making red grapes a go-to pre-bed snack…

Not to mention that the skin of red grapes also increase nitric oxide synthase, which will help you to get harder erections by increasing blood flow down under.

For nearly 100 more foods that’ll boost your sex-drive and performance in bed, check out my97 Science-Backed Foods That Boost Testosterone here.

Citrus Fruits

Citrus fruits are one of the more tasty foods that boost testosterone and lower estrogen

Citrus fruits are rich in both antioxidants and flavonoids, each of which is important in lowering estrogen levels…

They contain Calcium-D-Glucarate, quercetin, limonoids, and naringenin, a tangy tandem of estrogen trampling compounds.


Citrus fruits are also packed with vitamin C, a vitamin that lowers your cortisol levels and as a result, increases your testosterone levels…

They’re also a known metabolism-booster, meaning that if you serve yourself some citrus fruits, you’ll not only detoxify, but you’ll shed a few extra pounds as well.

You can eat citrus fruits by themselves or you can even blend them up into a tart smoothie that’ll be sure to give your morning or afternoon a kick of energy.


Onions are another diverse food that can really be a difference maker in any dish you make – both for flavor and for a testosterone-boosting, estrogen-bruising punch.

Onions are filled with quercetin, a flavonoid that’s been shown to decrease estrogen production by limiting aromatase enzyme.

Also, according to a rat study, onions can make massive improvements on your testosterone levels…

In the study, researchers gave 10 male rats onion juice over the course of 20 days…

And guess what…

Their testosterone levels tripled, weighing in at a 314% increase, their sperm quality improved and the concentration of luteinizing hormone (a precursor to testosterone production) increased as well.


Now, the concentration of onion juice was pretty high – about 1g of onion juice per kg of bodyweight each day… but hey, we shouldn’t think too highly of ourselves not to learn from the rats in this experiment.

The point is that you need to eat more onions…

Or even go the onion juice route.

So add onions to a homemade pizza. Throw them in your egg omelet. You can even mix them into your power salad…

Or, blend one up, plug your nose, and chug, chug, chug!

Coconut Oil

Coconut oil is another one of the easy to use foods that boost testosterone and lower estrogen.

In fact, it’s one of the best fat sources that you can consume for optimal testosterone levels because coconut oil is made up of about 97% saturated fat – which is considered to be the best type of fat for increased testosterone production.

For all the fatty foods that you need to skyrocket your testosterone levels, download a copy of my 97 Science-Backed Foods That Boost Testosterone here.


Coconut oil has also been shown to rev up your metabolism because of its unique content of medium-chain triglycerides (MTCs), a fatty acid that has between 6 and 12 carbon chains attached to it…

These fats are metabolized differently from other fats in that the body sends them directly to the liver where it’s used for an instant surge of energy.

So not only will coconut oil help to increase your testosterone levels, but it’ll also help you to achieve a shredded physique.

But let’s not forget about its estrogen-debilitating effects while we’re cruising through the list of benefits here…

Coconut oil is filled with sterols, which has been used to combat breast cancer due to its estrogen reducing properties.

Easy to use, and loaded with benefits, don’t pass up on coconut oil the next time you find yourself weaving through the grocery store.


Turmeric is a spicy way to increase testosterone and lower estrogen.

You can add it as a spice to your eggs, vegetables, white rice, or really any food that you want to pack some extra anabolic benefits with – which is probably all of them…

In one male rat study, turmeric was found to increase testosterone levels by a huge 257% in rats…

Now, I want to add a little caveat, as (just like the rats and the onion juice I mentioned above), these rats were given a pretty high dosage of turmeric (100mg per kg of bodyweight, every day).

But as always, the premise is the same…

Learn from the study. Eat more turmeric.

This spice has also been known to improve erectile dysfunction by reducing inflammation in the body and increasing blood flow to your sex organs.


Turmeric (found also in curcumin) has also proven to have anti-estrogenic effects, which will help to reduce symptoms of high estrogen such as gynecomastia, also known as, “man boobs” and the many other embarrassing effects of low T and high E.

Turmeric is an easy way to spice things and improve your health as a man.

Don’t miss out. Mix it into your next meal.

Get Turmeric Here.

Your Next Step

Men, high testosterone is crucial for living out everything you were created to be as a man…

And low estrogen is as well.

We were wired for a particular hormonal balance that is most advantageous to our quality of life, and so we need to capitalize on what we know to be true.

This list of 9 foods that boost testosterone and lower estrogen will be a great one to take with you to the grocery store this week.

But better yet, I recommend you check out my 97 Science-Backed Foods That Boost Testosteroneby clicking here.

It’ll broaden your knowledge of what to eat and what not to eat, while also broadening your grocery list so that your kitchen will turn into an anabolic man’s meal paradise.

Download your copy of the 97 Science-Backed Foods That Boost Testosterone today!

– Joe LoGalbo

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