Does Sex Boost Testosterone?

Does Sex Boost Testosterone?

When I was a kid I remember my dad driving my twin brother and I home from the mall after a night of Christmas shopping…

He turned on the radio and there was an interesting song playing…

At least for a couple of 7-year olds it was.

It was the song Let’s Talk About Sex, by Salt-N-Pepa.

Little did my bright-eyed, 7-year old self know that one day I’d be having a “sex talk” with, well, you.

The question of the day…

Does sex boost testosterone?


It’s a good question to ask, and one that might add a cherry on top of an already appealing evening.

And if sex does boost testosterone, I’m sure it’ll take rank on your “Best ways to boost T” list.

So, let’s talk about sex.

The Conversation

There’s actually been some back and forth about whether or not sex increases or decreases testosterone levels in men…

For example, some of the greatest athletes and minds in history (Muhammad Ali, Mike Tyson, George Washington, William Shakespeare) have refrained from sex for a period of time in order to devote themselves to a greater good, like their performance in the ring, and for generally using their mind to think up great causes rather than how to get off.

The reasoning?

Well, the thought is that ejaculation can drain the testosterone out of you…


But even though you may feel a little tired after playing in the bedroom with your wife, you can rest assured that no testosterone left your body while you two were having sex…

In fact, the opposite is true.

To answer the question, “Does sex boost testosterone,” research gives it an emphatic, “yes!”

Sex Studies

Sex with your wife (not masturbation like I already discussed at length here) is one of the best – and probably most enjoyable – ways to boost your testosterone levels naturally.

A recent study measured the salivary testosterone levels of 44 men before entering a nightclub and then waited for them to leave the club before taking a second sample…

The variables between the two groups were simple: One group watched sexual activity, the other group engaged in sexual activity.

And though I’m not a sex club supporter, the research from the study was clear: Sexual activity with another person increases testosterone levels…

18 of the men who entered the nightclub had sex while the other 26 watched sex…

Those who engaged in sexual activity had a 72% increase in testosterone levels, while those who merely watched sexual activity had a measly 11% increase in testosterone.


So, does sex boost testosterone?

Sure does…

But interestingly enough, not just for men.

Another study, published in Physiology & Behavior, measured salivary testosterone concentrations of 4 heterosexual couples for a total of 22 evenings – 11 before and after intercourse, and 11 where the couples didn’t engage in sexual activity…

Testosterone levels increased for both the men and the women after having sex and decreased on evenings that they didn’t.

According to another study, which measured the testosterone levels of elderly men who engaged in sexual activity, age is only a number…

Or in other words, their testosterone levels increased as well.

So what’s the connection here?

Why exactly does sex boost testosterone?

Well, clearly it has nothing to do with ejaculation in general, because like I’ve mentioned before there is no connection between masturbation and testosterone (except that it can harm your T in the long run).

The testosterone increase that takes place during and after sex is the result of the connectionbetween the two people having sex…

A woman’s pheromone release has a major effect on the male body, which can cause up to a 150% increase in testosterone levels, according to a study conducted by The Department of Anthropology at the University of Vienna.

And ultimately, during sex, men get the effects of feelings of power and confidence, as well as a steady flow of dopamine.

The answer to your question of, “Does sex boost testosterone,” is scientifically, and also experientially proven to be true…

Yes. Sex boosts testosterone.

How To Have Better Sex

So here’s the deal…

Sex increases testosterone levels, but you also need high testosterone levels in order to have better sex.

And if overall health, energy, a better physique, and a generally better quality of life haven’t given you a reason to take your testosterone levels more seriously, maybe having better sex will.

So here are some ways you can increase your testosterone levels so that you’ll have better sex (which will initiate its own testosterone boost):

Anabolic Eating

Your diet can have a major impact on your sex life…

In fact, the foods you eat can give you energy, increase blood flow to in your body (including down under), boost your sex drive, and even initiate a connection between you and your spouse.

So I want to recommend you check out my Anabolic Eating program


Not only do I give you a way that you can boost your testosterone levels every single day through your diet, but I also plenty of recipes that’ll supercharge your libido.

Check out Anabolic Eating for yourself here.

Anabolic Running

Next on the list of ways to boost your testosterone for better sex is Anabolic Running.

I created Anabolic Running after having some problems performing in the bedroom myself…

It’s a short and sustainable workout program that’s also a surefire way to ramp up your sex life.

Check it out here.

Anabolic Sleeping

If you want to have high testosterone levels, you need to make sure you get at least 8 hours of sleep a night…


Because most of your testosterone is produced while you sleep, so the longer you sleep, the more testosterone your body will produce.

But getting to sleep isn’t the only important factor in boosting testosterone while you’re in la-la land…

Getting a good quality of sleep is just as important…


Which is why I helped develop Anabolic Sleeping, a program designed to help you fall asleep faster, stay asleep longer, and soak up every bit of quality, testosterone-boosting rest while you’re, well, asleep on the job.

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Your Next Step

The next step here is pretty simple…

Sex boosts testosterone levels…

So get connected with your wife and have sex!

And if you want to boost testosterone to bring some extra energy with you to the bedroom, don’t forget to check out these links that’ll help you do just that!

Anabolic Eating

Anabolic Running

Anabolic Sleeping

– Joe LoGalbo

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