How To Get A Chiseled Jawline (Even If You Don’t Have The Genetics)

How To Get A Chiseled Jawline (Even If You Don’t Have The Genetics)

Your jawline says a lot about you…

Underneath your skin’s surface, a chiseled jawline is an indicator of how healthy your testosterone levels are…

It’s a “testosterone tell-all,” if you will…

In fact, according to a study on facial attractiveness, men with a leaner facial structure have better health, higher income, and are found more attractive by the opposite sex.

So if you're frustrated by the way your jawline looks, and want to know how to get a chiseled jawline, keep reading…

Because in this article I'm going to show you how to get a chiseled jawline with the following exercises. 

Plus— stick around to the end because I'll also show you a 10-second bedtime trick you can do each night that'll boost testosterone levels and help you get even closer to the chiseled jawline you're after

How To Get A Chiseled Jawline

You probably haven’t considered a workout plan for your face before…

But think of it like this... 

Your face and neck are made of 57 muscles... 

So why NOT give it a workout to make it more chiseled? 

Try the following exercises for 5-10 minutes a day, 3-5 times a week for the best results…

These are essentially isotonic exercises that target each of the muscles around your jawline to make them stronger and more prominent.

As you perform these jawline exercises, make sure to keep the muscles that aren’t the focus of each exercise relaxed in order to avoid headaches and soreness…


Soreness in your face.  

Clench Jaw

How To: Clench and hold your teeth together for 3 seconds while using a special mouthguard made by your dentist—not a sports mouthguard. The soft plastic material on this guard will prevent TMJ problems and protect your joints. I repeat, do not perform this exercise without a prescribed mouthguard.

Muscles worked: The jawline area    

Duration: 3 sets of 10 seconds


How To: Open your mouth and then close your lips together without your teeth touching or showing. Then, say “OO, EE” in exaggerated movements. You can also do “OO, AH” movements.

Muscles worked: This will target the muscles around the mouth, on the sides of the lips, and between the nose and upper lip.

Duration: 3 sets of 10

Strong Chin

How To: Place your elbow on a table with your fist under your chin. Then try to open your mouth while exerting force with your wrist (not too much force, just enough to create resistance). Hold then release.

Muscles worked: Underneath the chin and jawline area.

Duration: 3 sets of 10

Mighty Jawbone Restorer

Directions: Rotate your wrists outward and place both thumbs side-by-side at the tip of your chin with your other fingers resting below each ear. Then, push your chin into your thumbs to create resistance, and slide your thumbs along the jawbone, with medium pressure, ending just below each ear. 

Muscles worked: the jawline area

Duration: 10 times

Jawbone Chiseler

Directions: Place the palm of your hand under your chin, and with your mouth closed, stretch your lower jaw down as far as you can. Then, exert pressure with your palm as you slide your hand along your chin area, your jawline, and the side of your face ending at your temples. 

Muscles worked: underneath the chin

Duration: 10 times (5 right and 5 left)

Smile For The Ladies

Directions: Place the length of your index finger below the eye directly under the upper cheekbones. Then open your mouth as wide as comfortable, while curling your lips over your bottom teeth, and smiling with the corners of your mouth to create a flex. Then, release.

Muscles worked: the jawline area

Duration: 40 times

Your Next Step

Implement the above exercises 5-10 minutes a day, 3-5 days a week and you’ll notice your jawline really start to take shape…

Just as with any exercise program, consistently train your jaw for the fastest results…

And remember, every time you chisel away, you’ll be one step closer to a jawline that sets you apart as a man among boys.

But you're not done quite yet... 

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